CHIKARA 06/10/17 Hide Results

CHIKARA 06/10/17 Hide Results
Credit: CHIKARA 101

1. Kenbai def. Kobald: Again, Kobald came out in an Oleg T-Shirt, and Vlad announced him as the president of the Oleg fan club. Good match all around. Kenbai won with a Discus Forearm and a Diving Double Footstomp.

2. Hermit Crab and Canjun Crawdad def. The Throwbacks: Before the show started, Touchdown and Dasher cut a promo about how Hermit Crab has beaten Dasher twice, and Crab responded that Dasher was the weak link of the Throwbacks. Match was great, but felt like it was just getting started when Crawdad reversed a Dasher powerbomb into a cradle for the win.

A. Mike Quackenbush made an announcement: The Director of Fun came out for a quick word. He announced that one year ago, he had wrestled in Johnny Kidd’s retirement match, but he felt that he wanted to do more to honor him. So he announced the Johnny Kidd Invitational, a tournament for scientific wrestlers, that will take place next Sunday!

3. Sylverhawk def. Cornelius Crummels to retain the Young Lions Cup: No doubt the sloppiest match on the show. Sylver did some nice flying, and Crummels was disgusting as always, but they just couldn’t seem to get on the same page. Crummels kept slipping off the ropes, including during the finish. Don’t even remember what the exact finish was.

4. Frightmare def. Silver Ant: Probably the most newsworthy match on the show, and the best IMO. But I’m starting to think that I’m bad luck for the Colony. Everytime I go to the Wrestle Factory, one of them gets badly hurt. First, Soldier Ant last november. Then Worker Ant back in Febuary. Now Silver Ant. Midway through the match, Frigtmare ripped off one of Silver’s antennae, and then taunted him about how he crippled Soldier. Silver fought back with some Colony tribute spots, saluting everywhere, Soldier’s TKO, and hitting the Beach Break for a very near fall. But eventually Frightmare got his other antennae, which led to him curling up into a ball and not moving while Frightmare hit Kneecolepsy for the win.

5. Ophidian/Fire Ant/Travis Huckabee/Solo Darling def. Chuck Taylor TM/DUSTIN/Los Ice Creams: For most of the match, Fire Ant wasn’t there, understandably. Very good, very long tag match, which actually had Chucky T hitting some very good offense. Finally, Fire Ant came out, ran wild, and Travis pinned one of the Ice Creams with a double underhook suplex.

B. The Whisper spoke to Ophidian: After the last match, everyone left, and Ophidian was following them when he was blocked by the Snow Troll. Whisper and Mortimer made their entrance, and Whisper spoke about how everyone had secrets. Ophidian is no different. Somehow, Ophidian wound up with a mask in his hand, and freaked out. I didn’t get a good look, but I’m fairly sure it was Amasis’ mask.

6. Juan Francisco de Coronado def. Obariyon to retain the Grand Championship: Another good, long match. Obariyon beat the ever-loving crud out of the champ, but Juan survived long enough for him to make a mistake. Eventually he did, getting his leg trapped between the middle and bottom ropes. JFdC took advantage, finally locking in the Coronado Clutch. Obariyon did not tap, but he was rendered unconscious.

Encore: Office Warren Barksdale and Dez Peleton def. Rick Roland, The Whisper, and Sonny DeFarge. DeFarge tried to run his team, claiming he was a champion so he knew what he was doing. Fun match, Barksdale and Peleton have great comedic chemistry. Whisper wound up walking out, and Roland was pinned by some kind of triple team.

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