Honoring Tag Team Tradition in The Carolina’s

For decades wrestling in the Carolina’s has been synonymous with bringing some of the top stars to the business we’ve all enjoyed. The days of the Crockett family owning and running Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was built on the backs of tremendous singles talents. Even so, for many it was the tag-teams that grew their interest in the product. Whether it be the consummate babyface team of Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood, The Anderson’s (Gene and Ole), or even those who go further back with George Becker and Johnny Weaver…one thing was for sure tag team wrestling mattered. If there was a mecca for pro wrestling in the South in the 70’s and 80’s it would certainly be the Carolina’s and it’s shining town was Greensboro. The Crockett promoted event that would launch what most consider the supercard pay-per view era of the 1980’s, “The Final Conflict” featured two of the top teams of the day as the headliner. Battling for the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship would be Youngblood/Steamboat vs Sargent Slaughter and local Carolina standout Don Kernodle. This bloody battle had a turn away crowd and set the precedent that the Mid-Atlantic was a tag team territory that couldn’t be matched.

Honoring the tradition of this eventful moment in the wrestling annals CWF Mid-Atlantic will hold its first ever Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Cup. The event named after the aforementioned Don is also honoring his younger brother Rocky who was a mainstay in the Mid-Atlantic territory. The Kernodle’s are homegrown talents who traveled the world, but still remained rooted in their hometown of Burlington, NC, which is just a short drive from Greensboro. Sixteen teams will be vying for the honor of being named the first annual winner of this event and many of southern wrestling’s top independent teams will be there. CWF Mid-Atlantic on the whole has been gaining critical success with its weekly YouTube show CWF WorldWide and this event will be recorded for future airing online. The Kernodle Brother’s over the years have made appearances for CWF in the past and no doubt will be greatly honored this weekend.

Teams that immediately come to mind as top contenders are: CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions The Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary). The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude), and perhaps the team that is creating the most buzz with their promo on this past weeks CWF WorldWide, The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful). Aside from the tag tournament Saturday night will feature a match pitting CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion Trevor Lee defending his title for the first time against Chip Day. Day is considered by many in the South as the one top talent that Lee has yet to face.

This event much like CWF’s annual Johnny Weaver Cup I hope will become a mainstay and from the early buzz online there is no reason to think otherwise. From those who I have chatted with and by the count of CWF officials, fans from as many as 12 states will be making the trek to Gibsonville, NC. Not only will are they being drawn by the tournament, CWF officials for the first time are hosting an afternoon FanFest. This interactive festival will feature its own special wrestling card, games, contests, and merchandise giveaways. The CWF FanFest will be free to anyone who has purchased tickets to either nights main card. All information on this event can be found at cwf247.com or follow CWF on Facebook and Twitter @cwfmidatlantic.


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