ROH “Honor Reigns Supreme” Review

ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Review
Gilley’s Dallas
Dallas, Texas

Honor Reigns Supreme is the second event from ROH’s tour of Texas, emanating from Dallas for a show that would close out the weekend.

Dalton Castle vs Donovan Dijak
Before the match got underway, a nice piece of commentary continuity from Ian Riccaboni and Silas Young as they brought up the chair shot he suffered at the hands of Cody the night before, providing a bit of backstory in terms of the struggles he might face during the match. Nice way to prop up Dijak here, for what it’s worth. The two also brought up Castle’s victory the night before and put over his future title shot at Supercard of Honor. Castle offered his normal odd handshake, with Dijak not letting go right away as he usually does. Castle then did his bridging backwards schtick before the two actually locked up. Castle tried to tackle Dijak, but was shoved into the corner. Dijak broke cleanly and the two lock up again, with Castle cinching in a waist lock that Dijak escaped by driving him into the corner. Castle caused Dijak to fall to the floor by hit his peacock pose, only do Dijak to grab him by the throat and slamming him to the floor. Dijak followed with a corkscrew senton and then a splash off the second rope before following Castle to the outside. Dijak blocked a hurricanrana from the apron and hit a big boot but got himself caught across the turnbuckles, taking knees to the head before collapsing to the mat. Dijak recovered and escaped a Bang-A-Rang attempt and tossed Castle around, still smarting but mounting a prolonged offense. However, Dijak eventually fell victim to a Bang-A-Rang, which proved enough to earn Castle the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dalton Castle

The Rebellion (Dirty Andy Dalton & Rhett Titus vs. War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe)
Before the match began, Rhett Titus came out alone and began chastising ROH for not booking Kenny King and Caprice Coleman. As a way to combat ROH’s poor decision making, Titus announced that the night would be “rebellion Recruitment Night” and that he was giving a local wrestler with a lot of talent the chance to shine. After proclaiming his choice to be the real Top Prospect, Titus introduced “Dirty” Andy Dalton. War Machine tossed Dalton and Titus around for most of the match, albeit a brief flurry of offense. Titus hit the Big Dawg splash, but it was not enough to win the match. Titus tried to leave Dalton mid-match, but Rowe brought him back to the ring. eventually Rowe and Hanson hit their finish Fallout for the pinfall victory. Good match for what it was, to give War Machine a win and allow Dalton to show off his skillset. Nothing to write home about, but well executed overall.

Winners: War Machine

The Addiction vs. Adam Cole and Cody
Daniels and Cody started off, but Cody pushed Kazarian, prompting him to tag in. Just as Kazarian was going to lock up Cody asked for a mic and cut a promo on the ring announcer for saying that’s from Atlanta when he grew up in Texas. He then turned on the crowd, saying he lives in West Hollywood, not in Dallas anymore because he wouldn’t live around those sweat hogs. Kaz was sick of listening and laid into Cody with a series of rights before drop kicking Cole and tagging out. Daniels scored a near fall after a neckbreaker combination and went for another quick pin after a snap suplex. Cody rolled out of a high cross body block and applied a figure four, only for Cole to come in and apply the same hold to Kaz. The Addiction both reversed the pressure and left Daniels and Cody in the ring. Cole came in but The Addiction worked him over,tagging in and out quickly. Cole eventually ran around the outside of the ring and Cody tagged in when he slide back into the ring. Kaz weathered a prolonged attack before making the hot tag to Daniels, who hit Angels Wings on Cole. Cody broke up the pin and later broke up The Addiction’s Celebrity Rehab, allowing Cole to superkick Daniels and earn the pinfall victory. After the match Cole cut a promo on Daniels, saying he was in his head, first costing him a match the night before and pinning him in the middle of the ring moments before. Cole ended by reminding Daniels that he does not stand a chance of winning the title.

Cole hit a superkick on Christopher Daniels for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Adam Cole & Cody

Adam Page defeated Jay Lethal
Page attacked Lethal before he either man took the vests off and the action got underway immediately. Lethal drop kicked Page to the outside and hit five consecutive suicide dives on Page before Page tried to prevent the six, getting launched into the barricade nonetheless. Lethal chopped Page in the corner back on the inside, but quickly rolled outside after being whipped into the turnbuckle mouth first. Page tossed into the barricades around the perimeter of the ring before hitting his Shooting Star shoulder block from the apron onto the arena floor. Back inside Page covered Lethal for a two count and then rammed Lethal into the turnbuckle mouth first again, sending him to the outside. Lethal was able to gain control and seemed primed to hit the Lethal Injection, but Cole and Cody came down to ringside. Cole distracted Sinclair while Cody slapped Lethal, allowing Page to hit the Rite of Passage. After the match the three Bullet Club members beat Lethal down until The Addiction came down for the save. Daniels cut a promo calling them out for being cowards and then went on to say threat Lethal is going to spank Cody just they way Dusty used to. He went on to say that if by a mircale Fish doesn’t rip his leg off in Manhattan, Daniels is going to fulfill his destiny and become ROH World champion.

Winner: Adam Page

Will Ferrara vs Show vs Jonathan Gresham vs Jax Dane
Much of the early match was even amongst the three smaller men, until Jax Dane came into the ring. Each time he entered he was in complete control, towering over the other three like a redwood. He seemed like he would win as he synched in a boston crab on Gresham, but was not the legal man, so nothing came of it. Gresham, Show and Ferrara worked together to triple dropkick Dane to the outside before Gresham hit a suicide dive. As Shoe set up for one of his own, Ferrara stopped him and dropped him with a codebreaker for a quick pinfall victory, running off before Dane could give him a piece of his mind.

Winner: Will Ferrara

Bobby Fish vs. Lio Rush
The two adhered to the code of honor before the match began. Fish deftly avoided a Rush leg takedown and challenged him to try and take him down twice more, with Rush finally grabbing the leg the third time. Fish elbowed his way free and bounded off the ropes, flooring Rush with a kick to the chest. The two wrestled to the outside, with Fish missing Rush’s shins with a kicking and falling victim to an Asai moonsault off the bottom rope. Back inside Fish started to target Rush’s left leg, kicking him and driving it into the apron. Fish worked a slow and deliberate pace, locking in and early knee bar that Rush was able to wriggle out of. Fish used Rush’s momentum off the ropes to delivered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a subsequent exploder into the corner led to a near fall. After some back and forth between the two Rush was able to hit a frog splash, but Fish just kicked out. Fish locked in a knee bar again, but Rush was able to escape and pull himself to the top rope, only for Fish to kick his leg out and hit a super falcon arrow for the pinfall victory. These two worked really well together in what was far and away the match of the night.

Winner: Bobby Fish

6 Man Tag Team Championship
The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia vs. Search and Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & Jay White)

Before the match started the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Chris Sabin and the Kingdom went to adhere to the code of honor, only to attack immediately. Sabin and Shelley tossed the Kingdom to the outside and hit kicks from the apron before White took the Kingdom out with a suicide dive. Back inside the teams settled down and went to their corners, with Shelley and Marseglia starting out. Quick tags from Search and Destroy, showing off their triple teams moves. Marseglia was able to tag out to Taven, with O’Ryan running to send Shelley and White to the arena floor. The Kingdom then took their turn at making quick tags and keeping Sabin in their half of the ring. Sabin escaped by hitting a tornado DDT on Taven, kicking off both O’Ryan and Marseglia before tagging out to White. White cleared the ring and hit two suicide dives before going for the Kiwi Crusher on O’Ryan. MCMG joined him and the three almost had O’Ryan pinned until Taven made the save. The Kingdom set up White for Rockstar Supernova, a powerslam/diving senton, frog splash combo, but White got the knees up on Taven just in time. Just as it seemed that Shelley and company had the match won, Taven cracked him across the back with his walking stick, giving Search and Destroy a disqualification victory, but not the championships. MCMG and White work really well together and it seems that anyone MCMG add to their ranks are immediate legitamate contendors for the 6-man titles.

Winners: Search and Destroy

ROH Tag Team Championship
Best ⅔ Falls Match
The Young Bucks vs. The Briscoes
Cody came out to introduce the Young Bucks, but just as he was putting the brothers Jackson over, Jay Lethal attacked him from behind and they brawled into the crowd. After the teams came down to ringside, Matt and Jay started off for their respective teams. Jay backed Matt into the corner and broke cleanly, transitioning into a side headlock and a shoulder block after the second lock up. Jay’s early Jay Driller attempt was reverse and all four men stood face to face before Matt and Jay tagged out. Nick took quick control and tagged Matt in, then the two took to running around the ring and taking both Briscoes brothers out. Mark was able to turn the tables, keeping Matt from tagging out as he and Jay took turns beating Matt down. Matt fought his way to his corner and tagged out, allowing Nick to take both Briscoes out with ease, scoring a couple of near falls on Mark. Matt and Nick set up for a 5 Star Meltzer driver, but Mark tossed Matt outside and floored Nick before tagging out. As the Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device, Nick held Mark up on the rope and Matt tried a victory roll, but Jay was able to transition into a pin of his own and the Briscoes won the first fall.

The second fall was announced to be under Lucha style rules, but Jay grabbed the mic and asked what Lucha rules are. As he did, Mark attacked both Nick and Matt with a steel chair, earning the Young Bucks the disqualification win of the second fall and tying the match up.

The third fall began with Mark lacing into the Bucks with the same chair from before as Jay choked Matt. The Briscoes set up a chair in the corner and as Mark held Nick’s head to the chair, Jay ran across the ring . Jay then set Matt up on a chair and held the chair over his face as Mark drop kicked the chair. All the while, both Young and Riccaboni spoke about how the Briscoes may have made the wrong decision by eschewing their chance to win the second fall. As the action on the outside heated up, the Bucks were able to create space and Nick scaled a poll, moonsault off of it and taking out both Briscoes. The Bucks then hit double powerbombs on the Briscoes and then connected with Rise of the Terminators before continuing the attack on the outside. Matt brought Jay over to the stage and Nick ran from behind the curtain, leaping over the stairs and delivering an Indytaker. However, Adam Page’s interference had knocked Todd Sinclair out, so the Bucks hit superkicks on Mark with the aid of a chair to the face before hitting an Meltzer Driver. Matt covered Mark as Sinclair crawled over and made the three count. These four always put on a great match, but hopefully the Bucks move on to new rivals moving forward. They always managed to do something new and spectacular, but at this point, if the Bucks aren’t going to win the belts, this feud needs to lie low for a bit.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Final Reaction: B+

Top to bottom this was a really solid show. The last three matches were particularly strong. Rush continues to show why he is someone that needs to be locked down with a contract. Fish’s workrate is commensurate with the number one contender and this match did well to make him look strong heading into his match with Cole at Manhattan Mayhem. MCMG has looked strong with anyone they team up with in trios action, but White may be their best partner. As the team of Search and Destroy, they legitimize the 6-man division. The Young Bucks and The Briscoes consistently put on good matches but with decisive victories at Final Battle and this show, it’s time for these two teams to stay away from each other. The match was well done, but the second fall being disregarded was odd, especially since the Briscoes were so dead set on regaining the titles. Nonetheless, this is definitely worth your time as the wrestling, as per usual, was entertaining.

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