NOVA Pro Wrestling 4/14/2017 Commonwealth Cup Results

Fairfax, VA – 4.14.2017

Commentary: Kevin Ford and Brad Stutts.

1. Opening Round Match: Logan Easton Laroux pinned David Starr in 7:16 with an Ace Crusher.

2. Opening Round Match: John Kermon made “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams pass out in a triangle choke in 13:40.

3. Opening Round Match: Chet Sterling pinned Alex Daniels with the High Fly Flow in 7:06.

4. Opening Round Match: Arik Royal pinned Tripp Cassidy with a football tackle in 4:34.

5. Opening Round Match: Bobby Shields pinned Jonathan Gresham with the Body Bomb (Gory Bomb) in 8:28.

6. Opening Round Match: Tim Donst catches Donovan Dijak in a crucifix pin after Dijak attempted a springboard elbow drop in 13:46. After the match, Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes on Donst.

7. Semi-Final Round Elimination Match: Logan Easton Laroux defeated Chet Sterling and John Kermon in 8:37.
– Kermon was eliminated by Sterling when Sterling powerbombed Kermon out of a triangle choke position.
– Sterling was eliminated by Laroux with an Ace Crusher right after at 8:37.

8. Semi-Final Round Elimination Match: Arik Royal defeated Bobby Shields and Tim Donst in 7:28
– Donst was eliminated by Shields when Shields pinned Donst in a folding press and put his feet on the ropes.
– Shields was eliminated by Royal with a football tackle.

9. Brittany Blake pinned Faye Jackson in 5:16 with a double stomp off the top rope to the back.

10. The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful), Alexander James, Money Greene & Ethan Alexander Sharpe defeated Cutie & The Beast (Innocent Isaiah & Beau Crockett), Mecha Mercenary, Rayo & Slade Porter when Iggy rolled up Crockett and held his tights at 14:47.

11. Final Round Match: Logan Easton Laroux won the tournament, pinning Arik Royal with an Ace Crusher in 6:25, ending Royal’s undefeated steak.

NOVA Pro Wrestling returns to the Jewish Community Center of Fairfax on Friday, May 19th. Already announced is Jonathan Gresham vs. Fred Yehi for the first time ANYWHERE!

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