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Every time that a new year rolls around, I like to take the opportunity to stare into the crystal ball of insanity and make some big claims. In this column, you can expect me to look at several top promotions and give some forecasts. Look back on this at the end of the year and feel free to give me grief and acclaim where suited.

Starting with WWE, typically a very predictable company, may seem like a easy way to begin. I plan on making sure that feeling is lost by the end of this paragraph. First, The Shield will officially reunite, on Raw, and stay together for at least a few months directly following Wrestlemania. Not bold enough? Shinsuke will become the World champ for Smackdown Live, beating Styles at Summerslam after a short rivalry with Roode and then Ohno/Hero. The New Day will regain the Raw Tag titles, but break up due to a betrayal and lose them to reformed The Shield at that same Summerslam event. The UK show will be much better weekly than 205, and the inevitable Women’s tournament will be won by the former KimberLee. By the end of the year, a Japan tournament and series will be announced. Joe will go to Raw, coming in at the Rumble. Eric Young, Ohno, and Roode will be the big names this year for the NXT title picture. Asuka will go to Smackdown after losing to Moon. They will continue to swallow up global talents, and at least one big surprise will happen. Mickie James will return at some point.

New Japan time. Omega will beat Okada for the big one, and carry it for most of the year. A triple threat between Omega, Okada, and Suzuki will be the WK12 main event. See, bold. The multiman belts will still be hot potatoes, but that’s expected. Cody will be a big player, nearly making it to the G1 finals. Suzuki and Okada will be the finals. Cody will win the NEVER Openweight title sometime around Destruction. CHAOS vs Suzuki-Gun will dominate the cards all year. LIJ will keep riding their momentum, and Naito will hold the IC belt for most of the calendar, off and on.  

TNA won’t close down! Matt’s broken brilliance will continue to be polarizing, but will keep them being talked about. Yes the brothers will stay with TNA. The X-Division will become great again, but the Grand title will disappear. The Bullet Club will appear, in the form of Cole, Cody, and the Bucks. At least two more events will take place at the Hardy’s home. The Wolves will have a friendly feud for the TNA belt. EC3 will regain the same title, and lose it to Matt at one of those bizarre shows. The birth of a new Hardy will be as crazy as the Yinling egg plot from HUSTLE. The Wolves will also break up and feud.

Ring of Honor. reDRagon will break up and Kyle will leave to NXT. A Women’s belt will be made. War Machine and Dane will win the six man belts, but Rowe will also leave the company. Lethal will regain the World title and have a huge feud with Dijak for it. The Briscoes will carry the tag belts for a long period. Scurll and Ospreay will team up and win it from them. CMLL talents will flow in more consistently. Other names leaving, requiring ROH to step up, include Cole this summer, Lio Rush, and BJ. Lio will go to the WWNLive family. Former names like ACH will seek a job in NXT.

Last for this part is Lucha Underground. A forth season will be announced, but with less episodes due to the ADD fans dropping off. I will leave it at that to avoid any spoilers from the third season being mentioned.


That’s it for now. Keep an eye out for the next part.
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