A Little Column of Honor: Ringmaster’s Challenged

Ari Berenstein

Ari Berenstein is the current Podcast of Honor co-host as well as the lead host of the ROH Retrocast podcast show at pwponderings.com. Ari has previously written the Column of Honor, dedicated to coverage of Ring of Honor news and shows. Ari has watched ROH since 2003 and has been a fan of professional wrestling as a whole for over 24 years and counting. Check out Ari's Twitter feed for more ROH and wrestling ponderings at: http://twitter.com/#!/ariberenstein

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  1. Mark K says:

    Great Column. Love the debate aspect to it. I agree with both of you. Too early and not really necessary given the stage of the feud between Cole and Hero.
    The in ring wrestling should rock. The ending really is only thing in doubt. I believe the Eddie v. Roderick match went 1 fall Eddie, 1 fall Roderick and the 15 min tome limit ran out with even fall count. Crowd rightfully booed. Cornette comes out and makes it sudden death. Eddie gets a fall and wins. Thus even a past example shows there does not have to be a definitive winner given the rules structure. That kind of sucks from the beginning.
    Again wrestling should rule, booking could hinder the way people remember it.

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