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ROH 11/18/16 Reach for the Sky Tour Liverpool Featured Ring Of Honor Video 

ROH 11/18/16 Reach for the Sky Tour Liverpool Review

ROH 11/18/16 Reach for the Sky Tour Liverpool Review
Liverpool, England
Liverpool Olympia

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome us to night one of Ring of Honor’s tour of the United Kingdom and the action kicked out shortly thereafter.

Frankie Kazarian vs Lio Rush
Before the match began Kelly and Corino spoke about the cursing rules in the UK and Corino said that everything is fair game, as the English over the used the “c” word like it’s going out of style. As always, it’s these little quips between the two that make the events that much more enjoyable. Rush got the better of the lock up, cinching in a side headlock to start things off. Rush used a mixture of speed and his escapability to gain an early advantage. Corino and Kelly commented that the ropes seemed a bit loose, foreshadowing how the ropes would affect every match throughout the night. Kazarian slowed things down, focusing on the neck area and scoring with impactful maneuvers like the slingshot cutter, but was only able to score a two count. Rush was able to reverse an irish whip into a tornado DDT and follow up with a frog splash for the victory. Kazarian has continued to look good as a singles wrestler, but with Rush now headed to final Battle in the Six man tag tournament, a win here made sense.

Winner: Lio Rush

Nigel McGuinness came out for a promo next, recounting his memorable moments in Liverpool. He then went out to put Ring of Honor over, speaking to the success of stars who have been in the company and left, as well as those who have been with ROH for the long haul. After the adulation died down, McGuinness announced that Will Ospreay’s proving ground match against Bobby Fish would be for the ROH World Television title. He said that Ospreay and Fish both agreed to the match, as both felt that they were up to the challenge. McGuiness ended by saying that the fans are one of the reasons that Ring of Honor is the best wrestling in the world.

Joe Hendry vs Donovan Dijak
Hendry’s entrance, which I had not previously seen, was absolutely amazing. It seemed like a mix between a VH1 music video and the Budweiser “This Bud’s For You” commercials. Dijak was out next to new music, a bit more befitting him than his music while he was supported by Prince Nana. Kelly then fired shots at Nana, saying that Dijak finally dropped that extra weight. Kelly apparently went sightseeing with Dijak and divulged that he is looking to show everyone what he has and that dropping Nana was an important step into achieving what he wants to in ROH. Little snippets like this from Kelly really blur the line between what is kayfabe and what could have been a real experience, adding so many layers to the story in the ring. Dijak and Hendry adhered to the code of honor and Dijak overpowered Hendry right from the get go, launching him backwards after two collar and elbow tie ups. Hendry was able to work a wrist lock to keep Dijak grounded, but it did not work for long, as Dijak was able to overpower him yet again and then show off his athleticism by hitting a standing corkscrew senton. As did the last match, the ropes played a factor, but still did not stop Dijak from hitting a moonsault off the top rope. In the end, Dijak was able to reverse a neckbreaker attempt into a Feast Your Eyes, leading to the pinfall victory. Hendry had the crowd support and was able to show why ROH is considering signing him. Dijak’s new attitude/direction was really put over by the commentary team here and the match told the same story.

Winner: Donovan Dijak

Christopher Daniels vs Jay White
Daniels refused to adhere to the code of honor at the onset, which prompted a conversation between Kelly and Corino regarding Corino’s disdain for handshaking. Corino went so far as to say shaking hands is disrespectful and that he would much rather a fist bump or a hearty hello. The two also continued to play coy about Corino’s recent absence, during which he was at the WWE performance center. As the two began to lock up, Kelly and Corino once again mentioned the state of the ring and began to speak about how diverse White is, being able to adapt his style to suit the ring. Corino then spoke about his son Colby training in New Japan before he and Kelly spoke about Daniels’s future in the company. As Daniels took control on the outside, his and Kazarian’s absence on the Final Battle became a topic of discussion, but Kelly and Corino did put Daniels over as have excellent matches as of late. Daniels and White work well together, and with White being undefeated, a loss here made little sense. White was able to come away with the win after a quick roll up and Daniels cut a promo about how excellent White is. White has continued to look strong, still undefeated in ROH and this new side of Daniels makes sense, but needs to move forward a bit, as it is starting to feel like something has to give with this change in philosophy, especially with him wrestling in mostly singles bouts as of late.

Winner: Jay White

Jay Lethal vs Chris Sabin
The bout started off as a friendly affair, with both men showing each other respect by adhering to the code of honor and Sabin and Lethal playing to the boisterous crowd. After chants of Black machismo, Lethal hearkened back to his former persona and briefly pointed to the sky. Not to be left out Sabin took a moment during a breif break in the action to shout out “Oh Yeah” to applause from the crowd, with Lethal later strutting in the ring like Flair. The two then got done to the business of wrestling and both proved to be knowledgeable of the other’s offense. Sabin was able to stymie Lethal’s attempts at suicide dives, hitting a senton off the apron to the outside before eventually falling victim to a tope suicida. Sabin gave Lethal a run for his money, connecting with a tornado DDT so impactful that Lethal’s leg shook violently. Lethal managed to hit a springboard cutter off the second turnbuckle before catching Sabin with the Lethal Injection. Really good little match between these two. There was no backstory to this, just two men wrestling, but the small bits of acknowledgement of the crowd made this an entertaining bout.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Dalton Castle w/ The Boys vs “The Villain” Marty Scurll
This one started as many of Castle’s matches do, with a little bit of showmanship, as Scurll refused Castle’s handshake offer. The early part of the match was well executed, but lacked a bit of crowd interaction at times, as the audience was busy singing. However, once Castle and Scurll began trading finisher attempts things got interesting. Castle was able to fight off chicken wing attempts until Scurll showed everyone why he is called the Villian. Castle hoisted Scurll up for a Bang-A-Rang, but Scurll grabbed the referee’s shirt and escaped the move. He then grabbed his umbrella and was able to distract the referee,smacking Castle with the implement. Scurll followed up by ramming Castle into the ring post shoulder first and applying a perfunctory Chicken wing, as Castle seemed to be knocked out. The match really ended in perfect fashion, with Scurll coming off as strong and Castle saving face by having been the victim of a unscrupulous opponent.

Winner: Marty Scurll

ROH World Television Championship Match
Bobby Fish vs Will Ospreay
Fish and Ospreay adhered to the code of honor, but Fish was a bit more serious this match than he normally is, as he shook only Ospreay’s hand and got down to the business of defending his title. Ospreay was able to string along offense that showcased his considerable aerial skill early on until Fish targeted Ospreay’s leg with stiff kicks and submissions. Kelly and Corino put over Ospreay, reminding the audience of his impressive list of accomplishments thus far and in the end, they foreshadowed Ospreay’s win in front of the English fans. Fish’s consistent attack on the leg continued into the final moments when it seemed that he would retain the title as he locked in a kneebar. Ospreay was able to bridge backwards and trap Fish in a pinfall, coming out with the surprise victory. Fish respectfully, even if begrudgingly, handed the title over to Ospreay. As usual with Fish as of late, his work in the ring also weaves a story and the hard work he has put in as champion the last few months has really elevated the title to a place that made Ospreay’s win that much bigger.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Adam Cole/Young Bucks vs Kyle O’Reilly/The Briscoes
O’Reilly and Cole seemed poised to start this one off but Cole tagged out to Matt before any physicality took place. Matt pushed O’Reilly to the ropes and broke cleanly, but then caught Mark unawares with a forearm to the side of the head. An enraged Mark tagged in and bested Matt, quickly tagging out to Jay who continued the assault on Matt. All six men then started brawling on the outside, with Mark taking everyone out with a top rope moonsault to the arena floor. Back inside O’Reilly methodically worked over Cole, but the Bullet Club was able to gain control and set up for Rise of the Terminators, only to be pulled out of the ring. Three superkicks later and Nick was able to hit a tope con giro to take everyone out. The match went a good length and saw a lot of the greatest hits from all of these men. In the end, The Bullet Club went for a double Meltzer Driver, only for Mark to stop Nick’s ascent, scaling the ropes himself and connecting with a double Doomsday Device. Nick snuck in and was actually able to superkick both Briscoes as well as O’Reilly, but Kyle bounced off the ropes andc lotheslined Nick’s head off. A double superkick from the Briscoes later and Nick was driven headfirst into the mat by a O’Reilly brainbuster, falling victim to a three count. This match was really well-paced and allowed everyone to look strong while delivering a memorable match. With the six men heading to separate matches at Final battle this was a six man that meant a great deal in terms of feuds and it showed.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly & The Briscoes

Final Thoughts: B+
The Survival of the Fittest tournament results had been surprising with Fish’s win there, earning him a future title shot considering that he was the ROH World Television champion. After this event, it all makes sense and makes you wonder how far back this title change had been planned. The ring being in the disrepair that it was became a bit distracting throughout the night and limited some of the offense by the wrestlers, but at the same time displayed how versatile and skilled ROH’s roster is. That being said, I hope the theme does not continue throughout the UK VODs. The matches results made sense here and although the best matches were being saved for the last night of the tour, there are definitely a number of reasons here to spend two and half hours watching a solid card.

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