ROH “Unauthorized” Review

ROH “Unauthorized” Review
Turner Hall Ballroom
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)
Kingdom attacked MCMG  right away, brawled into the crowd, Taven and Marseglia took shots before being beaten back to the ring. Taven hit a tope suicida before the matched settled down into a proper tag in the ring. Crowd started chanting more for shots and Taven responded that they already had, nice fan interaction as this crowd was really into this opening match. Shelley was worked over until he briefly broke up the attack with what Caban dubbed on Iron claw on Marseglia’s nether region. Little bit of a different style to this tag as SHelley took the Kingdom out before making the not so hot tag to Sabin, who had been nursing being knocked off the paron. Sabin quickly took on both Taven and Marseglia who easily exceeded the five count multiple times without repercussion. After avoiding Taven’s attempt at a cane shot, MCMG hit their Skull and Bones finisher before winning the match via pinfall.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Silas took out shot glasses and asked BCB to share with the crowd but Bruiser pointed out they only have enough for themselves. I hope this keeps up for the whole show. Silas as the announcer has been entertaining and seems appropriate for the night.

Four Corners Match
Beer City Bruiser vs Shane Taylor vs.Cheeseburger vs. Punishment Martinez
Cheeseburger attacked Martinez before he could make it to the ring and the match started immediately, with all four men brawling on the outside. Back inside, Taylor had Bruiser in the corner and Burger ran over trying to complete a Tower of Doom. BCB shoved Taylor and Burger thought he had powerbombed Taylor alone, pretty funny moment. The three larger men traded chops and wobbled each other, allowing Burger to jump in and try to take advantage, but to no avail. BCB snuck behind Burger and used a beer mist to score the win via pinfall in his hometown. On paper this match seemed like it was together for just the spectacle, but Taylor, Martinez and BCB did a good job to make this a serious hard-hitting brawl, while Cheeseburger’s spots were fun and executed well. Cabana serving as a voice of disbelief for Burger’s success was a very effective way to allow the Burger spots to go down-putting the spots over with his derision.

Winner: Beer City Bruiser

Adam Cole vs. Jay White
Still feels weird to see Adam Cole this early on a card. Young Bucks joined commentary for the match and had some really funny moments during the match. The match was a pretty even contest, that saw Cole unable to get the three count, despite shining wizards and superkicks. Just as Jay White was making a comeback, Hangman Page ran down to the ring and distracted White. Cole was then able to hit the Last Shot for the win. Cole really put WHite over during the match, but the inference did not feel necessary. Cole is the only three time ROH World champion-defeating White cleanly, whether or not he’s leaving the company, would have been perfectly acceptable.

Winner: Adam Cole

Hangman Page vs. The Romantic Touch
As Page and Cole beat Jay White down, Romantic Touch came out and challenged Page to a match. On an important side note, Cole stayed at ringside, as did White, who was recuperating from his injuries. Page immediately attacked Touch, who was able to recover and plant a kiss on Adam Cole. White suddenly woke up from his Last Shot treatment and chased Cole to the back, even the playing field for Romantic Touch. Despite the opportunity, Touch fell victim to the Rite of Passage, allowing Page to win via pinfall. After the match, the Hangman earned his moniker, as he used the noose to hang Romantic Touch until the officials/referees rescued Touch before any real damage, like death, occurred.

Milwaukee Street Fight
ROH Six-Man Tag Champions The Briscoes and Bully Ray vs. Dalton Castle and War Machine
War Machine came down the ring dressed as Boy Machine alongside Castle and Bully Ray could not help but address the attire. Before he could, Castle made him talk to the hand before declaring that Hanson and Rowe looked fantastic. Bully Ray grabbed the mic back and then challenge Castle and Boy Machine to a street fight, to which his opponents obliged. All six men brawled on the outside until a dance off broke out between Castle and Bully Ray, as the two traded peacock poses to the delight of the crowd before the match settled into a more traditional tag match. Not sure why anyone would need to tag in and out for a street fight on a show with relaxed rules, but those seemed to be the reality of the rules for this one. Some fun back and forth action during this one ended after Bully Ray powerbombed Rowe through a table before hitting Castle with a 3D for the pinfall victory. This was very much a house show match, with spots and interactions that really riled up the crowd. After the match, Ray put everyone over. Hanson reminded him about the code of honor and all six men shook hands before leaving the ring.

Winners: Bully Ray & The Briscoes

Jarrod Jackson vs. Will Ferrara
Beer City Bruiser came out and announced that he would be taking over the ring announcer duties from Silas Young for the second half of the show. Jackson is a local competitor came out with a dancing gimmick that was a bit overused as he continually performed this the entire time. The match itself was pretty short, with Ferrara firmly in control for the majority of the match. The story being told here was that Ferrara has shown more of an edge during as of late.

Winner: Will Ferrara

ROH World Television Champion Marty Scrull vs Delirious
Mark Briscoe joined commentary for this match. The bout started off at a quick pace as Delirious went right after Scurll and the two jostled around, exchanging quick reversals before Scurll slow things down with a kick to the gut and flapped his wings in celebration. One of the best lines of commentary from Mark “ I don’t know if he is portraying a raven or a poultry bird.” Granted, the whole Mark Briscoe being  upset with Scurll due to moniker infringement was a bit silly, but it made the match more entertaining overall on my end at least. Delirious is a sound wrestler, but it was obvious from the moment the match was announced that Scurll would win this one, so a little detour from commentary was welcomed here. The match ended after Marty snapped Delirious’ toes and locked on a chicken wing for the submission victory.

Winner: Marty Scurll

ROH World Tag Team Champions
The Young Bucks (c) vs Legion of Boom (a/k/a Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)
With Daniels and Kazarian hit with “food poisoning”, the Bucks laid out an open challenge which was answer by the Ring Warriors, Kazanimal and Falcon, who said that they were looking for the AWA tag team titles to be around their waists sooner rather than later. Daniels and Kaz went through the whole Legion of Boom gimmick, with Daniels mimicking Hawk exceptionally well. The LOB started off showing off their power and dominated at the onset until the Bucks finally gained the advantage and let the superkick party begin. Despite the ridiculous premise of the match, this was a very entertaining affair wrestling-wise. The Addiction and The Bucks are no strangers to each other and the match not being for the belts made the closing stretch that much more exciting. Both teams interrupted pinfalls attempts by pulling firs Turner and later Sinclair out of the ring. Despite Doomsday devices and an almost successful Best Meltzer Ever, Daniels and Kaz come up on the losing end after a 5 Star Meltzer Driver. Easily the match of the night and for a house show type event, this was nearly perfect in terms of wrestling and entertainment.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Silas Young vs Jay Lethal
The crowd was split down the middle, actually most likely closer to being 60 percent behind Young here, the hometown guy. The two started off by adhering to the code of honor as Silas reminded Lethal that it is his hometown. After they locked up they had some great exchanges that started to tell the story that these two are well acquainted with each other’s styles. Despite the loosening of the rules during the whole event, the two really stayed within the rules the entire time, spilling to the outside for a bit as the crowd really got riled up and behind Young during this one. Lethal seems to bring out the very best in Silas Young and this is the best match the two have had. The history of almost mutual respect between the two felt real as the match wore on and the ending of the match as the two traded attempts at their finishers was really well executed. Young came out on top here, despite Lethal heading into a title shot at the PPV, but it was the right move with Young garner so much support in his hometown. Lethal still looked strong coming out the match because it was a great contest.

Winner: Silas Young

Final Reaction: C+
I was going into this show with some lowered expectations and overall, it really surprised me. Having Young and BCB host was a great idea, relaxed rules were perfect for a house show type event/ Daniels and Kaz coming out as the Ring Warriors/Legion of Boom was a hoot here and seemed to go over very well with the crowd. The Main event was more serious and Young put more into this performance than any other I have seen before. He work exceptionally well with Lethal and this was the best match the two have had. However, Romantic Touch being involved brought the show down a bit here- it just doesn’t feel needed at all and they would be better served having someone else come out there-perhaps Rhett Titus. Seeing as how titles weren’t defend and this was more a fun show, the price point could have been a bit lower on this show as a way to draw more people to buy a card that at the end of the day was inconsequential to the product as a whole.

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