Limitless Wrestling 05/13/17 Problematic Results:

Limitless Wrestling 05/13/17 Problematic Results:

1. Brian Cage def. Flip Gordon
2. Jeremy Leary & Skylar def. Cam Zagami & Tyler Nitro
3. JT Dunn def. Jonathan Gresham
4. Troy Nelson def. Colt Cabana
5. Anthony Greene def. Paul London
6. Maine State Posse def. The Batiri
7. Le Tabarnak De Team & Buxx Belmar def. Xavier Bell, Mike Graca, & Brian Milonas
8. Mr. Grim def. Alex Chamberlain
9. Ace Romero def. AR Fox in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match

Limitless Wrestling returns to Westbrook on 7/21 featuring Super Crazy, plus AR Fox & Rey Fenix vs. Ace Romero & Anthony Greene

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