ROH 06/17/17 TV Review

ROH 06/17/17 TV Review
Philadelphia, PA
2300 Arena

The show this week opened with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcoming us to the show as Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser made their way to the ring.

The episode was the fourth episode taped in Philadelphia after the War of the Worlds PPV.

First Match: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs. Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal
Young and Fish started off for their sides, but Young tagged out to BCB before locking up. Bruiser took early control but lost his breath running the ropes and needed to take a moment before squaring up with Lethal. Lethal made Bruiser run the ropes again as commentary spoke about Bruiser’s beer prowess hindering his conditioning. Young remedied the situation by giving BCB a beer, which then only made him sick. After the break we got down to wrestling, with lethal and Fish working well together and tagging in and out as they kept Young in the ring. Things broke down, with lethal and Young trading finisher attempts before Fish laced into Young and BCB with a number of stiff kicks. Without being disqualified by Turner, Young and BCB beat Lethal about and used numbers to win the match. Although Lethal caught BCB with the Lethal Injection, Young delivered Misery right afterwards and picked up the pinfall victory. This was a good way to get everyone involved in a match that has been intertwined in this Lethal/Fish/Young feud and was a good balance of some fun schtick and serious wrestling.

Winners: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser

A video package of Jay Briscoe getting Bushi’s mist because of Castle’s Boys. A video from backstage plays that shows Jay beyond irascible, with mark and Bully Ray doing their best to calm him down.

Second Match: The Boys vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia w/ TK O’Ryan)
The Kingdom attacked the Boys before the make it off the stage. Marseglia choked one of the Boys out as Taven launched the other boy into the barricade before pulling the mat,exposing the concrete. Before Taven could powerbomb one of the Boys, Castle came down to ringside, putting a halt to the beatdown. As Marseglia and Taven kept their eyes on Castle, the Boys crept up on the as the bell sounded and almost scored a three count on marseglia with a roll-up. The Boys followed up with stereo suicide dives. Their offense was short lived however, as Taven shoved the other Boy off the apron before delivering a reverse suplex off the second rope, allowing Marseglia to hit the swanton bomb before scoring the pin. Jay Briscoe came down to the ringside to attacked the Boys, only to be held back by Castle and then both Bully Ray and Mark. This was good for what it was: it developed the issues between jay and the Boys, while also building a bit towards the Kingdom’s match, as Taven used Ultimo Guerrero’s finisher to send a message.

Winners: The Kingdom

A Punishment Martinez vignette aired, informing us that he would be up next.

Punishment Martinez vs. Joey “Diesel” Daddiego

Very brief squash match. Martinez beat Daddiego about before winning with the South of Heaven chokeslam. Cheeseburger and Ferrara came into the ring to help their friend, but they were quickly dispatched. As Martinez went to deliver a curb stomp to Burger, Jay White came out for the save. The two tussled until White clotheslined Martinez over the top rope. Martinez landed on his feet and eventually stalked off,  staring down White as he left.

Winner: Punishment Martinez

Main Event: CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Gedo & Goto) vs.
Tanahashi & The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Kevin Kelly and Cody joined on commentary and shared the announcement that KUSHIDA will defend against the former champion Marty Scurll at Best in the World. Kazarian and Ospreay started the match off, with Kaza working on the arm before Ospreay used his agility to escape. After the return to from commercial break, Daniels was in the ring and the action spilled to the outside and the match became…chaotic. Eventually, Ospreay accidentally hit Goto with an Oscutter, allowing Tanahashi to hit Gedo with the HI-Fly-Flo. Daniels followed with the Best Moonsault Ever and picked up the pinfall victory. After the match, Daniels spit on Cody, only to be ambushed by Hangman Page. Cody and Page went to town on Daniels and Kazarian, with Cody adding insult to injury by hitting Angels Wings before posing with the belt as the show went off the air.

Winners: Tanahashi & The Addiction

Final Reaction: C
This did not feel like an episode that it deserved to be. ROH’s 300th episode felt pedestrian and while it would have been foolish to ignore the milestone, a bit more could have been done to make it stand out from other episodes. As a go home show, each match did have an element of developing ongoing storylines heading into the Best in the World PPV. The prominence of Martinez/White may indicate that Martinez plays a role in The Rebellion/Search and Destroy match, as Martinez has not spot on the show, but it could simply be continuing the issues between the two. Despite these positives, the main event featuring NJPW talent on the 300th episode, coupled with two throwaway squash matches did not amount to the importance of the milestone.

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