ROH 05/27/2017 TV Review

ROH 05/27/2017 TV Review
Philadelphia, PA
2300 Arena

The show this week opened with a video recap of Omega’s firing of Adam Cole from the Bullet Club and the addition of Marty Scurll to the group.

The episode was the first taped in Philadelphia after the War of the Worlds PPV. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcome us to the show as The Young Bucks and Adam Page made their way to the ring.Mat Jackson recapped the recent events and introduced Marty Scurll to the crowd. Scurll spoke about shocking the world and causing a spot of bother in NYC. Nevertheless, he invited everyone in attendance to a Tea Party with Marty, which prompted Adam Cole to make his way out onto the ramp, looking visibly miffed. Cole retorted by calling for Story Time with Adam Cole, which he claimed is far better than a tea party. Cole then ran down why he is the best wrestler in ROH. Adam Page got on the mic and told Cole that he planned on running him out of ROH and Cole accepted a match against Page. Riccaboni did a great job here talking around the match occurring on this episode, implying that it would take place down the road.  Solid opening segment and surprising to see Cole with ROH after the Bullet Club ouster, so this was an engaging opener that did well to recap the new developments and set up at least one future match.

First Match: Josh Woods vs. David Starr
A video of recap of Starr attacking Woods after the Finals of the Top Prospect Tournament aired before the match. Starr knocked Woods to the outside at the onset, but was hit with a knee as he attempted a tope, which allowed Woods to hit a fallaway slam on the outside. Starr was able to recover on the apron and hit a apron DDT to briefly regain control. Woods flirted with victory with a number of submissions that Starr was able to fend off, but in the end Woods locked in the Dienda bar, a kneebar submission and won via tap out. Good chemistry between the two here. Aside from a bit of a hiccup on the tope spot, Starr had the crowd into this one, as he is a hometown favorite, while the story of Woods applying submissions out of nowhere is a continued focus during his matches and suits him well.

Winner: Josh Woods

A short Punishment Martinez vignette aired next, emblazoned with the words “continue to be punished” and ended with a fierce growl. Cabana sold this hilariously afterwards, seemingly very disturbed.

Second Match: The Beer City Bruiser vs. Jay Lethal
Recap of Silas attacking Jay Lethal backstage. Young got on the mic and began to run down Jay Lethal, saying that he doesn’t understand why Jay Lethal thinks that he is better than the Last Real Man. He went on to explain that his attack on Lethal was done to stop Lethal from running his mouth. Unable to listen to any more, Lethal made his way to the ring because Young said his name three times, as Lethal has Beetlejuice problems, as Riccaboni informed us. Lethal called for an immediate match up, but Young declined, informing BCB would be wrestling Lethal.

Bruiser started off by blindsiding Lethal as Young joined the commentary team for the match. Riccaboni commented that the commentary booth smelled like beer and cigar, which Young dubbed the Must of Milwaukee. BCB hit Lethal with his ham hocks, which Colt complimented Ian for. The action spilled to the outside and Lethal turned around, starting to brawl with Silas Young at the commentary booth earning Bruiser a disqualification. As BCB and Young beat Lethal down, Bobby Fish ran out with a chair and chased them off, forming what seems to be an unlikely alliance with Lethal. This match worked really well and never felt overbooked. Young declining to wrestle Lethal on the spot was a classic heel move, no matter how much of a Real Man he is. The DQ ending worked as well too, as Lethal goading Young into the brawl made sense, as Young would not back down from the fight, even if it cost his friend the match.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Main Event: Cody vs. Frankie Kazarian
Cody grabbed a mic and started talking about how the fans were disappointed that Cody didn’t walk out as champion. He went on to recap how Christopher Daniels showed himself to be the smartest man in the room by making the issues between Lethal and Cody worse, sneaking out as champion. Cody feels that the real reason he lost was due to the ROH Board of directors not wanting a free agent to have their title. Cody then called Colt Cabana to the stand, asking him to repeat what he said during the PPV, namely that Lethal’s shoulders were flat on the matt. Cabana shared that he appreciated Cody admiring his commentary as Kazarian made his way to the ring.

Kazarian started off hot with a springboard hurricanrana to the outside before tossing Cody onto the timekeeper’s table and following up with a slingshot leg drop from the apron to the inside, but was only able to score a two count. Cody went for an early Cross Rhodes but Kaz reversed it as they went into the break. Upon the return from commercial, Cody smashed a fan’s beer on Kazarian’s head before tossing him into the ring. Cody picked up the victory after Page came out and distracted Kazarian, allowing Cody to hit the Cross Rhodes. After the match Page helped beat down Kaz, but just as Cody was about to hit Angels Wings Christopher Daniels came down and made the save as the show went off the air.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Final Reaction: A-
After last week’s departure from continuity with the NJPW/ROH’s February Honor Rising event, this week was a welcome return to current action. Every segment on the show worked towards building logical stories moving forward. Cody’s speech about being robbed of the championship worked extremely well and the closing of the main event played into Cody’s shot at the title against Daniels at Best in the World.. The issues with Young/Lethal/Fish have been brewing for months and is a strong program to over Lethal out of the title picture for now, while keeping Young elevated for a shot down the road. As usual, commentary really adds to the product here and each match felt important.

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