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CWF Mid Atlantic 12/30/16 Battlecade X7 Results

CWF Mid Atlantic 12/30/16 Battlecade X7 Results

1.) CAIN JUSTICE def. Rising Generation League Champion DIRTY DADDY by submission to the twist ending to win both the championship and the 2016 Rising Generation League Tournament.

2.) ZANE & DAVE DAWSON def. DEVIN DALTON of Semper Ferocious and WALTER EATON of the Goon Squad, 2 former Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions. The Dawsons then staked their claim for a future title shot.

3.) Worldwide Television Champion ARIC ANDREWS def. SMITH GARRETT by pinfall. Garrett was attacked by XSIRIS and injured before the bell and there was a long debate over whether or not he could compete at all after Xsiris drove Garrett’s head into the stage with a Double Underhook Impaler.

4.) Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions MECHA MERCENARY & AARON BIGGS def. Storm of Entrails DAN O’HARE & SHLAK with RILEY MADISON to retain the championship in a battle of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Dojo versus the Combat Zone Wrestling Dojo.

After the bout, CWF announced two huge events to honor the long tradition of tag-team wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic with the first annual Kernodle Brothers Tag-Team Tournament. They went on to announce that CWF and the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium had been selected to host the decision match for the vacant OMEGA Tag-Team Championship and on Sunday afternoon January 29, the OMEGA BOWL would be presented at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium featuring MATT & JEFF HARDY.

5.) Pro Wrestling International Ultra J Champion CHET STERLING def. LEE VALIANT in a No Disqualification Match to retain the championship after an avalanche tombstone piledriver off the middle rope.

6.) ETHAN SHARPE, OTTO SCHWANZ, KABUKI NI, NUMBER BOY, “HIM” and “SIS” def. MATTY DE NERO, MITCH CONNOR, DONNIE DOLLARS, SNOOTY FOXX, QEFKA THE QUIET and ROB “BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN” McBRIDE in a wild 12 person tag-team match when Sharpe pinned de Nero after Dollars attacked both Connor and de Nero and walked out on the team.

7.) “THE ROTTWEILER” C.W. ANDERSON def. Pro Wrestling International Heavyweight Champion RIC CONVERSE by referee stoppage to win the championship. Anderson blasted Converse with heavy shots to the head then clamped on a submission hold after Converse was out on his feet. When Converse could not answer the referee’s commands, the bout was stopped and the championship awarded to Anderson.

8.) 2016 Weaver Cup Tournament Champion NICK RICHARDS def. Golden Ticket holder ROY WILKINS with COACH GEMINI by pinfall with the Weaver Roll. Coach’s All Stars surrounded Richards before the bout began and seemed poised to attack until “THE ASSASSIN” RAY KANDRACK cleared the ring and finally buried the hatchet with his long time rival Richards.

9.) ARIK “ACE” ROYAL def. 2016 CWF Rumble Winner ANDREW EVERETT by pinfall after literally power bombing Everett out of the ceiling in an unbelievable match.

10.) MId-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion TREVOR LEE def. BRAD ATTITUDE by pinfall to retain the championship less than thirty seconds before Attitude’s mandatory thirty-minute time limit would have expired.

A heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who came out tonight and gave us the biggest crowd ever at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium. CWF returns to the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday January 21st with a huge CWF Worldwide taping AND Sunday January 29th for the OMEGA BOWL featuring MATT & JEFF HARDY!

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