GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 03/30/17 Results

Game Changer Wrestling presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break
March 30th 2017
From Fern Rock, Florida

Credit: PWP columnist Zack Monday

1) Sami Callihan def Kyle The Beast after snapping off a Liger Bomb for a 2 count and immediately transitioning into a Stretch Muffler for the Tap Out!
– Sami put KTB over huge!

2) Intergender Tag match: Andy Williams (Every Time I Die) & Penelope Ford def Braxton Sutter & Allie vs Andy Williams (Every Time I Die) & Penelope Ford after Andy planted Sutter with a Chokeslam and then aided Allie on a Moonsault onto Sutter

3) GCW Heavyweight Championship Anything Goes match: Matt Tremont(c) def Eddie Kingston after ducking The Backfist to the Future and using a Death Valley Driver to crash Eddie through a thick board in the corner
– Tremont bled a bunch from his head.

4) Janela’s Clusterfuck: Jimmy Lloyd eliminated Ethan Page after Blaster took out Flex & Ego, after Jimmy escaped their grasps, with a No Hands Somersault Tope and Jimmy rolled Page into the ring for an Axe Bomber and the 3 count!

Order of Entrants: 1) Flip Gordon, 2) Facade, 3) Jon Silver, 4) Veda Scott, 5) Bryan Idol, 6) Crazy Boy, 7) Jervis Cottonbelly, 8) The Invincible Man, 9) Jimmy Lloyd, 10) Arik Cannon, 11) Glacier, 12) Dink, 13) Ethan Page

Order of Eliminations: 1) Lloyd eliminated Gordon with The Here It Is Driver, 2) Cannon eliminated Silver with a Stunner, 3) Glacier eliminated Crazy Boy with a Big Boot, 4) Dink bit Veda’s butt and left the match, 5) Page eliminated Veda with a Rock Bottom, 6) Page eliminated The Invincible Man with a Rock Bottom, 7) Facade eliminated Jervis with a BOTCHED DESTROYER, 8) Cannon eliminated Facade with Total Anarchy, 9) Cannon eliminated Idol with a Snap Brainbuster, 10) Glacier eliminated Cannon with a Side Kick, 11) Page eliminated Glacier after an epic Mortal Kombast esque square off and a distracted School Boy.

5) Lio Rush def Keith Lee after countering out of a Super Spirit Bomb into a LARGE Frankensteiner, followed by 3 consecutive Frog Splashes

6) Joey Janela def Marty Janetty after an exchange leads to Joey hitting a Superkick and covering for the 3.
– Janela took out 4 referees, until Earl Hebner comes out and gets the best of Joey, until he is absolutely taken out. A silver masked, NWO black shirt wearing man hits the ring to attack Joey, until Marty pulled him off and yanked off the mask to reveal VIRGIL!! They shake hands, Joey takes out Virgil!
– Janela promo, thanking fans, putting himself over as Marty fumbles with chairs. Marty’s cuts an intoxicated promo as Exaclibur chuckles from commentary.

7) Matt Riddle def Dan “The Beast” Severn after escaping The Dragon Sleeper and working his way into The BroMission
Severn gets on the mic “I heard you’re going to kick my ass…. well….. here I am.”

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