ROH 06/03/17 TV Review

ROH 06/03/17 TV Review
Philadelphia, PA
2300 Arena

The show this week opened with a video recap of Omega’s firing of Adam Cole from the Bullet Club and the addition of Marty Scurll to the group.

The episode was the second taped in Philadelphia after the War of the Worlds PPV.

First Match: Will Ferrara & Cheeseburger vs. War Machine (Hanson & Rowe)
Fun start as Burger psyches himself up to hit Rowe with a forearm that does nothing but hurt his own arm and he immediately tagged out. Same spot with Ferrara before he and Burger try their hand at a double team, only to have Rowe headbutt their forearms.This was the decimation that it should have been. Despite being tossed around and crushed, Cheeseburger kicked out of a powerbomb, but not of the pop up powerslam. After the pinfall victory, Rowe grabbed the mic and acknowledged that the first time he teamed with Hanson was in Philly and that they became the tag champions in the very same build as well. He continued by saying despite having the IWGP tag titles, the Young Bucks better kiss their, titles, kids, and Youtube show because the Bucks are next on War Machine’s list.

Winners: War Machine

Recap of the WOW PPV results, Cody promo from last week that claimed that the ROH Board of Directors is afraid of him winning the title. Afterwards, Cabana and Riccaboni informed everyone that Cody has a one on one title shot at Best in the World. Christopher Daniels cut a short promo about ending the nightmare on June 23rd.

Second Match: Los Ingobernables de Japon (Naito, Bushi, Sanada & Evil) vs. Dalton Castle, Bully Ray & The Briscoes)
Aside from seeing the NJPW talent, I was not particularly going into the contest, but the match was used very well to build a storyline with Jay Briscoe, bringing out his mean streak as he is apparently now going to be hunting down the Boys and most likely working a program with Castle, because no one messes with his boys. The end came when Bushi was going to spray mist at Dalton Castle, but the Boys pushed Castle out of the way, so Jay Briscoe was on the receiving end. Naito took advantage and rolled up Jay for the pinfall win. Afterwards, Jay Briscoe was clearly unhappy with Castle and he chased off both Castle and the Boys, uncontrollably incensed.

Winners: LIJ

Hangman Page cut a short promo promising to kick Cole out of ROH, just like Omega kicked him out of  Bullet Club.

A Punishment Martinez creepy vignette also aired, reminding us that we should be prepared to be punished.

Roppongi Vice had a message for the Young Bucks. Short video aired during which Barreta and Romero complained the the Bullet Club, specifically Page and The Bucks have been attacking RPH backstage during the War of the Worlds tour and that RPG challenge Bullet Club to a handicapped match. Trent corrects his partner and says that it will be a six man tag, as he has a friend. A door opened and the Bucks superkick Beretta and Romero, before Page puts the boots to RPG before he and his compatriots sauntered off.

Main Event: Adam Cole vs. Adam Page
There was a real feeling on intensity between the two spitting back and forth. As Page did with Kazarian at the War of the Worlds PPV, he and Cole disrespected each other by spitting at each other. Cabana even said “Don’t get into a spitting match with Adam Page”, which seems to accurate, but it is a spot that I don’t particularly enjoy seeing often.Cole hit an incredible Canadian Destroyer on the outside, but Page was actually able to survive that somehow, connecting with two Rites of Passage before winning via pinfall. Afterwards, Page started to attack Cole, but Kazarian came out and chased him off to end the show. Of all of Cole’s matches lately, this one with Page ranks up there as one of the better ones

Winner: Hangman Page

Final Reaction: B+
For the second week in a row, ROH came back with a strong episode that planted seeds for Best in the World and beyond. Cole’s match with Page felt intense, War Machine dominated and called the Bucks out and even what seemed to be a standard 8-man tag developed a new program for Jay Lethal. From start to finish the show was focused and dedicated to making things very interesting from a fan perspective.

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