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3 Dudes Talking: Wrestlemania 31 Preview Podcast


[Recorded before the final RAW] After a one year absence, the Dudes-Three have reunited to talk about things together; It’s Wrestlemania season, which can only mean one thing: Justin hating the WWE while Matt miserably attempts to defend it and Kevin picks sides.

Talking Points:

2.53 – Wrestlemania XXX to Now
14.08 – NXT
20.40 – Bill DeMott and Public Perception
25.54 – WWE Network
42.47 – Andre the Giant Battle Royal
52.23 – Tag Title Match
56.19 – Divas Tag Match
1:00.00 – IC Ladder Match
1:08.45 – Cena vs Rusev
1:14.48 – Orton vs Rollins
1:18.07 – Undertaker vs Wyatt
1:23.55 – Sting vs Triple H
1:41.46 – Lesnar vs Reigns
1:57.50 – Wrestlemania Excitement

Plus: Potential Money in the Bank cash-ins and the very special Wrestlemania Drinking Game!

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One thought on “3 Dudes Talking: Wrestlemania 31 Preview Podcast

  1. Mark K

    Will the three of you do a WM Review Podcast? I would really be interested in all your views, especially about the main event and Matt’s view of Sting v. HHH

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