AIW News: All 24 JLIT Competitors Announced. What do you think?


AIW announced the final names for the 2014 two day JT Lightning Invitational Tournament. Here they are: 

Tim Donst, UltraMantis Black, Buff Bagwell, Danny Havoc, Eddie Kingston, Bobby Beverly, M-Dogg Matt Cross, Heidi Lovelace, Louis Lyndon, Marion Fontaine, Veda Scott, #SPARX, Davey Vega, Rickey Shane Page, #AllEgo, Flip Kendrick, Josh Prohibition, Sonjay Dutt, Eric Ryan, Jock Samson, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs, Colin Delaney, AIW Absolute Champion Michael Elgin

It was noted that AIW Absolute Champ MICHAEL ELGIN will defend his title in every match he wrestles

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  1. Really cool that Elgin will defend the title, but, if he wins the tournament, expect Tim Donst challenge him. Don’t forget that Tim has a title shot that he earned at GFTG 9.

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