DGUSA Open the Ultimate Gate 04/04/14 iPPV Review

Ryan Rozanski

Ryan Rozanski has been a professional wrestling fan since he was six years old. He has been involved with Pro Wrestling Ponderings since nearly the beginning. Notable roles over the years include reviewing TNA television, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, and the Women of Honor two-disc compilation. You can often find Ryan tweeting about reality television on Twitter and subsequently getting grounded by Jerome Cusson.

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  1. wrsisyphus2 says:

    It’s funny you called Teddy Hart’s Lungblower Powerbomb Project Ciampa, considering Hart was using that move years before Ciampa, and is probably the one who invented it in the first place.

  2. It’s not really about who came up with the move. I’m just trying to use a name for the move that everyone will recognize and can visualize if they’re not watching the show live.

  3. Mark K says:

    I am a fair man. Since, I criticized Gabe for last night I want to compliment him and WWN. The second half of the show and especially last two matches are why many of us are prowrestling fans. Good to great stuff all around.
    The only negative is as I still prefer DVDs. The funny part is I will be getting Open the Ultimate Gate 2013 very soon. And because it took this long I have not ordered an Evolve/DGUSA show since. That is the biggest shame of all. But a year from now I might just order OUG 2014 when it does.

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