Rubbed RAW – August 4th, 2014

Justin Houston

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  1. Mark K says:

    Funny stuff Justin. When you think about it. The Stephanie v. Brie match is the semi-main, in importance, match at this years SummerSlam. Meaning this is the semi-main follow up to CM Punk vs Brock from last year. This is what the biggest wrestling company, in the US at least, wants to promote as the semi-main on its second Biggest show of the year.

    No wonder so many people are just loving the G1 Climax Tournament. Good to great wrestling from pro-wrestlers at a pro-wrestling show. Crazy concept.

  2. Matt Waters says:

    The high level of anger you are capable of sustaining for three hours is impressive. I feel this task of reviewing Raw live every week is going to end with you getting a boner for murder. I happily DVR fast-forward my way through it every Tuesday evening while you’re forced to see it all in real time and pull your hair out.

    Also Wyatt used the spike a couple of times in developmental when he first got the thumb doo-hicky after returning from brief injury I think.

    Also I miss you.

  3. Thanks Mark! I totally agree regarding Steph/Brie. It really is the second biggest match on the second biggest show of the year. It’s insanity. The Usos absolutely tear the place up at Battleground and they’re barely featured on Raw since. The Paige/AJ feud can’t get the heat it needs because ZERO time is devoted to doing so. All the feuds are segmented, too, so we get five minutes of Zigs/Miz, five of Y2J/Wyatt and five of Swagger/Rusev. Just enough time to remind you that they’re feuding, not enough to actually get any lasting heat or do anything interesting. Then Steph/Brie gets twenty minutes and four video packages. The WWE just doesn’t use it’s time well. Cena & Lesnar, who have PLENTY of heat on history alone going into SummerSlam, weren’t even ON Raw and I felt like I saw those two more than 3/4 of the other PPV participants thanks to the video segments.

    And yeah, G1 has been fantastic. Thanks again.

  4. Yeah, others have said I should DVR it. I dunno, that feels like I’m cheating the concept. I review Monday Night Raw, all of it, not just the parts of Raw I feel like reviewing. It may come to that eventually…or I could just give up altogether. Or I could just start outright lying in the results, making up all manner of much more interesting stuff. We’ll see I guess.

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