Powerbomb TV 06/11/17 Break The Barrier 2017 Review

Powerbomb TV 06/11/17 Break The Barrier 2017 Results

Powerbomb.tv’s live-stream was not immediately available at 3pm eastern, but they provided a Periscope of the start of the show. The venue was getting the finally touches, as the fans showed up.
Bryce Remsburg is the host, opening up the Pre-show, saying he will interact with fans via Twitter. He hypes up the matches for the night #BreakTheBarrier2017 and brings in Dasher Hatfield for an interview. Bryce shows off a beautiful Gold Championship Belt and says they will reveal how it will be decided later in the night.

Pre-Show 8 Man Tag Team match: CPA, Tyler Murphy, Mike Sciros(sp) & Jacob Riddicks(sp) vs Mick Moretti, Pat Scott, Kevin Cartwright & Sully O’Sullivan
CPA is wearing a business suit, sans jacket, for the in-ring work. Most of these young wrestlers traveled from New York and North Carolina.

Winners: CPA, Murphy, Sciros & Riddicks after CPA used a bottom rope Splash to put keep Moretti down for the 3.

Bryce interviews some fans about which match they were most excited for. Lost of hype for Powerbomb.tv, being very interactive with the Twitter fans. Bryce calls out Joey Janels & Penelope Ford for an interview, but they do not show up. He puts over the service more and Janela randomly pops up. They awkwardly read through one question, as the timing of Twitter question delivery to Bryce asking and Joey answering was way off.

Bryce hands the mic over to Carolina Jim, as the music starts and he heads to the ring to be the Ring Announcer and get the show started.

1) From Grand Slam Wrestling
For the Grand Slam Wrestling Adrenaline Championship: “The Beast from the Northeast” Brute VanSlyke¬© vs “The Cinema” Steve Shields
Video issues to start the match. Lagging early so the start of the match is missed.

VanSlyke used a Rip Cord Chokeslam to plant Stevie, who refused to stay down and traded words with VanSlyke, who pulled him up and dumped him with a Powerbomb. But he did not stop and rolled Steve back up for a Buckle Bomb, before using a Doctor Bomb and covering, but Shields kicked out!

Winner and STILL GSW Adrenaline Champion: Brute VanSlyke after using Greetings From Eastern New York (Emerald Flowsion) to finally put down the resilient Shields.

This was a fun battle of Heavyweight vs Light Heavyweight and Shields really possessed a never say die attitude, nearly forcing Brute to have to kill him to put his shoulders down. He ate an incredible amount of big offense for the closing stretch.

2) From Beyond Wrestling
“Raw Dog” Jon Silver vs “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams
More video lagging issues early in this match.

Winner: Silver after Williams held Silver in a Crossface, until Silver rolled a shoulder for a 2 count. They got back to their feet, where they traded shots, until Williams got the advantage with a chop and hit the ropes, but Silver used a Military Press into an Ace Crusher. Silver waited for Williams to get to his knees, before hitting the ropes and scoring with a Shining Knee Strike, he then quickly followed up with The Batista Bomb for the 3 count.

These guys work so well together and have diverse, yet similar work inside of the ring, Williams has more of the strikes & submissions, while Silver also features strikes, but adds the power to his arsenal. Their exchanges of strikes are crisp and have meaning and their transitions for cut-offs are on point. Back to back good matches, this was a little more refined and solid. Great start to this show.

3) From C*4 Wrestling
C*4 Rules Anything Goes: “Dirty” Buxx Belmar vs “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Winner: Janela used a Package Side Slam to get a 2 count and keep the momentum, allowing him to set up a chair near the corner. Joey pulled Buxx into Vertical Suplex position in the corner, but Buxx fights off, kisses Joey and then uses The Deadly Driver to send Joey crashing through the chair, before using a Fireman’s Carry popped into a Double Knee Gut Buster for a 2 count! Both men get up and exchange strikes, until they knock each other down with a Superkick exchange. Joey fires up and pulls Belmar up, only for Buxx to snap him down with a Michinoku Driver for a close 2 count, Buxx looks frustrated but pulls him up and grabs his junk, which Joey no-sells and slaps him down. Joey uses a nasty Backbreaker and locks in a Boston Crab, struggling for position, until Buxx powered him into the middle rope. Buxx grabs a chair and stalks Joey, who fights him off and takes the chair, smashing it down on Buxx’s chest, before laying it on him and stomping the chair, then throwing another chair at that chair and covering for a 2. Joey stacks the 2 chairs onto Buxx and goes to the top, scoring with a Flying Double Stomp and covered, but again Buxx kicked out! Joey looked shocked, but set the chair back up and pulled Buxx up for a Brainbuster, only for Buxx to fight out and use The Rape (Shoulder Hook Sit Out Driver) onto the chair and cover, for an awkward 3 count, as the Referee looked confused and scared.

Buxx climbed up a support beam, only for Janela to climb up the other side. They traded slaps, until Janela was knocked to the concrete. They brawled all over the ringside area and near the fans. Janela brought chairs into the ring, before throwing Buxx back in. They do a spot where Janela is sitting in a chair, in the corner, as Buxx charges for a Monkey Flip, flipping both Joey and the chair for a painful landing! Joey planted Buxx with a Death Valley Driver, but rolled through and held on, before carrying Buxx, through the ropes and to the apron, where he spiked him on the apron with another Death Valley Driver.
This was awesome! I love me some Joey Janela and these two matched up perfectly. Just enough craziness to leave you wanting more and hopefully we will see this match in the near future. Buxx was pissed at the Ref at the conclusion, staring him down as the Ref went to raise his hand. All 3 matches have had different vibes and this was the best so far.

4) From Women’s Wrestling Revolution
Renee Michelle vs Penelope Ford

Winner: Ford with a Back Handspring Cutter

Unfortunately I got a phone call with some horrible news. So I missed the majority of this match and will rewatch and give an deserving synopsis.

5) Former Tag Team Partners Collide
Ophidian vs Desean Pratt

Winner: after Ophidian struggled with Pratt into a Crossface, rolling out and getting locked back into it as Ophidian was relentless. They get to their feet, where Pratt goes into a waist lock and looks for an O’Connor Roll, but Ophidian held onto the ropes, causing Pratt to roll back and then jumped right up into a SPIKE DDT! They were down for a moment, until Pratt got up and dragged Ophidian closer to the corner, before slowly making his way to the top, allowing Ophidian to get up and crotch Pratt on the top, putting him into reverse Tree of Woe. Ophidian crushes him with knees to the back, followed by Running Knees into the corner and then using the ropes to spring up and into a HARD Knee strike to chest. Ophidian goes to the top, as Pratt rolls to his knees and gets crushed with a Meteora, only Ophiain uses a cocky cover and Pratt kicks out. Ophidian pulls Pratt up and uses The Egyptian Destroyer to plant Pratt and then locked in The Cobra Stretch, only Pratt was able to get to the ropes. Ophidian acted extremely concerned and shook his head, before positioning on the middle turnbuckle and hypnotizing the Referee to change the match to No Disqualification!

Ophidian snaps the Referee out of it and straight up kicks Pratt in the nuts! The fans and commentators are very shocked, as Ophidian leaves the ring, slides under and pulls a steel rod out. Pratt gets to his knees, as Ophidian approaches, says some words, until Pratt fights back, but Ophidian uses a Divorce Court on his left arm, before locking in Japanese Strangle Hold with the rod, but Pratt is able to get free! They fight to the floor, where Ophidian pulls out a chair and they struggle for control, until Ophidian slides into the ring and looks for a Baseball Slide, but Pratt moves the chair and then blasts Ophidian with chair shots to the back. Pratt follows up, but Ophidian pulls him up and rams him into the ring apron. Ophidian gets in the ring and Pratt looks to follow up, but Ophidian fights him off an drops him with a kick, before rolling to the floor. Ophidian grabs a Speed Limit sign and waits for Pratt, who goes for a Suicide Dive, but Ophidian nails him with the sign! Ophidian pulls a Table from under the ring and slides it in. Ophidian sets up the table and then lifts Pratt to the top rope, laying him across the ropes, as he climbs to the top and positions for The Egyptian Destroyer, flying off, ut the table did not break and they slid off and to the mat!
Ophidian pulls a beaten Pratt up and unloads with slaps, until Desean catches Ophidian with a kick to the nuts and then a Flipping DDT onto the table! The flattened table is then a bed for Ophidian to lay upon, as Pratt went to the top and connected with a 450 Splash to end this epic clash!

Pratt really brings the kicks and elbows. This was s friendly rivalry and challenge that broke down to a vicious battle, almost personal in the force of the maneuvers. The former Osirian Portal partners really brought it and played off their familiarity with awesome exchanges and smart reversals. This had a vicious side to it and they really put some effort and care into this. A lot of time too!

6) From Olde Wrestling
Dasher Hatfield vs “Old Timer” Jeff King

Winner: King after Hatfield positioned to throw King over the top, but Referee Bronco admonished him and Dasher was rolled up with a School Boy, seeing King pull the tights to get the 3 count.

They are really playing up the old school appeal. Black and white presentation. Hay bails in each corner for the men to sit upon. Bryce Remsburg as the Referee and wearing suspenders. No punches, No Piledrivers and NO throwing your opponent of the top rope! They really tried cute ways to get around the rules, with King being a dastardly heel! Bronco was distracted by a female fan at ringside all throughout the match, causing him to miss crucial moments. Not bad, but definitely not my cup of tea.

Intermission Time. During Intermission, Joe Sposto is talking with Vin Gerard/Jerry/Vin Badd/Gimmick McGimmicks about the creation of the project. They talk about making it Free for everyone and their plan to bring Jim Cornette in to “try to patch these up between Jim and Chuck Taylor!” They have a good conversation about the Luchadores that have made the trip this weekend, the sacrifices they made and the influence they have on the current Indie scene and we get ready for the second half

7) From New South Wrestling
The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) vs The Monarchy (New South Heavyweight Champion Baron Black & Prince Apollo)

Winners: Awful did he best to fight off The Monarchy, until he was crushed with sandwiching spinning elbows to the face, before Baron pulled him into a Gory Special and Apollo went to the middle turnbuckle, before diving off with a Flatliner and covering, but Iggy dove in to break it up. All four men got to their knees and traded strikes, before working their way to their feet, where they continued to exchange offense, until The Carnies cut them off with headbutts to the gut and then set Baron up to give his partner a Flipping Piledriver, dumping both men down and as Joe Sposto said, :”it has a fancy name, but he doesn’t know it right now.” Iggy took out Baron with a Plancha to the floor, as Awful yanked Apollo down by his hair, over his knee and then locked in a Boston Crab. Awful was torturing Apollo in the Crab, when Iggy went to the top and flew off with a Knee Drop to the back of the head, allowing Awful to yank back and force the Tap Out!

8) History making Lucha Tag
El Felino & Puma King vs Guerrero Maya Jr. & Skayde

Winners: Puma & Felino after King planted Maya Jr. with a Powerbomb and used La Magistral Cradle to get the 3.

They are hyping this up as a huge deal in Mexico. I know Skayde from his CHIKARA work, but I am not up on my knowledge of South of the border work at the least. The Skayde/Puma King was played up to be a big deal and possibly King’s only shot to impress Skayde, who is training Independent workers in Chicago. This was a damn solid Lucha Tag that involved a build up to the dives and a prove your worth type mentality. The respect level was off the charts and they delivered a solid and tight match. Skayde cuts a promo, thanking the crowd and thanking Felino & Puma for coming over and working the show. Puma & Felino get back in the ring, where Felino takes off his mask and thanks the crowd and Skayde!

Jonathan Gresham joins Stokely Hathaway at his ringside seats.

9) “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana

Winner: Cabana after Cassidy got a drink of his Orange Juice and as Colt is scoring with his flurry of elbows and winding up for The Dusty Elbow, Cassidy spits the Orange Juice into Colt’s face! Orange takes Colt’s elbow pad, which is much too large for him and nails Colt with a rumblin’ tumblin’ flip flam flying Dusty Elbow in the corner and then has a hard time lifting Colt to the top turnbuckle. He finally gets Colt up there and follows up, but Cabana overpowers him into a Fireman’s Carry and then quickly drops him, throat-first, across the top ropes, allowing Colt to get the pin.

Abundance of tomfoolery throughout the whole match. Orange has a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and when Colt starts to play up the goofiness, Orange gets fed up and cuts the crap. This was a good change of pace and different from anything on the card so far. Comedy match personified and a good spot for Colt Cabana to be the ambassador of the indies as he is.

10) Four Way match: Jigsaw vs Kenbai vs Fly Warrior vs Chuck Taylor

Winner: Fly Warrior after drilling Jigsaw with a Basement Superkick and then rolling him over and to his feet, before snapping off a Cross Special Sit Out Driver and holding on for the 3.

This was an awesome showcase for all 4 men. Chucky T definitely looked the most dominant and was bigger than everyone. Kenbai is tiny, but really brought the fire! There was some great exchanges and for a lot of these guys’ first times seeing some of their opponents, it was really clean.

Jonathan Gresham gets in the ring and acts as if he is going to congratulate Warrior, only to attack him and take his mask! Jigsaw runs back in and confronts Gresham, who attacks Jigsaw and holds him in The Octopus, as Stokely Hathaway gets in the ring with the gold belt. Gresham holds up the belt in one hand and Fly Warrior’s mask in the other.

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