NOVA Pro Wrestling 6/10/2017 Box of Chocolates and Hi Fidelity Results

NOVA “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates”

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Kevin Burr, Kevin Skiffington, Veda Scott, Bobby Shields, Ed Dao, and Angelus Layne.

1. Mr. Grimm defeated Wes ‘Danger’ Rogers, Ivan Ali, Thick Vick, Graham Bell, and D’Ontay Bishop.

2. Pro South Wrestling All-Out Championship: Cabana Man Dan retained via DQ when Donnie Primetime didn’t release a hold at a five count when Dan was in the ropes.

3. Dante Caballero defeated Fenix Fury

4. Allie Kat defeated Laynie Luck
– After the match, Veda Scott recruited Kat to be her tag team partner on Hi Fidelity.

5. Max Buckler defeated Juggernaut and Thomas Munoz

6. Prakash Sabar pinned Jean Jean Lebon

7. Justin D’Air defeated Isaiah Frazier

8. Eric Silver defeated “Lights” Cameron Action

9. Riseus defeated Zombie Dragon and Matty Starr

10. Donnie Dollars defeated Jordan Blade
– This was Jordan’s debut match.

11. Sugar Dunkerton defeated AC Hawkes

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Kevin Skiffinton, and Brad Stutts.

Pre-Show Match: Pro South Wrestling All-Out Championship: Cabana Man Dan retained against Donnie Primetime
– This was a rematch from the afternoon show.

1. Brandon ‘Money’ Greene & Ethan Alexander Sharpe defeated AC Hawkes & Matty Starr when Sharpe pinned Hawkes.

2. John Kermon submitted Fred Yehi to the cross armbreaker.

3. The Carnies (Nick Iggy, Kerry Awful & Beau Crockett) defeated The Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary) & ‘Juke Joint’ Lucas Calhoun, pinning Calhoun.

4. Faye Jackson & Jordynne Grace defeated Veda Scott & Allie Kat when Jackson pinned Kat.

5. Tim Donst submitted Anthony Henry to From Dusk til Donst.

6. Arik Royal pins Sugar Dunkerton with a football tackle.

7. Angelus Layne submitted Rachael Ellering to the Angelock.

8. PWI Ultra J Championship: Chet Sterling vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Bobby Shields vs. Jean Jean Lebon ended in a DQ when Shields attacked Sterling with a velvet rope post.
– Lebon unmasked to reveal himself as Logan Easton Laroux! He dropped Sterling with three Ace Crushers and left Sterling laying.
– When Sterling came to, he challenged Logan to a ladder match for the Ultra J title next month!

Announced for “American Slang” on July 14th in Fairfax, VA:
– Ladder Match for the PWI Ultra J Championship: Chet Sterling (Champion) vs. Logan Easton Laroux
– The return of Joey Janela

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