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Beyond Wrestling Secret Show 4/13/2014 Review (Edited)


Commentators: Sugar Dunkerton, Drew Gulak, Pinkie Sanchez, JT Dunn, David Starr, Biff Busick, Emil J, Dan Barry, AR Fox, Eric Corvis and Denver Colorado

The big difference between this show and the the March 23 secret show is this one is a final edit and not just the Raw footage. Should make for a better viewing experience.

1. Frankie Picard defeats Connor Claxton by pinfall after a belly-to-belly suplex /3:05/*

Some nice graphics identifying both trainees of the CZW Training Academy. Some aggressive mat work as they both go for an early victory. Pretty obvious Gulak had a hand in training these guys. That’s a compliment by the way. Good way to include two newer guys in a low pressure environment. Picard wins after a simple belly-to-belly suplex. This is exactly what it should have been.

2. “Supercop” Dick Justice pins Leon St. Giovanni after a splash off the ropes/4:53/*1/2

Giovanni is a hunter who wears real animals on his person according to his promo. Crowd chants “dick” to be cute. Justice tries to talk St. Giovanni down and shows off his credentials. Crowd chants “That’s legit.” St. Giovanni TOSSES THE BADGE AWAY! Giovanni takes control on the offense. Justice does the Hulk Hogan comeback. Creative finish as St. Giovanni gets a boot up on a middle rope splash. Justice falls on top for the pin. A comedy match all the way but if there’s one thing pro wrestling could use more of, it’s more fat guys getting booked. Very comedic but fun match.

JT Dunn and David Starr come out to thank the fans for attending the show. They talk about the relationship between CZW and Beyond Wrestling. Doom Patrol literally barges through the door to interrupt. Chris Dickinson talks garbage and makes fun of Dunn. Jaka goes for a chair. Dickinson calls himself the best in CZW and mentions not being in the “Best of the Best” tournament. Dunn lays down the challenge for a match.

3. DJ Hyde defeats AR Fox by pinfall after THE LARIAT./7:10/**1/2

The best way to describe this match is a styles clash. Fox calls himself the best and mentions Kimber Lee in a promo. Hyde is the default babyface in this match due to Fox’s recent behavior in Beyond. Rare the match performed where Fox is a bigger jerk than Hyde. Some mat wrestling to start. We get a tease of THE LARIAT, but Fox matrixes out of the way. Offense delivered rather arrogantly by Fox. Fox wrestling as a heel meant he dictated the pace and controlled much of the offense. In a bizarre way, I think the match quality was helped, since Hyde’s limited offense could be used appropriately. LARIAT! Hyde gets three after that because no one kicks out of the motherf’n larat delivered by the owner of CZW.

Dan Barry said Bill Carr had his badge taken away, so Monsta Mack is taking Carr’s place.

4. Dan Barry & Monsta Mack defeat The Crusade for Change (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi), Tabernak De Team (Thomas Dubois & Mathieu St. Jacques), and  Kevin Graham & Punisher Van Slyke/7:57/**3/4

This is a one fall match. Mack is replacing Carr in Tremendous Investigations. Crusade for Change are a mainstay heel team. Tabernak De Team are a Canadian duo who have been making waves in ISW and C4. Graham and Van Slyke are probably best known for their work in 2CW as the tag team champions. Mack breaks out a rana on Van Slyke because why not.  Basically, there are three heel teams and they work over Barry. None of them are getting along since they all want to pin Barry. Barry with a nice leaping DDT and a tag to Monsta Mack. Mack with a tombstone on Carter right on Marconi in an incredible moment. Tabernak then toss Mack in the corner. Things get out of control quickly. Both the referee and I lose track of who’s legal. A solid, mostly basic until the last couple of crazy minutes, showcase for a couple of newer teams although I question slightly Marconi and Carter taking the loss to a makeshift team.

5. Eric Corvis defeats Jay Freddie with the Mechanism/11:10/***1/4

Freddie is another guy known for his work in 2CW. He cuts an enthusiastic promo before the contest with Corvis. Freddie is known for his technical wrestling abilities, so it makes sense he controlled the arm to start. Some sportsmanship but it’s a swerve as Corvis grabs a headlock instead. Corvis with a rather innovative move as he counters a pinfall and hits a flatliner. Corvis checks Freddie… and punches in the face. Definitely on the higher end of Beyond Wrestling secret show matches as these two really went back and forth and showcased the qualities which should lead to more bookings. I enjoyed this match. Corvis innovates every time out, and Freddie was a great compliment.

 6. SEX + CANDY (Sugar Dunkerton & Pinkie Sanchez) defeats Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers). Sanchez uses a jack knife pin on Summers to get the victory/7:00/**

Sanchez is wearing a Dasher Hatfield shirt because why not. Some dancing and shenanigans. A twerking battle is teased but not delivered. Sanchez with a flying hip attack and some twerking of his own. Heat segment on Sanchez. Milk Chocolate actually uses some pretty solid offense in this match. Watts kicks his own partner in the face. Double chops by Dunkerton. Flying kick by Sanchez leads to an flying forearm off the top rope by Dunkerton. A bit disorganized but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Sanchez.  Tough to rate some of these matches but nothing here was overtly offensive.

7. “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeats “Dirty” Buxx Belmar by pinfall after  a snap powerslam/8:03/**

A Canadian showcase. Bailey is awesome. Belmar has never done anything for me except be gross and disgusting. Belmar accidentally spits on the ref and then wipes his face in his shirt. Yeesh. A wild moment as Belmar hits Bailey with a gutbuster and it’s sold incredibly well. Bailey just crumpled afterward. Belmar controls much of the match, and we don’t really get to see a lot of Bailey’s offense, which is infinitely more interesting and innovative. Bailey won out of nowhere with the snap powerslam that didn’t look nearly as good it does against smaller opponents. I wasn’t a Belmar fan before the match, and nothing he did here changed my mind.

8. Ryan Rush pins Benny Martinez after a kick to the side of the head. Shynron and Nicholas Kaye/8:23/**1/2

Shynron cuts a basic promo beforehand. Kaye tries to make a deal with Martinez but has to leave the ring when he gets attacked. A rather brisk pace is established right away. Some sloppiness as should be expected with four guys who’ve probably rarely been in a ring together. Shynron came across quite dominant with his offense. This is a guy who you can see being one of the top high flyers in the world a year from now as some of the other high flyers depart for greener pastures. Rush needs to get himself under control, but he’s got a lot of potential and energy. Kaye and Martinez start teaming up anyway. Shynron with a rather ugly looking move. Kaye turns on Martinez and slows the pace way down. Rush gets the advantage and powerbombs Shynron right on his head. Awkward ending as Rush wins with a kick to the side of the head on Martinez. When Rush Calms down, he’ll be great.

 9. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & JAKA) defeats Juicy Product (David Starr & JT Dunn). Dickinon pins Starr after a Pazzozoo Bomb /19:28/***1/2

Juicy Product have become one of the hottest tag teams in independent wrestling while Doom Patrol are Beyond mainstays. Doom Patrol play the clear heels. Both teams take turns working over their opponent. Extended heat segment on Dunn. Really glad these four got a lot of time. It boggles the mind that Dickinson and Jaka aren’t used more (I’m sure the former’s attitude has a great to deal with his not getting bookings). Starr and Dunn are great together and will only continue seeing their stars rise as long as they get better and wrestle a variety of places. Dickinson and Jaka’s chops on Starr toward the end of the match…quite repulsive. Good action that ended with Dickinson pinning Starr. This didn’t feel like 20 minutes at all. Very good match.

10. Biff Busick defeats Timothy Thatcher by knock-out with a choking headlock/17:57/***1/2

If this is as good as I think it will be, I’ll get my five bucks worth right here. You’ll all be shocked to know, but they started out on the mat. Thatcher bent Busick’s fingers back while maintaining a hold. Thatcher works over Busick’s left arm. Some great exchanges within a bow and arrow before Busick applies a rear naked choke. Busick breaks out the closed fists but gets hit with a vicious European uppercut. That was unreal. Busick continues upping the physicality. Thatcher goes back to the left arm with a fujiwara armbar. Some hard strikes from both men. Headbutt. Busick looks mad. Running uppercut sends Busick into the corner. Rolling gutwrench suplexes and an armbar. Busick reapplies a rear naked choke and scissors the legs. Busick brings him over and bridges over on a headlock. Holy crap that looks nasty. This match was excellent and worth checking out. Two of the most physical wrestlers in the world got 18 minutes to present their brand of pro wrestling that is far from the indie style we’ve become accustomed to from a lot of other super indies. I could watch these two wrestle all day and night. Hope Thatcher can somehow become a regular in the states because he’s so good.

Overall Thoughts: The last two matches make this show an easy thumbs up. This was a much better secret show than the March 23 one with no bad matches and solid booking throughout. If Beyond can hit this level of quality with the secret shows, I’ll tell people to buy the shows every single time. I’m not expecting perfection, but a couple good matches and the chance to see rising talent. This had both.

BONUS MATCH REVIEW: Team Tremendous (Dan Barry and Bill Carr) vs. The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae. Ryan pinned Carr with a roll-up)/9:08/**3/4

This was released days after the Queen and King tournament but was taped beforehand. Expect lots of comedy, which is almost a shame given LaRae has really gotten herself over by wrestling well. I’m as shocked as you that I’ve willingly decided to watch a Joey Ryan, but I like the other three people that much. Denver Colorado and Emil J are both on commentary. Lots of jokes about secrets being made. Carr controls Ryan with some power moves. Barry teases wrestling LaRae but instead lets Carr do it. Ryan gets interrogated. LaRae gets a ballplex on Carr in a great moment. Rocket launcher into the DDT by LaRae on Barry. Much less schticky than I thought it would be as they focused on having a good match instead. Pretty solid for a secret show contest. If this was in Reseda or Fete, I bet they could have had an even better match. Fun back and forth. Glad Ryan and LaRae got the win here since they’ve given a lot of strong performances in PWG.

For more information on Beyond Wrestling, including the ability to purchase all the secret shows and tickets, check out their website. To watch the bonus match and thousands of others, check out their YouTube page.

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