AIW 04/08/17 House of the Rising Sun Results

AIW 04/08/17 House of the Rising Sun Results
Credit: Wrestling Cheers

Ryan Kaplan def Tre Lamar with a slit legged moonsault

Colby Redd def Derek Direction with a bicycle knee strike

The Duke def Kurt Hurtz with a the Duke driver

Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly def Dan Crockingham & Brian Carson after a pop up knee strike

A1 Wrestling Alpha Male Championship
Kobe Durst def Shane Sabre after a piledriver to retain

Garrison King def Frankie Flynn, Johnathan Wolf, Malcolm Monroe III with a Canadian destroyer backbreaker

PB Smooth def Matthew Justice with a Call the Coroner

WeirdWorld (Alex Kellar & Evan Adams) def Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia with a gutbuster ddt combo

Dominic Garrini def Jimmy Rave with a triangle choke

AIW Intense Title
Alex Daniels w Gregory Iron def Space Monkey to retain with brainbuster into the buckles

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