CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. 108 Review: Double or Nothing

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We kick things off with a match-up between Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Dirty Daddy. Despite the fact that these two are primarily used as comedy characters, these two bring some fire to the table. This isn’t a wrestling contest, but a straight up brawl. Sharpe and DD fight like they’ve got something to prove and not only does it work, its refreshing to see. It proves that when they’re not in comedy roles, the two can one day be taken seriously as believable title contenders. The finish of the match sees Dirty Daddy mount a furious comeback. Unfortunately for DD, he lets his fury get the better of him. While punching Sharpe in the corner for too long, Sharpe sees the opportunity to hit a sit-out powerbomb on DD. With a roll-up of the tights, Sharpe gets the victory at 6:51. 

Up next, two former students of Cedric Alexander, KL3 and “The Filmmaker” Movie Myk go one on one and it’s not quite a great one. The only highlight that was memorable for me was seeing Myk randomly put on a Batman mask and then proceed to wrestle in it for the remainder of the match. Though, giving credit where credit is due, KL3 hits a hard as hell Superman Elbow-Punch. After that elbow, Myk ducks a Bicycle Kick and responds immediately with an STO for the win at 4:04. Again, nothing to write home about. Myk’s been in better matches and KL3 didn’t impress me too much. Still, hoping they manage to grow from here.

That gets followed up by a fiery backstage promo from The Dawsons straight off of beating Sandwich Squad for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles last week. They brag about upsetting the former champs when they were just weeks away from becoming the longest reigning tag champs in CWF history. They brag about taking their titles and their pride to boot. Good promo. Can’t wait to see how their run with the belts turn out.

Afterwards, we get a non-title match between Rising Generation League Champ, Cain Justice, and Ric Converse. This match proved to be an entertaining contrast in styles between the young upstart champion and the veteran Converse. The former 6-time Mid-Atlantic Champ had the strength advantage, but Justice used technical offense to chop his legs down like a tree any chance he got. Justice wrestled like a smart heel and the towering inferno that is Ric Converse made for a believable babyface in peril.

Things took a turning point in the end when we saw an impressive sequence of reversals until Cain Justice decides he’s had enough. He decides to walk out on the match, but not before pushing commentator Cecil Scott. Furious, Scott grabs Justice by the head and throws him back in the ring. This allowed Converse to hit the Ric-Ter Scale for the win at 10:32. Good match.

In his hometown no less, Chapel Hill’s own Snooty Fox takes on Roy Wilkins in the main event. To add some stakes to the match, $2,000 is  put on the line. Much like in our last contest, it’s Fox’s strength vs Wilkins’ technical offense. The difference being that Wilkins also has assistance from his managers, Coach Gemini and Jarry Caray. They help get Wilkins some mega-heat whenever they interfere. Crowd-wise, this is the ideal babyface vs heel match-up. A unanimously adored babyface in his hometown vs a venemously hated heel with dirty managers. It made for a great dynamic that added to their already excellent chemistry.

The finish sees Snooty Fox go for his Spear, but Coach Gemini sweeps his legs from the outside, allowing Wilkins to hit his signature Shining Wizard. Even though Fox’s feet were under the rope (with Coach and Jarry holding him down), Wilkins picks up the victory. That is until Dirty Daddy comes out to tell the ref what went down. The match is restarted and Snooty Fox tees off on Wilkins like a house of bricks. From there, the two start trading offense for a few minutes. The match closes up when Snooty Fox finally hits a Spear followed by a Foxcatcher for the win at 18:23. Another enjoyable episode of CWF ends with Snooty Fox tossing the money to the crowd.

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