NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Results and Reaction May 21 And 22

Hello friends. The tournament is heating up and these two days will help separate people from the pack as well as help get a few people on the board. Let’s not waste anymore time.

The May 21 show comes to us from the Kira Messe Numazu Hall in Kira.

Taka Michinoku vs. Will Ospreay
: Will Ospreay at 8:46. Ospreay wins it with the OsCutter.

Marty Scurll vs. Jushin Thunder Liger
: Marty Scurll at 12:16. Liger submits to the chicken wing. Between Liger and Tenzan, who had his last G1 last year, it seems like NJPW is more concerned with having the veterans putting over the young guys rather then going for the, “One last run” story. Hard to argue either one is wrong but I’d probably prefer going the storytelling route.

Taichi vs. Dragon Lee
: Taichi at 9:04
Taichi hits the Last Ride powerbomb in a match with plenty of interference from Desperado. After the match Taichi took Dragon Lee’s match. Well what can you say, the math has to add up and sometimes guys just have to lose in these things.

Ricochet vs. Hiromu Takahashi
: Ricochet at 12:15. Ricochet wins with the King’s Landing. Should be a future title match in his future.

Onto the May 22 show from the famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

Volador Jr. vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
: Kanemaru at 9:41. Kanemaru hits the Deep Impact after he hits Volador with a bottle of alcohol. Pretty sure that’s how Juvi won the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship.

Tiger Mask vs. ACH
: Tiger Mask at 11:40. Tiger Mask ducked a lariat and countered with a crucifix pin for the win.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. El Desperado
: El Desperado at 12:38. Desperado, “accidentally” pokes the ref in the eye and removes his mask and tosses it to Taguchi. The ref turns around to see Desperado hiding his face with Taguchi holding the mask. The ref questions Taguchi about this very dishonorable action. In the meantime, Taka slides Desperado another mask. Desperado sporting a new mask, shoves the ref out of the way and hits Taguchi with a low blow followed by the Pinche Loco for the win. I’ve seen a lot of heels cheat to win, that may be the most clever method of cheating I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of watching wrestling.

Kushida vs. Bushi
: Kushida at 15:51. Bushi managed to partially escape the Hoverboard Lock but Kushida transitions to a brainbuster with an immediate roll up for the win. A very good match. Unfortunately, Bushi hasn’t won a match since I changed my twitter profile to the photo of he and I. Maybe I cursed him?

Let’s take a look at the standings and see what we’re dealing with.

Block A Standings
Dragon Lee -4
Marty Scurll – 4
Ricochet – 4
Taichi – 4
Will Ospreay – 4
Taka Michinoku – 2
Hiromu Takahashi – 2
Jushin Thunder Liger – 0

Quite a log jam at the top. Takahashi with 2 is a bit surprising but probably wont last, probably just building up future contenders for him. Like I said, I would have enjoyed the story of Liger going for one last BOSJ win but probably won’t happen.

Block B Standings
El Desperado – 6
Ryusuke Taguchi – 4
Tiger Mask – 4
Yoshinobu Kanemaru – 4
ACH – 2
Volador Jr. – 2
Kushida – 2
Bushi – 0

This tournament is making me a pretty big Desperado fan, this guy is great. A bit surprised ACH, Volador, and Kushida only sitting there with 2 points but sill plenty of time. Also, poor Bushi.

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