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Tier-1 Wrestling “One Year Later” Review

Nothing lasts forever in pro wrestling. Be it angles, gimmicks, hot streaks of business, or even wrestlers or promotions, wrestling is a very fleeting business where it’s a matter or swim or sink. In my 8 years of being a wrestling fan, I’ve seen wrestlers come and go, promotions rise and fall, and business go from good to bad.

With that said, I find it an achievement worth of praise if anything in pro wrestling lasts for a year plus. Tier 1 has managed to do that and I’ve been lucky to follow it since day 1. It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally happy to say that I have sat down and watched the first anniversary show from Tier 1 Wrestling, “One Year Later”.


Tier 1 has been an interesting beast to watch develop. It isn’t a “great promotion”, but more so a “good” promotion. One that doesn’t try to have jaw dropping moments every show (outside of their “too much too soon” angles), but it’s a promotion with a clear identity and purpose and a solid roster of great talent. The culmination of which will be tonight’s “One Year Later”. With a big tag team main event on the docket as well as the opening leg of a tag team tournament, it’ll be fun to see how Tier 1 celebrates their first birthday.  


Mario Bokara vs. VSK


Not a great match, but serviceable as an opener. VSK still proves to be a really damn fine heel in the New York area and he should be catching on as a guy to watch. For my first time seeing Mario Bokara, I thought he came off well as a old school type bruiser technician and I’m a sucker for throw backs like that. Ultimately the match is nothing to write home about, but to set up Tier 1’s first birthday, with a showcase of prospective local talent, it’s a good way to kick things up.


VSK over Bokara
Match Rating: **


Tier 1 Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match

The Amazing Graysons (JP Grayson & Tommy Grayson) (w/Allie Recks) vs. The Minute Men (Devin Blaze & Tommy Trainwreck)


There comes a point when you watch wrestling where you have seen a certain amount of matches that you can tell who is seasoned and who is greener than a Christmas Tree. This was that point. The Minute Men were pretty much in control for almost the entire match and for good reason as the Amazing Graysons are obviously rookies to wrestling. Outside of that, the match was painfully average. Nothing really sticks out of my mind something memorable about this match, which is one of the worst things I can honestly say.


Minute Men over Amazing Graysons
Match Rating: *

Six Way Match

CPA vs. Matt Macintosh vs. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein vs. Mike Dell vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Randy Summers


A weird match. It was coherent, easily digestible (outside of a really dumb Macarena spot and I can’t believe I’m typing that in 2017), and it did allow for everyone to shine, but either it was a poorly handled flow or a lack of structure, but the match felt all over the place. CPA was an intriguing gimmick to say the least and was good for some chuckles here and there. Mike Dell was otherwise unmemorable outside of standing on people leading to an elbow. Matt Macintosh was fun in that average Indy worker way, and was enjoyable for as long as he was there. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein feels like a guy who is going to ascend to good things sometime in the future, just by how he carries himself in the ring alone. Pinkie Sanchez was Pinkie Sanchez and I say that with all the love in the world for him. Finally, Randy Summers continues to be enjoyable even outside of teaming with Brandon Watts. Overall, okay.


Randy Summers over All

Match Rating: **¼


SOW Heavyweight Title Match

Mike Orlando (c) vs. Juba


I don’t know how to approach this match. My mind is trying it’s damndest to wrap my head around what I just witnessed. It was short, thankfully, whatever it was, but in my history of watching wrestling, I can only recall a few times I have been as aggravated and bored as I was with this match. And one of those times was with Heroes of Wrestling. Am I saying it’s as bad as that? No. I’m saying the same kind of emotions I had while watching HOW were the same emotions as I had watching Mike Orlando and Juba squander the chance at a nice and simple slugfest and instead give us a painfully boring and monotonous phone-in of a match. There are no more words. Let’s move on.


Mike Orlando over Juba

Match Rating: -*


Tier 1 Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match

The Cutthroat Kings (Conor Claxton & Logan Black) defeat The Viking War Party (Alexandre Rudolph & Jake Parnell)


MUCH BETTER. Outside of the odd bell ringing in the middle which notably broke up the flow (Thank you New York State Athletic Commision) this was a good ol’ brawl with chairs galore and that wild brawling style that I love. I’m also a sucker for pointless yet mindlessly masculine displays like the sitting down and punching each other until you can’t anymore. Not aggressively brutal or anything, but an okay brawl and a good palate cleanser after the last match.


Cutthroat Kings def. Viking War Party
Match Rating: **


JGeorge vs. Curt Stallion

Let me get this out of the way first: I have no problems with animals being used in wrestling so long as they are treated well and are not to be put into harm’s way. While I am sure that JGeorge and Stallion did their best to make sure that the dog used in this match wasn’t hurt, I’d rather not see animals used as foreign objects like this ever again. It was really awkward, scary to see, and ultimately, and most importantly, really really dumb.

With that said, even if the spot had not happened, this still would have been a bad match. Not helped by a dead crowd, Stallion and JGeorge had zero chemistry or sense of where the match was supposed to go, being riddled with pointless sequences without flow. This stings more as I normally do enjoy JGeorge a ton and I’d would have liked a better introduction to Stallion. But as is, this is the definition of a bad indy match, with all the cliches and flaws to be expected from that description.

JGeorge def. Stallion

Match Rating: DUD


Tier 1 Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match
The Closers (Brad Hollister and TK Ryan) vs. Monkey Flip (Space Monkey and Travis Gordon)

Fun, engaging, and well worked, this is the best match on the show so far. The most surprising thing about the match was how well Monkey Flip and the Closers worked with each other despite the drastic differences in styles. For all my complaining on this show of focus laking and clucky chemistry, this has made up for it. Not much else to say except a good tag match that was able to tell a good (if extremely simple) story with good action and good wrestlers. That’s all I can really ask for.

Monkey Flip def. Closers
Match Rating: **¾


FIP Heavyweight Title Three Way Dance

Fred Yehi (c) vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. The Black Baron

This was setting up to be possibly the biggest disappointment on the card, which would have been a great displeasure to see because I enjoy all of these men. Up until the 2nd half of the match, everything felt listless, unengaging, and slightly boring. All three men were doing their best with interesting spots and sequences, but nothing really clicked. Then, out of nowhere, the limb work, which I thought was going to be pointless, came to play in a big way. Suddenly it became a struggle from everyone to get the upper hand despite a wonky knee or a hurting wrist, until ultimately Yehi made Gresham tap to an ankle hold, and for the first time in the match, I was enjoying myself. If you can get past an uninteresting first half, this match is pretty light, but pretty fun towards the end.


Yehi def. Baron and Gresham to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Title
Match Rating: **½


Tier 1 Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match

Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) vs. The New Heavenly Bodies (Dustin Corino & Justin Corino)

There are very few new kind of stories to tell as far as a wrestling matches go. One of the most tried and true is the traditional “Tag Match” story that has the babyface team run wild before the heel team uses underhanded tactics to get the advantage until the face partner tags in and runs wild. It’s cliche, it’s old, but it can be, and is, effective and fun and all dependent on how well you tell the story. And here, I felt the story was told pretty decently. The Heavenly Bodies were serviceable heels and IOU were pretty darn good faces and were able to make something, while not great, was still enjoyable enough. Then again, I am not sure if these teams know how to put on a “bad match” at all. All in all, a fun little match.

Heavenly Bodies def. IOU
Match Rating: **¾


Tag Team Match

Darius Carter & Gran Akuma vs. Matthew Riddle & Rude Boy Riley

I’ve been watching Tier 1 Wrestling for over a year now, and in that time, I’ve seen a lot of these wrestlers grow as wrestlers and as characters. This match felt like the beginning of a new era in the Tier 1 careers of these wrestlers. The ever wily and experienced Gran Akuma is perfect as the Old Guard, definitely not as Spring Fresh as he once was, but ever as dangerous. Matt Riddle was Matt Riddle, and was, honestly, the weakest point in the match without much involvement at all. Darius Carter has continued to be a highlight on every show, being one of the best and smartest heels I have seen on the independent scene now. Finally, we have Rude Boy Riley, a wrestler who has taken the title of “Ace” and ran with it further than I imaged, and someone who over the past year I’ve seen grow leaps and bounds and whose future should be incredibly bright. This match reflected that, being a nice and brisk tag match to set up the 2nd year of Tier 1’s existence, and frankly, I can’t wait to see it.


Akuma and Carter def. Riddle and Riley

Match Rating: ***¼


Final Thoughts:
Talk about a show with two halves. The first half was a hodgepodge of bad matches, odd pairings, and really uninteresting moments. But, as the show progressed, the match quality picked up a notch and while didn’t totally excuse the poor first half, did cleanse the pallet enough to where I can’t call it a bad show. For an anniversary show, it wasn’t the best, but for a Tier 1 show, it was about average, and the 2nd half did save it from being the worst show Tier 1 has done. All in all, there are matches I do recommend, but as a whole, not the best Tier 1 show available (still consider “March to Victory” to hold that distinction.


Final Show Rating: Not Quite Recommendable


If you so choose to watch this show you can via the WWN Live On Demand Service or buy it on DVD from, and remember to follow Tier 1 on twitter @Tier1Wrestling for updates on future shows and announcements of shows and merchandise available for purchase.

You can follow me @RVDinator on Twitter and make sure to follow PWP @PWPonderings on Twitter as well. Have a great day.

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