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AIW 05/24/14 2014 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 2 Results


AIW JLIT 2014 Night Two
May 24, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

Credit: Our own Kevin Ford

Quarter-Final Round
Tim Donst def Josh Prohibition with From Dusk til Donst

Prohibition wants Matt Cross at Absolution IX next month.

Quarter-Final Round
Eric Ryan submits Danny Havoc to the Liontamer

Quarter-Final Round
Matt Cross def Seleziya Sparx with a super Death Valley Driver. He will face Tim Donst in the semi-finals.

Quarter-Final Round
Ethan Page def Buff Bagwell with Boom! Head Shot (rope jump RKO) to advance
– Buff sang the American Males theme song before the match
– Buff did a Canadian (Georgian?) Destroyer

Quarter-Final Round
Louis Lyndon def Sonjay Dutt with a roll up and holds his tights for the win. He faces Ethan Page.

Quarter-Final Round
Absolute Championship: Michael Elgin def Heidi Lovelace w/ Sammy Geodollno to retain and advance
– Elgin didn’t WANT to hurt Heidi, but did and advances with a Revolution Bomb. He defends against Eric Ryan in the semi-finals.

Marion Fontaine, Ultramantis Black, Colin Delaney, & Veda Scott def Gregory Iron, Joey Vincent Martini, Benjamin Boone, Dick Justice when Fontaine hit Justice with a right hand.
– Justice won the crowd over

Veda will face Greg Iron at Absolution IX on June 30th

AIW Tag Team Championship: The Jollyville Fuck-its vs Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer of a The Forgotten was thrown out for both teams striking referee Dave Dawson. Big brawl around the arena that ended up going outside.

Semi-Final Round
Ethan Page def Louis Lyndon with an ace crusher

Semi-Final Round
Tim Donst def Matt Cross with a small package and joins in the finals
– Ethan Page attacks him with a chair post match
– Donst was taken out on a table acting like a stretcher. His involvement in the finals was questionable

Semi-Final Round: Absolute Championship defense
Michael Elgin def Eric Ryan via submission to retain and head to the finals

Non-Tournament Match:
Johnny Gargano def Chris Sabin via Garga-No escape

Steen vs Sabin announced for Absolution IX

Non-Tournament Match
Eddie Kingston vs Davey Vega vs Rickey Shane Page vs Flip Kendrick vs Tyson Dux vs Bobby Beverly
– RSP had Vega pinned, but the Duke pulled him off. Vega recovers and hits Water for Elephants on Kendrick for the win.

Kingston backfists RSP. Kingston is Duke’s newest client. Kingston & RSP will fight in some fashion (singles, tag) at Absolution.

Main Event: JLIT 2014 Final Round/ Elimination match Absolute Championship
Michael Elgin defends against Ethan Page
– Donst is out.
– Despite his weakened state, Donst returned to compete

– Donst is eliminated by Ethan Page with a superkick after Elgin accidentally backfists Donst.

– Elgin wins via ref stoppage, as Elgin reigned down with forearms on the mat and Ethan Page was unable to defend himself

Michael Elgin is still the AIW Champion and the 2014 JLIT Winner

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