CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #110 Review: Tag Team Action, Playa!

We kick off tonight’s show with Snooty Fox and Dirty Daddy taking on Movie Myk and Timmy Danger in tag team action. To be fair and perfectly honest, this was not the smoothest nor the crispest of tag team action. Some spots didn’t connect as smoothly and some moves didn’t look as fluid as it could’ve been. With that said, we should keep in mind that this is the first time that either team faced each other and the first time that Myk and Danger tagged together. From a character perspective, both Myk and Danger show incredible charm and have potential to grow as a tag team. Dirty and Snooty have already established themselves as a great team in the past and while they have had better nights, they still played their roles well. Snooty and Dirty win thanks to an Elbow/Spear Combo in 7:38.

Our next match is Intergender action between Ethan Alexander Sharpe and SIS. It’s funny watching this match back to back with Fenix vs Mariposa from Lucha Underground, another wrestling show I cover. On Lucha Underground, Intergender wrestling is presented as something of equal opportunity where the men can/should be allowed to not only hit the women (and vice versa), but we’re meant to believe that women can hit just as hard (sometimes harder) as the men. It’s a show where Intergender wrestling is celebrated while on CWF, it’s kind of frowned up as a joke and Sharpe is portrayed as being a complete sleazeball for even wanting to lay his hands on a woman. Here, the guy hitting a woman is looked at as a heel while on LU, the guy putting his hands on a woman is a face who we should cheer for hitting a female heel. Just an interesting contrast that I thought was worth pointing out.

Anyway, speaking of Sharpe, he fully embraces the spirit of Andy Kaufman every time he verbally belittles SIS and tries to bully her. Of course, SIS is much stronger and bigger than Sharpe and cannot be easily physically thrown around. Though, that doesn’t stop her from stooping to his level for the finish. After reversing an uppercut, she kisses him in the mouth and stuns him long enough to unleash a German Suplex that gets her the win in 6:48.

Earlier in the night, Arik Royal and Roy Wilkins called out an open challenge and for the main event spot, that challenge gets answered by Chip Day and CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee. It should be with no surprise to say that these four put on a great match. Trevor Lee has had great title defenses against the three other competitors and so it’s not surprising that the four retained that excellent chemistry in tag team action. While we mostly so some impressive technical action, we also got some hard hitting action with thunderous punches and kicks. This one could’ve gone either way but on this night, it managed to go in Trevor Lee and Chip Day’s favor. After a flurry of kicks from both Day and Lee, Lee hits a massive Brainbuster on Royal, followed by a double superkick on Royal. Day gets the pin in 23:02 to close out a solid episode of CWF Worldwide.

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