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FIP Everything Burns 01/08/16 Review

FIP Everything Burns 01/08/16 Review
Tampa Bay, FL
Ivy Astoria Event Center

The first reimagined new look Full Impact Pro began with a number one contender “match” that ended rather abruptly and set the tone for the unpredictability of the night.

Get The Contract Fight For All featuring AR Fox, Sami Callihan, Jason Cade, Dave Crist, Darby Allin, Jason Kincaid, Dezmond Xavier, Teddy Stigma, Anthony Henry, Sammy Guevara and Austin Theory

Teddy Stigma came out with a barbed wire board and scared everyone else off before grabbing the contract. He then poured Jack Daniels out for the fans in attendance before going to the back.

Billy Barboza vs. Alex Rudolph
Billy Barboza and his mouthpiece where up next. They called the first match an abomination and declared that Barboza would not wrestle tonight as a form of punishment. Alex Rudolph came out and attacked Barboza, rolling him into the ring and promting D.A. Brewer to ring the bell. Barboza pulled Rudolph’s beard to gain control before laying the boots to his opponent. Barboza missed a coroner avalanche, allowing Rudolph to slam Barboza to the Matt before dropkicking him in the corner. Barboza barely kicked out after a choke slam over the knee, as his manager distracted Rudoph long enough for Barboza to catch the bigger man with a low blow. He climbed the ropes and went for number 42 from his book of great moves, but while extolling the greatness of the move, he allowed Rudolph to recover and catch Barboza with a power slam variation for a pinfall victory.

Winner: Alex Rudolph

An announcement is made that the rest of the night will be no disqualification and no count.

Sammy Guevara & Dezmond Xavier vs. Sami Callihan & Dave Crist
Darby Allin came into the ring before the match could start and asked Xavier is he knew Uncle John. When Xavier said no, Allin asked Callihan and Crist who simultaneously gave Xavier and Guevara big boots. Callihan then got on the mic and said since they know Uncle John, Allin, Crist and Callihan are Uncle John’s Friends.

Jason Cade vs. Jason Kincaid vs. AR Fox
Just as the match was about to begin, Uncle John’s Friends came back out, with Allin on the mic. While Allin was asking Kincaid and Cade about Uncle John, Fox took Cade out with a boot and grabbed the mic, telling everyone that he knows Uncle John.

Aria Blake vs. Priscilla Kelly
Priscilla took Blake out with a boot right off the bat and scored with a backdrop suplex, getting a two count. Kelly continued the assault with a snapmare and a kick to the back, then face. Blake briefly countered, but missed an avalanche and was slammed into the turnbuckles twice before flying through the air with high cross body, but again only getting a two count. Blake gained control and hit a stunner for a two count, but caught a round kick to the face. When Kelly went for a roundhouse kick the head, Blake ducked it and rolled Kelly up with a school girl pin for thethree count. Kelly got on the mic and expressed anger about losing in her debut before saying she too knows Uncle John, as Allin, Callahan, Fox and Crist stormed the ring. Kincaid Guevara, Jason Cade and Xavier all came out for the save before hitting a quartet of tope suicidas and challenging Uncle John’s friends to an 8-man tag match.

Winner: Aria Blake

Austin Theory vs. Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young
Dustin Brown came into the ring and said he hasn’t seen a bigger piece of crap since he visited some elephant facility. Brown then said he wanted to place a bet on Austin Theory. Henry’s girlfriend,Amber Young, accepted. Henry slapped Henry to start things, infuriating his opponent. They trade chops and strikes in the corner, before Theory hit a drop kick and a slingshot stomp to the stomach. Henry was able to escape a suplex and lock in a cobra clutch from the apron over the ropes, but he relinquished and the action spilled to the outside. Henry sat Theory on a chair and hit a running knee before stacking chairs on him and hitting a flying double stomp from the apron. Back inside Theory missed a double stomp and Theory was able to drive Henry into the may with a spinning sitout power mob, but only scored a two count. Theory followed up with a running shooting star press, but again only got a two count. Henry was able to lock in the contra clutch cross face, but Theory forced him to release it by reversing into a pinfall attempt. Theory set Henry up on the top rope and went for a superplex , but was dropped across the top rope, allowing Henry to hit a springboard Spanish Fly, but Theory managed to kick out. Henry locked the cobra clutch crossface on again, but Brown yelling at his girlfriend forced him to release to hold to defends Young, allowing Theory to roll up Henry, using the ropes for leverage. Brown then came into the ring and demanded his money. Young said she didn’t have the money and Brown offered to talk about it backstage about how they could settle the bet. Young got offended and slapped Brown before Henry pulled her out of the ring.

Winner: Austin Theory
Martin Stone (c) vs. Jon Davis — for the FIP Florida Heritage Title
Stone floored Davis after a series of kicks and head it’s, followed a clothesline. Davis was able to recover and connected with a right hand and an elbow. Stone escaped a power slam attempt, but couldn’t dodge a pouncing shoulder tackle. Stone rolled outside and grabbed a microphone, propping that he and Davis wrestle in a traditional wrestling match, not including the insanity that has been seen earlier in the night. The two exchanged waistlocks before Davis simply threw Stone off of him. The two then traded arm bars, before Stone rolled to the outside again. He got on the mic again and harangued Davis for not sticking to wrestling only. Stone got back in and tried to work the arm, but was given a body slam for his efforts.

Davis and Stone traded control, with Davis almost winning the title after a bucklebomb and a spinebuster. Stone then hit a Stone-KO, but he too only scored a two count. Stone went to ringside and grabbed a chain from a purse, wrapping it around his fist. He missed a right hand but choke Davis on he was snapmare to the mat. Stone hit a low blow and then cracked Davis in the jaw with the chain and won the match via knockout as Davis could not answer the ten count.

Winner: Martin Stone

FIP Tag Team Championship Match
The Hooligans w/ Uncle Louie (C) vs. Drennen & Parrow
Parrow blocked the Hooligans from getting to the ring, so they went to the back and grabbed chairs, taking Parrow out. They then double teamed Parrow until Parrow clothes lined both of them to the outside. All four men brawled on the outside, with Mason being tossed in the fans’ chairs, as Deven grabbed a table. The action went past the fans to courtyard, with Parrow missing a charge and eating a building column.Deven and Mason threw dozens of chairs as Drennen before as the Hooligans tried to throw Drennan through a table, Parrow intervened and powerbombed Mason onto Deven, through the propped up table on the outside.

Parrow dominated Mason on the inside as Drennen procured a table and a slew of chairs. Deven was able to lure Parrow to the outside, but Drennen kept him out of the ring and set up Mason the top for superplex, only to be slammed down on the pile of chairs. Parrow came back into the ring, only to have the Hooligans chop the redwood against the ropes, unable to Irish whip him and suffering from a double choke slam. Parrow set up to powerbomb Mason through the table but caught a chair to the back from Deven and then a concierto. The Hooligans cornered Drennen, who begged for mercy, only to try to low blow them. They saw the move coming and then double team slammed him on a chair and double powerbombed Drennen through the table before hitting an assisted jumping tombstone for the win.

Winners: The Hooligans

FIP World Title Championship Match
Fred Yehi (c) vs. Teddy Stigma
Stigma seemed drunk as he came to the ringside. He tried to hit Yehi with a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire, but Yehi ducked it and was able to use his speed to floor the big man with dropkicks and hips patented stomp. The two exchanged chops, with Yehi blocking Stigma’s rights before stomping on Stigma’s knee. Stigma hit a string of moves culminating in a jumping spinning forearm from the second rope, which earned him a very close two count. Yehi fought back with chops but was whipped into the corner, allowing the challenger to kick and punch him as Trevin Adams sold the cold and the lack of rules as hurdles Yehi would need to overcome. Yehi slipped out and hit retreated elbows to the head before eating four boots to the face. Stigma grabbed a velvet bag full of tacks, but Yehi was able to knock the bag from the challenger’s hands. Stigma dropped Yehi across the ropes upside down and hit a cobra clutch neckbreaker, before tossing Yehi to the outside. Yehi escaped the attack and tossed chairs at Stigma before charging Stigma. Yehi was flipped onto the apron and flew off, flooring Stigma.He rolled the larger man into the ring and hit a release German before grabbing the tacks, which were actually bottle caps. After some jockeying, Stigma powerbombed Yehi onto the bottle caps, but Yehi kicked out at the last second. Stigma then grabbed the barbed wire board, but missed and Yehi drove his head into the battle caps, before the locking in the Koji clutch that drove the barbed wire board into Stigma’s face, forcing him to tap.

Winner: Fred Yehi

Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, AR Fox, Darby Allin & Priscella Kelly vs. Desmond Xavier, Sammy Guevara, Jason Cade and Jason Kincaid w/ Aria Blake
The match started with allow 10 people brawling on the outside. Finally Kincaid and started off inside. WIth Xavier and Fpox mixing it up before Allin came in. Guevara took Allin out and Callihan came in, starting a spit war, before Callihan powerbombed him. Cade then knee and then drop kicked Callihan before hitting a fisherman buster. Callihan hit a springboard clothesline before kicking Cade in the face from the apron. Xavier dumped him to the floor and hit a springboard planchette before Crist and Cade did the same. Non-stop action here as Fox then flew over the ropes and took out most of the men in the match. Guevara then hit a shooting star press the same crowd, only to have Crist superplex him while Cade powerbombed Crist to the outside. Kincaid and Allin crawled into a weird opening, with Fox following. Fox then hit a senton from the elevated opening. Kincaid then hit Allin with a Russian leg sweep from the opening onto everyone but Callihan on the outside, Cade rolled Callihan into the ring but missed an avalanche and was hung in the tree of woe.

Guevara went for the save but Callihan hip tossed him into his partner. Callihan
superplexed Guevara while Cade German suplexed Callihan. Fox and Crist hit a double coast to coast on Cade, but Fox only got a two count as Xavier broke it up. Callihan hit three running kicks to the face on Xavier and hit a Tigerbomb, but only got a two count. Callihan transitioned to a stretch muffler and kept it locked until the fourth superkick from Guevara. Guevara then hit a 630, but Allin broke up the pinfall with a senton.

Kelly and Blake came in the ring and took each other out as the men were all knocked out. After they exited the ring, the men all rose up and took each other out at the same time with simultaneous kicks to the face twice., Callihan and Guevara were the first up, trading stuff shots before Callihan and Crist combined for an assisted tombstone. The pin was broken up by almost everyone, but the end came when Fox hit the Foxcatcher on Xavier for the pinfall victory. Allin grabbed the mic and asked about his squad knowing Uncle John, with all of them affirming their acquaintance with Uncle John.

Winners: Uncle John’s Friends

Final Reaction: B/B-

This was certainly different. The hype was all about FIP’s reimagining to not be anything like what fans have seen as of late. The show’s first half really tried to send the message home, a bit too forcefully at times. The formation of “Uncle John’s Friends” wreaked havoc on the matches, ending them in no contests, all to set up the main event of an 8-man tag, pitting the new faction against those who were trounced earlier in the night. Yehi and Stigma’s match and the 8-man tag felt like the best representation of what the new look FIP is going for. The ring announcer repeatedly cursing felt forced. The promotion might not be PC, but that does not have to mean that the staff, referees, announcers, commentators need to follow the edict. The main event really saved the show here and justified some of the earlier zaniness. The goal was to be different and that was achieved. However, it’ll be important and defining to see where FIP goes from here.

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