Lucha Underground 6/21/17 Review: Family First

We open the show with Fenix pulling into The Temple in his hot ride. Speaking of hot, ring announcer Melissa Santos approaches him. Santos tells him that she’s betting on Fenix to win the Cueto Cup. Fenix promises to dedicate his win to her as they stand dangerously close to one another. Sexual tension is simmering as a jealous Marty the Moth looks on enraged enough to headbutt the glass window.

In the ring, Vinnie Massaro takes on Cage, still donning the same glove he used to murder a guy last week. Unsurprisingly, this one is all Cage the whole time. Massaro manages an STO Takedown, but that’s about it. He probably could have capitalized from there, but Massaro tried to hit Cage with the glove. Cage ducks it and mounts a powerhouse comeback until he drops Massaro with a Lucha Destroyer for the quick win to advance in the tournament. Although, Cage doesn’t leave the ring before bloodying Massaro by pounding his face with the steel glove. Not much to say here other than it was a good showcase of Cage’s monster strength. He’s never looked better and it helped advance this whole glove storyline.

Back from the commercial break, we get a video package for Rey Mysterio vs Johnny Mundo for the LU Championship. The show is really hyping this thing up to be the biggest match in the company’s history. Honestly, the match felt like a hard sell when originally announced, for me at least. However, the more that I see these promos, the easier it is for me to get excited. Keep ’em coming, Lucha Underground. Keep ’em coming.

In another First Round match-up, we get Marty the Moth vs Saltador. For the record, Saltador is representing The Rabbit Tribe and decked out in white/black stripes from head to toe. Yeah, just in case it wasn’t obvious by now, Lucha Underground is weird. Between all of the strange gyrations and kooky staredowns, this one was a bizarre affair. It was also a fun one as well. Definitely cannot deny that the match was unique. It also called back to the story that opened the show as every time Marty hit a big move (i.e. a powerbomb to the crowd barricade), he stared at Santos, as if he wanted to impress her.

The match finds its curtain call when Marty hits Saltador with some crazy looking underhook Codebreaker finisher. Whatever he calls it, it was certainly effective as it got him the win and one step closer to becoming #1 contender to the LU Championship. Afterwards, we get a backstage segment where Marty visits his room, which is covered with Melissa Santos memorabilia. He talks to the photos and makes out with one of them. Just when it seems this can’t get any weirder, Marty pulls out a mirror with Santos’ hair in it. Even Marty’s sister, Mariposa, has to come out and tell her brother to chill and keep his eyes on the prize, namely the possibility that the two could face off in the Cueto Cup if Mariposa beats Fenix tonight.

Our next Cueto Cup match sees mini luchador Mascarita Sagrada seemingly outmatched against the juggernaut that is Pindar. It looks like Pindar is going to kill the guy early on until Mascarita uses his swift speed to get some offense in. It is the ultimate David vs Goliath contest and despite how outmatched he is, we can’t help but root for Mascarita the whole way. He nearly wins it with a Moonsault for a near fall, but Pindar bounces back with a Powerbomb into a Facebuster for the win. Minis are always fun to watch and there is nothing more entertaining than seeing a Mini wrestle someone bigger than him. Therefore, this was Match of the Night.

For our main event, we’ve got Fenix vs Mariposa. Okay, here’s the thing, Intergender Matches are weird to talk about. Love them or hate them, let’s all at least admit that the concept is for a niche audience. Not only because not every fan is going to approve of a guy flinging a girl around the ring, but because the idea of a guy throwing a girl around the ring is a pretty heel concept. The kind of concept that inspired Brock Lesnar vs Stephanie McMahon. A big, meaty jughead taking on a woman where the female is in the underdog position. Except, for tonight’s match, both participants are about the same size, Fenix is the face, and we’re supposed to want to see the heel Mariposa get beat up.

Not everybody is going to love it, but intergender enthusiasts certainly will due to the quick paced action. Fenix gets the win after a Fenix Piledriver. Almost instantly after, Marty the Moth hits Fenix from behind while Melissa Santos screams for him to stop. Fenix is able to recover and the show ends with Fenix hitting a Suicide Dive on both Marty and his sister.

Lucha Underground gave us another great episode tonight compiled with compelling stories and exciting in-ring action. Lucha Underground rarely gives us a bad episode, and tonight gave us perhaps our most unpredictable one of the year. Without a shadow of a doubt, this one is a must see episode.

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