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Beyond Wrestling 02/16/14 Feeding Frenzy Results


Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy
February 16, 2014
Providence, RI

Credit: via Sean Radican

The ring broke before the show, so they went the “Human Ring” route to begin the show…

(a) Sugar Dunkerton beat Eric Corvis with a diving clothesline in a Human Ring match.

(1) Bucks Belmar beat Davey Vega, Danny Cannon, and Matt Cage with a Falcon Arrow on Cannon in the opener.

(2) Kimber Lee beat Chuck Taylor, who filled the open contract. Lee won with an armbar.

(3) Aaron Epic & Dave Cole won the Feeding Frenzy match for their team by defeating Tabernek De Team. Fun match.

(4) Shynron beat A.R. Fox to become the new Champion of Chile. Shynron won with a small package

Fox tried to attach the ref after the match, but the ref tossed him out of the ring.

(5) Myke Quest (w/Nicholas Kaye) beat Anthony Stone with a spinebuster.

Stone chose Matt Tremont as his partner against Quest and Kaye in a No Rules match at the next show.

(6) Juicy Product (J.T. Dunn & David Starr) beat The Hooligans (Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter) when Dunn pinned Mason with a rolling elbow.

(7) Michael Elgin & Tommaso Ciampa beat Chris Dickinson & Jaka via DQ when a masked man attacked Elgin. The man unmasked as Jimmy Jacobs and the fans went nuts.

Dickinson said he was sick of guys stealing pay days from people in Beyond. Jacobs said there are no rules for him in Beyond. This led to a giant brawl also involving Corvis, who got the upper hand on Jacobs, but Jaka and Dickinson cut him off.

(8) John Silver & Alex Reynolds beat Bill Carr & Dan Barry to retain the CZW Tag Titles.

After the match, CZW’s D.J. Hyde cut a promo running down Carr & Barry. Sozio came out and laid out Carr.

Mark Shurman & Gregory Edwards interrupted the Johnny Cockstrong vs Sexxxxxxxy Eddy match. Now it’s a tag match.

(9) Cockstrong & Eddy beat Edwards & Shurman with a double pin.

J.T. Dunn came out an cut a promo. He announced he’s wrestling Chris Hero at Beyond Wrestling on March 23. Big pop for the announcement.

(10) Drew Gulak beat Kevin Steen with a grapevined ankle to win the main event.

There was a big brawl at the end with Jaka, Jacobs, and Dickinson, attacking Gulak and Steen. Elgin and Ciampa then ran out to even the odds. Gulak and Ciampa went at it and were separated by several wrestlers.

Ciampa challenged Gulak to a submission match next month, but Gulak wants it now. Steen yells at Ciampa and Gulak to stop it. Steen said he had to save Ciampa’s job and another brawl broke out to close the show.


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