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Beyond Wrestling DVD Review 

Beyond Wrestling 5/18 Secret Show Review (Raw footage)


beyondwrestling01Commentators: Sugar Dunkerton, Stockade, Black Baron, Tommy Trainwreck, Nicholas Kay, Sozio, Kevin Marcos, Jon Silver, Kimber Lee, Davey Cash, Chris Pyro, JT Dunn, David Starr, and TJ Marconi

1. Black Baron defeats Leon St. Giovanni by submission with the Texas Cloverleaf/8:26/**

St. Giovanni talks about wrestling a chick on the last show and lays down an open challenge to a man. Out comes Black Baron, who is based out of the Atlanta area. St. Giovanni complains about Baron’s race. Ouch. Baron controls things on the mat to start. Fairly basic and slow paced, which is much more of the style of a traditional opener as opposed to what some of the bigger Beyond shows tend to be. Babyface comeback. Baron uses lots of high impact moves but would probably have been more effective in front of a noisier crowd. Referee gets caught in the head but he seems okay. Baron deadlifts St. Giovanni  and powerbombs him. 1-2-Baron lifts him up and applies a cloverleaf for the win. This was okay. Nothing all that notable. Baron has potential.

2. Stitch Osiris defeats Kenshi with a leaping top rope diamond dust/6:31/**1/4

Haven’t seen either guy so no real pre-match comments. These two are students from the WWA4 school. Kenshi’s gimmick is that he’s a blind wrestler. Osiris uses noise to throw his opponent off. A running shooting star elbow a minute in. I’m not sure who’s supposed to be the babyface and heel since both men play to the crowd. Given the history of the WWA4 (AR Fox, Jonathan Gresham among others) school you’ve got to give them the benefit of the doubt. Osiris does some amazing high flying moves. He does a backward Finlay roll and an armdrag with his legs. Pretty innovative stuff. Osiris with a beautiful sliced bread followed by a leaping diamond dust. Osiris showed a ton of potential courtesy of an innovative moveset. Definitely can work on his game overall.

3. FIP Tag Team Title Match: The Juicy Product successfully defend over Da Hoodz (Davey Cash and Chris Pyro), (The Influence) Mike Graca & Robbie The Giant, and Mike Montero & Jason Device/6:22/*1/2

We’ve seen a little bit of Device, Graca, and Montero on these Beyond secret shows. Robbie might be the shortest wrestler not wrestling in a “midget” division. Da Hoodz have been on a number of additional Beyond shows. This was supposed to be a three way eliminator until Juicy Product came out to voluntarily defend the FIP tag team titles. I guess this show wasn’t good enough for a CZW title defense. Dunn does a Scott Hall impression beforehand. Ooooooookay. Robbie has some fun until he gets caught on a dive and tosses in the ring. So when does this become a dwarf tossing contest?  This was an eliminator under Lucha rules meaning craziness. Some nice double teams. Juicy Product don’t even get in the ring when Robbie and Graca get eliminated. Starr Alabama slam leads to a Dunn double stomp and an elimination match. Basically, this was an excuse to get a mini-match out of the Juicy Product and Da Hoodz. Fun exchange and you can see why Juicy Product are champions of two independent companies. This went awfully fast for an elimination match, so it was tough to get into. Nothing actively bad and Juicy Product got a nice showcase title defense.

4. Anthony Stone vs. Dave Cole/7:10/**

This is a rematch from the last secret show and again, a preview of the upcoming June 22 show, Uncomfortable. Given Stone won the first encounter, I fully expect Cole to come away with the victory here. Immediate exchange of nearfalls. Lots of counters to show they’ve wrestled before. Cole surfboard. Cole suplexes Stone all the way to the floor. Why does Anthony Stone hate himself. Next, Cole misses a dive and thumps the floor. Why does Dave Cole hate himself? Stone gets the win out of nowhere with a jack knife pin. I can only assume the gimmick is Cole can’t beat Stone and will get frustrated in the third match.

Kay and Quest attack Stone after the match.

5. Myke Quest defeats Aaron Epic with a roll-up/6:06/*

Previous match fed right into this one. Pace is brisk as Epic drops some bombs. A Kay distraction leads to Quest taking control of the match. Epic comes back and hits a nice double stomp to the back for a long two. Back and forth they go. Uranagi knee. Kay hops on the apron. That was awkward. Quest sent into Kay. Kay trips Epic, leading to a roll-up and the win. Match didn’t really have much of a pace and the ending was lame.

6. Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) & Francis Kip Stevens defeats Jesse Vane, Rex Lawless, Blake Morris. Watts pins Vane after a powerbomb/lungblower combo./9:16/**3/4

I’ve seen one of these teams wrestle before. Summers comes out singing…literally. They’re really playing up the gay/stripper angle now. Sommers takes the early advantage and gyrates. Some solid double teaming. Eiffel tower spot again. Yup. I bet the CZW fans will have a perfectly mature reaction when they see this play out. Watts worked over in the heel corner. Heels perform an Eiffel tower on Stevens. Yup. Pretty extended heat segment. Things break down. Stevens spears Lawless to the outside. Powerbomb into the lungblower and the faces pick up the victory. Best match of the show so far with some quality action in the final couple minutes. Solid work from all six men.

7. Sozio defeats Christina Von Eerie/5:02/*1/2

Of all the matches to take place at these Beyond Wrestling secret shows, this has to be the more interesting ones. Sozio hates intergender wrestling and makes some rather sexist comments about Von Eerie belonging in a kitchen. And to think, some would think of Sozio as a babyface. Von Eerie with a series of strikes and kicks. Sozio manages to keep his jacket on. Sozio gets on offense and uses mostly strikes. To the outside where Von Eerie gets back dropped to the floor. Sozio gets a tombstone piledriver for the win. Pretty hard hitting for the time given. Didn’t get enough time to really be elevated over a certain level. I don’t understand the purpose of wasting either person in a match like this.

8. Jonathan Gresham defeats Shynron with a crucifix pin/12:39/***1/4

If you’ve been reading this review, you’ll know this match means a great deal in the grand scheme of enjoying this show. Two of the better high flyers and Gresham is just flat-out underrated. Nice series of waistlocks and basic moves. David Starr on commentary gets my attention by mentioning the Zandig pose. Shynron does a shooting starr headbutt to Gresham on the outside. Wow. It was fun to see Gresham be the one to slow the pace down and really use his strengths as a technical wrestler. Headscissors sends Gresham into the top rope. 619. Second rope spinning splash gets two. Kip up. Back heel kick. Gresham backslide gets two. Release German suplex. Gresham tries focusing on the arm but gets sunset flipped on a rana attempt. Exchange of reverse ranas. LARIAT by Gresham. 1-2-NO! Lariat by Shynron. Cutter blocked into a crucifix.  Finish came up a bit out of nowhere and the moves weren’t always clean but this was a very fun back and forth contest. Shynron continues to get better and has a bright future. Gresham is someone who should be booked consistently in more places because he seems to have good matches with everyone he gets placed against.

9. Eric Corvis defeats Chris Dickinson by pinfall with a pumphandle driver/10:08/***1/4

Given the styles of these two men, this could be a straight up car crash of movez. Corvis attacks Dickinson from behind. Dickinson chokes out Corvis with a shirt. Superkick sends Dickinson off the apron and to the floor. Back suplex on Corvis to the floor. Dickinson tosses the poor official who was trying to check on Corvis. I’m sure the final edit will  be able to capture this portion of the match much better. Corvis tossed back in the ring. Cover but Corvis kicks out. Dickinson with an enziguri. Pretty good story with Corvis as the heart and soul of the company battling as an underdog. Boot misses. Running cross body to a prone Dickinson. Um, ow. Dickinson gets control back on the outside. Corvis heads to the top but gets forearmed in the face. Corvis knocks him down and hits a splash for two. Enziguri by Dickinson knocks Corvis down. Corvis counters and hits a springboard cutter. Spinning kick from Dickinson. Pumphandle driver ends a strong match. Corvis took a beating. This was somewhat toned down but strong. Very enjoyable match between these two as they proved themselves capable of having a good match without having to resort to constantly doing a lot of big moves.

Overall Thoughts: Last two matches were solid but nothing on this card screamed must see. This was a definite improvement in pacing  over the last show. If Beyond is going to continue running secret shows before their big shows, I guess I’d like to see more angles and promos setting those shows up. I’d also like to see more consistency from secret show to secret show with guys elevating up or down the card. Beyond isn’t afraid to use young guys who maybe aren’t ready for major independents. This leads to inconsistent shows, but it also gives them credibility with fans and talent alike since they’re the promotion of opportunity and not being afraid to use a number of different talents.

BONUS MATCH REVIEW: The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) defeat Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy)/10:39/**3/4

This took place at the second St. Louis sleeper cell taping. Really, this is an excuse to watch the Hooligans wrestle since I dig fat guys who can roll. Lots of shenanigans early on between Awful and Mason. Devin works over Iggy with kicks and rolls. Legdrop/standing moonsault combo…from the Hooligans. How are these guys not booked EVERYWHERE? Hooligans continue working over Iggy to the point Awful has to make the save. Awful comes in the ring and doesn’t exactly fare much better.Team IOU finally gets double teaming. Referee clearly doesn’t know who’s legal nor does he care. Flipping f’ing cannonall followed by a double stomp. O-Face followed by  a lariat. Double pin. I wish the Cutters could wear name tags so I could tell them apart. Team IOU has have the Hooligans dead to rights until the official gets pulled out. Lariat by Devin (Thanks Denver). Elevated DDT gets the Hooligans the win. Fun 10 minute match.

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