ASCA Wrestling Making History in Italian Indie Wrestling

Chris GST

Chris GST has been a wrestling fan since around 1991. He grew up enjoying most of the back stage politics as well as enjoyed all the aspects that it takes to create that perfect wrestling match. At the end of 2001 when the original ECW died it was then that Chris took an interest in indy promotions such as ECWA and others. Those made him appreciate companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, PWG, JAPW and it has continued to this day.

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  1. Yupyup says:

    LMAO this is ridiculus, it’s clearly run by internet marks that don’t want to do money but just to meet their internet heroes.

  2. Chris GST says:

    Pretty sure it’s more then that but to each their own. I guess PWG is just run by internet marks too then.

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