Tier 1 Wrestling & Battle Club Pro 04/22/17 The One Who Knocks Results

Tier 1 Wrestling/Battle Club Pro Presents: The One Who Knocks 2017.04.22
La Boom Nightclub
Queens, NY
Credit: Shin-Blade

1- Tier 1 Wrestling Tag Team Championship
The Cutthroat Kings (Logan Black & Conor Claxton) (c) def The Fella Twins (Rick Cataldo & Eddy McQueen)

2- Myron Reed def Archadia

3- The Carnies def PB Smooth & Gatekeeper B via submission

4- Anthony Bowens def Fred Yehi

5- PROGRESS Wrestling Atlas Championship
Matthew Riddle (c) def “Man of Steel” Mike Verna via TKO

6- Team Battle Club Pro (Brute VanSlyke, Jordynne Grace, Craven Varro & “Hybrid” Sean Carr) def Team Tier 1 Wrestling (“Green Machine “Mike Orlando,” Bad Boy” Joey Janela Curt Stallion & Anthony Bennett) in an Elimination Match
Brute VanSlyke pinned Curt Stallion, becoming the sole survivor

7- “Bad Apple” Matt McIntosh def “All Ego” Ethan Page

8- “Limitless” Keith Lee def “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

9- Brass Ring Invitational for the Tier 1 Wrestling Championship
Darius Carter (c) def Darby Allin

After the match, Keith Lee powerbombed Carter to claim his stake in the Tier 1 Wrestling Championship Match the next day in Brooklyn, NY.

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