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World of Sport UK 12/31/16 Reboot Results

World of Sport UK Reboot Results
Credit: Wrestlution

1. Dave Mastiff defeated Grado for the WOS title. This set up a night long story. Lots of crowd interaction and Grado was over huge as the big star.

2. Kenny Williams beat Sam Bailey, CJ Banks & Danny Hope in Ladder Match. Some fun spots. Banks the heel, all four looked good.

3. Mark & Joe Coffey beat Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith. Ashton & Rampage had matching gear. Crowd on them for looking like Father & Son.

4. Viper beat Alexis Rose. Viper was the heel, came out with a SNAKE. Set up as the Klondike Kate of the company.

5. El Ligero beat Zack Gibson. Probably best match of the night. Both men got great reactions. Great heel work from Gibson.

6. Eight-man “first time ever” Battle Royale won by Grado. Harry Smith, son of Davey Boy Smith was the big surprise entrant and billed as the new British Bulldog.

7. Grado beat Dave Mastiff in a WOS title rematch. Fun way to end a bizarre show

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