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Valour Wrestling 05/31/14 Battles ALS Results


Valour Pro Wrestling
May 31, 14
York, Pa

Credit: Our own Adam Leavelle of

This show was to support ALS (Lou Gehrig) disease. Lu Love’s father passed away from ALS and many fans wore shirts that honored his memory.

In a ten man battle royal, Tyler Reno eliminated Ed House to win. The ring was packed at all times, and the action was hard to follow, but it was a decent opener.

Valour Tag team Champs, Rockin Rebel and Nyla Rose defeated TJ Mathis and Tate Hammer, when Mathis baled on Hammer.

Big Daddy Ruthless, squashed Davey Hatfield, Homeless Danny Manson, and Patrick O’Neal in a fun match. The crowd loves the gigantic Ruthless, including his shirtless dancing after his matches.

Goat Boy defeated Louis G Rich in a very fun match. Goat Boy shook the refs hand and put it in his pocket, and told me to “make sure you write down that I got the ref in my pocket!” Goat Boy is very “CHIKIRA” like in gimmick and style.

From the UWE, Heroes for Hire, Ryan Colby, and Zack Rayne teamed with Sage Strong and defeated Hollywood’s Finest, The Untouchable Kevin Murphy, Laszlo Arpad, and their special partner, Cyrus Parker in one of the best matches of the night that saw the good guys win with Heroes for Hire’s awesome finisher “Weapon X” used on Parker after Sage took out Murphy, Miss Briana, and Laszo outside the ring.

The Prodigy PTV overcame Ed House in a very power move oriented match that saw tons of hard/stiff blows performed by both wrestlers. The shocker came with PTV kicked out of House’s top rope elbow drop and come back to win with a huge power bomb

In what might be considered an upset, upstart team Motley Tue defeated the much more experienced Wildcardz in a very good tag team bout.
Pretty Boy Ty Reno over powered the much smaller Dexter McPoindexter, but the crowd loved Dexter and he was inspired by their support, getting a fair amount of offense in before being worn down by the much larger Reno.

Shatter defeated Big Jack Molson in a no rules match that saw them fight each other all over the venue including out into the concession stand. Shatter got the win when Molson attempted to use his axe handle on Shatter, but Shatter ducked, and it bounced off the top rope, hitting Molson in the head. Shatter then rolled him up for the pin.

In the main event, Jason the Perfect Owner Smith brought his menacing group of Valour Champion Kras Van Tassel, Eddie Valentine, and The Violator, out to take on Lu Love, Adrian Bliss, and WWE Hall of Famer Koko B Ware. In a pretty decent match, the good guys won when Ware finished off Violator with a DDT. The excitement really came though when Ware, Bliss, and Love tore Smith’s suit off of him on the arena floor. Ware then began whipping Smith with his own belt, leaving large, visible welts all over his back! Ware had promised to “get nasty” if Smith interfered in the match, in which he did, especially afterwards, attacking Ware center ring. Koko then stayed well after the card dancing with children, and greeting fans that wanted to do so.

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