IWC 06/10/17 Super Indy 16 Results

IWC 06/10/17 Super Indy 16 Results

Quarterfinal Round:  Adam Cole d. Zema Ion

Quarterfinal Round:  Joey Janela d. Colt Cabana

Quarterfinal Round:  Jonathan Gresham d. Jay White

Quarterfinal Round:  Chris LeRusso d. Mike Orlando

Semifinal Round:  Adam Cole d. Joey Janela

Semifinal Round:  Jonathan Gresham d. Chris LeRusso

Wardlow and Jack Pollock d. Andrew Palace and Jimmy Vegas

IWC Women’s Title:  Britt Baker (c) d. Penelope Ford to retain her title

Final Round:  Adam Cole d. Jonathan Gresham to win Super Indy 16 and become the NEW Super Indy Champion

Overall, a fun show with a lively crowd.  I would recommend checking this one out.

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