NWL KC 03/18/17 Results

NWL KC 03/18/17 Results

The Howletts def The End

Gil Rogers and Ray “Lockdown” Briggs fought to a double countout after Devlin came to ringside and distracted Rogers and Briggs.

Blaine Meeks def The Lakota Warrior Red Cloud to advance to the finals of the NWL KC title tournament following Comic Mischief. Incredible Match. Post match The Howletts came to the ring and beat down both Meeks and Red Cloud. They handcuffed Meeks and put Red Cloud through a table and shaved his beard. Major Baisden came to the ring with a swarm of security and had The Howletts removed from the building.

Jeremy Wyatt def Scott Slade and Thor Theriot in a Three Way Dance with help of Michael Strider interfering and brawling with Thor to the back.

Dak Draper def Niles Plonk to advance to the finals of the NWL KC Title Tournament following the Mile High Doctor Bomb. Another great match. Niles got busted open hard way during the match but seemed to be ok.

NWL STL vs NWL KC Showcase match: The Blood Brothers def The Royal Blood following a Brain Eater/Busaiku Knee strike combo. The I-70 series is now KC 4 STL 2.

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