PCW Fantasm Review

PCW “Fantasm”
January 20th 2017
PCW Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California

Todd Kennerly & Christian Cole welcome the crowd to the brand-new PCW Memorial Hall, celebrating their one-year anniversary. Kennerly & Cole comment on Low Ki vs Drago and The Keepers of the Faith defending their PCW Tag Team Titles against WarBeast! They wrap up the hype by talking about Rob Van Dam defending his PCW Championship against Willie Mack!

PCW Master of Ceremonies Dan Masters on the ring announcing.

1) The Trilogy Rubber Match: Timothy Thatcher vs “The Soul Assassin” Joe Graves
Referee: Rick Knox

This was the opening match on PCW’s very first show, “Release The Kraken.” Graves is coming off an 8-month plus injury recovery.

Winner and winning the trilogy 2-1: Joe Graves with The Torturous Crown

Handshake to start the match, only for Graves to float over into a Cross Arm Breaker to start the match.

Thatcher is awesome with his grizzly, wrenching pace, giving off great facial expressions while really getting over the force of his strikes and the level of pressure on his appendage manipulation. The crowd was really into this, fired up from the beginning. Thatcher goes after Graves’ injured left hand, manipulating the fingers and viciously snapping him over with leverage locks. Thatcher controls the majority of the stretch, Graves is playing up his past injury and weakened hand, almost like a wounded animal, backing down to cover up and the striking out viciously, looking for his momentum shift. Thatcher pulled Graves up, against, the middle turnbuckle and bad-mouthed him as he scored with vicious elbows, but as he gave Graves some distance and trash talked, Graves exploded with a Slam, only for Thatcher to regain the momentum with nasty Suplexes. Out of nowhere, Graves reversed a waist-lock and snapped Thatcher over with a Half Nelson Suplex, flipping over and locking in The Torturous Crown (Tazmission), forcing Thatcher to Tap Out!

Winner and winning the trilogy 2-1: Joe Graves

Thatcher looked despondent, sitting in the ring, against the ropes as Graves realizes the enormity of his win and celebrates. Thatcher gets up and Graves approaches for a handshake, but Thatcher refuses and starts to walk away, but turns back and shakes Graves’ hand.

2) PCW Light Heavyweight Contendership Three Way match: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs Douglas James vs Lio Rush

Janela and Rush are making their PCW debuts.

Winner: Douglas James via Vertical Suplex into an Ace Crusher

Janela disrespects Rush and pie-faces him, before all three men go into a headlock and waist-lock train, trading places back and forth, until Janela stops it and blatantly disrespects Rush again, slapping him across the face. Rush lights the crowd up with incredible evasive maneuvering and quick and crisp work, only for James to come right back at him and these two had a tight little sequence, capped off with a James Dropkick. Janela avoided an Asai Moonsault from Rush, who landed on his feet on the floor, only for James to take them both out with a No Hands Flipping Tope. Janela’s work in CZW comes in handy as he starts to work over James on the floor, nailing him with a Pump Kick, while James sat in a chair, against the guardrail. Janela went after Rush, but he was met with a Superkick, Lio then took off, around the ring, at James, who leveled him with a Superkick off his own. Jams then charged at Janela, who knocked Douglas loopy with a big boot, busting open his lip. Janela is just on fire and flawlessly using the ring and the floor to take control of both men. “This is awesome” chants from the crowd. Rush gets his turn and takes control with video-game inspired counters, fighting out of double teams and using high-flying attacks to get the advantage. Rush had James down, bloody-lipped, firing himself up and then pulling James into an elbow, before sending him into the corner and charging, James moves, but Rush gets the advantage back and jumps to the middle turnbuckle, but James Superkicks out Rush’s knee and he falls into Tree of Woe position, as Janela goes after James, but Douglas counters and dumps Joey with a German Suplex, rolling him into the corner. James, seeing his opportunity, fires up and then drills Rush, who was still hanging in the Tree of Woe, with a Dropkick, before charging across the ring and crushing Joey with a Corner Dropkick. James takes out both men with a HIGH FLYING Cross Body, before covering Joey for a 2 count. They stayed down to build the momentum and drew another “This is awesome” chant. Three-way strike exchange, featuring dangerous and loud Superkicks, Spin Kicks, Rolling Elbows, until James dropped Janela with a Dropkick to put all 3 back down. James is bleeding pretty good from his lip. James and Janela traded hard shots, until Joey scooped him up and used a Package DDT to pick up a 2 count. Rush and Joey had a heated exchange, until Joey ducked a VICIOUS Spinning Back Fist and forehead-planted Lio with an Ace Crusher, giving him time to go to the top and fly off with a Moonsault, but Rush moved and Joey landed on his feet, before charging back in, but Lio caught him with The Rush Hour (Standing Spanish Fly) for a close 2, as James dove in to break it up! Rush and James got after it, until Rush went for The Rush Hour, only for James to block and overpower Rush, who escaped into a waist-lock and ran Douglas into the ropes, coming out with an O’Connor Roll-up, just as Janela entered the ring and just dumped Lio to the floor. Janela went after James, who quickly used a Vertical Suplex lift right into an Ace Crusher to pick up the hard-fought victory, as Rush slid in.

Winner: Douglas James. What a win! This was a high-voltage paced match that did not let up, skip a beat or miss a verse. I thought Janela stood out, but all 3 men did great work and really got the recognition from the crowd. This match is worth watching this show for me, so I am already happy.
With PCW Light Heavyweight Champion Mr. 450 injured, James qualifies to wrestle for the Vacant Title at the next show, taking on the winner of the next Light Heavyweight Contendership match.

3) PCW Light Heavyweight Contendership match: Hammertson vs The Oracle

Hammerstone is a chiseled, big-man that is billed in at 215lbs, right on the dot. Keeping him right at that Light Heavyweight limit. They are playing up his serious approach to losing 20 pounds and focusing on getting the Title.

Winner: Hammerstone via The Nightmare Pendulum

Hammerstone immediately overpowers Oracle into the corner and clean breaks. Oracle shows his quickness and relentlessly grinds a Side Headlock, until Hammerstone powers him into the ropes and levels him with a Shoulder Block. They are moving, with Oracle getting the better of Hammerstone, taking him to the floor with a Headscissors. Oracle fights off Hammerstone and hits an incredible Springboard Top Rope Moonsault to the floor! Hammerstone explodes on the floor, pressing Oracle over his head and then tossing him, over the guardrail and onto a row of chairs. Oracle gets back into the ring, but Hammerstone gets on him quick with vicious ground and pound and then pulls him up for a vicious Backbreaker, picking up a 2 count. Hammerstone slaps away at Oracle and bad-mouths, pulling him to his feet, only for Oracle to fight back, until Hammerstone dropped him with a NASTY looking Bicycle Kick. Hammerstone pulls Oracle into a Pump Handle and then lifts him, with ease, carrying him around the ring, before launching him overhead with a modified Fall Away Slam for another 2-count, Hammerstone pushes Oracle’s shoulders back to the mat for another 2. Hammerstone goes to work with a grounded waist lock, battling for control, until Oracle countered and use a quick School Boy for 2. They both got up quick, but Hammerstone dropped him quick with a Lariat and then went to work, viciously driving Oracle into the corner and then driving a shoulder into his gut, before dropping him down with a hard chop, Hammerstone is really ramping up the aggression. The big man stands over his fallen victim, before retreating to the opposite corner, while calling for Oracle to get up and when he does, Hammerstone explodes across the ring with a Corner Lariat, before sending him hard into the opposite corner and following with another Corner Lariat. Hammertsone stays in control with another hard Irish Whip into the corner and then charged in, but Oracle got a boot up, drawing chants of “Lucha! Lucha!” but Hammerstone was back on him quick and followed to the turnbuckles. They traded shots, until Oracle knocked him to the mat and then followed with an INCREDIBLE Jump-Turn Reverse Frankensteiner, DIOS MIO, putting both men down on the mat! Referee Rick Knox starts the double count, getting to 7, when they got up and Hammerstone charged with a Lariat, but Oracle ducked and unleashed a flurry of strikes, rocking Hammerstone into the corner. Oracle went for an Irish Whip to the opposite corner, but Hammerstone reversed and then charged in, only for Oracle to launch him to the apron and the go to the top, diving at Hammerstone, who moved and Oracle landed on his feet, on the apron. Hammerstone pulled Oracle into a Fireman’s Carry and dropped him with a Death Valley Driver onto the hard surface, drawing “PCW” chants from the crowd. Hammerstone plays to the crowd and throws Oracle into the ring, but takes too much time following up, which allowed Oracle to catch him with a Dropkick through the ropes and then use a huge Vaulting Twisting Body Press to take the big man down. Back in the ring, Oracle hits the ropes and dodges a Lariat, before using the ropes for a Springboard Ace Crusher, crawling into the cover for a 2 count. Oracle shows the effects of the match, as he makes his way to the top, waiting for Hammerstone to get up, but the big man pulls himself up on Referee Knox and accidentally pushes him into the ropes, crotching Oracle. Hammerstone plays it up and then joins Oracle on the top, Oracle knocks him off, but Hammerstone comes right back with a Jumping Bicycle Kick and then climbs up for a HUGE Superplex. Hammerstone screams in the face of Oracle and then pulls him up, before snapping off The Nightmare Pendulum (Vertical Suplex swung into a Sit Out Side Slam) to pick up the 3.

This was a damn good power vs speed match. Hammerstone has a great look and the heel just flows out of him naturally. Oracle flies around with ease. Good moves, a couple of slip ups and fun little story makes this a match that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Hammerstone gets on the mic and says that he should be facing Mr. 450 for the Light Heavyweight Title tonight, but 450 got injured. Hammerstone calls himself the Interim Light Heavyweight Champion and calls out 450 for when he returns.

4) “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb vs “The King of Sleeze” Joey Ryan

Joey comes out to a HUGE ovation! The commentators put him over as a surprise competitor for the night. Cobb also getting a nice ovation. Cobb is coming off a win over Scorpio Sky, who had been on a hot streak in PCW.

Winner: Cobb via Tour of the Islands

Joey and Jeff stare off, with Joey keeping his jacket and glasses on and Ryan asks the crowd if they would like his lollipop. Ryan finds a RVD-shirt wearing fan in the front row and inserts the “you’ve got herpes” chant-enticing lolli into the man’s mouth. Ryan takes off his gear and then pulls out a bottle of baby oil, completely greasing himself up, as the commentators put over the tactic, as Cobb is known to just snatch people up and throw them. The crowd is really into each oil application, but Cobb does not look impressed.

They start to circle and Joey offers a test of strength, with his genitalia. They lock up and Cobb goes into a waist-lock, but Ryan’s greasy texture causes Cobb to release and second guess his attack. They lock back up and Cobb goes into dominant position with a Wrist Lock, but Ryan is able to reverse it and start to inch Cobb’s hand towards his genitalia, but Cobb pulls away and pushes off. They come back together and immediately Cobb takes him down, going to the back and spinning around, slapping at the back of Ryan’s head, shooting the half and going into a ground waist lock, until Ryan is able to squirm and get to the ropes, holding on for dear life as the Referee holds Cobb back. Ryan looks for a lock up, but gets a boot into Cobb’s gut and pulls a side headlock, Cobb pushes up against the ropes and sends Ryan off, setting up for a shoulder collision, but neither man budges. Ryan fires up and hits the ropes, only for Cobb to throw a Lariat, which Ryan ducks, but comes back and Cobb looks for a Double Leg, only for Ryan to slip out and then knock Cobb to the mat with a Dropkick. Ryan goes to work with punches, as Cobb staggers around, he backs Cobb into a corner and jams his boot into Cobb’s jaw, stretching out as the Referee counts. Ryan punches some more and then pulls Cobb into a Front Chancery, asking the crowd if they want to see a Suplex, but as he goes for the lift, Cobb powers him up in a Stalling Vertical Suplex, going into a one-handed hold as the fans count along, Cobb squats down and then snaps Ryan over with a Suplex! Ryan retreats into a corner and when Cobb approaches, Joey catches him with an Eye Poke.

The Referee admonishes Ryan, who then goes after Cobb with a hard right hand and kicks Cobb down to the mat, before rolling into the cover for a 1, Ryan tries 2 more times to keep Cobb down, but he gets out at 1 each time. Ryan argues with the Ref and pulls Cobb up in the corner, throwing him into the buckles and driving his shoulder into Cobb’s mid-section, twice. Ryan snapmares Cobb over and locks in a solid Chin Lock, playing up to the crowd, until Cobb starts to stomp and build momentum with the crowd. Cobb powers his way to his feet, but Ryan releases the hold and slaps Cobb across the face, before hitting the ropes and getting leveled with a Lariat. Cobb is quick to follow up with a back elbow, before launching Ryan overhead with a HUGE Belly to Belly Suplex. Ryan is feeling the pain, as Cobb is getting his bearings back and then approaches, but Ryan catches him with a knee to the gut and goes for an Irish Whip, but Cobb overpowers him into a swinging Belly to Back Suplex and quickly follows with a Standing Moonsault, before snapping off an INCREDIBLE Standing Shooting Star Press and covering, but Ryan kicked out at 2. Cobb stalks Ryan, before methodically locking in a Pump Handle and carelessly lifting Ryan up, throwing him across the ring with ease. Ryan looks bewildered as the power is on display, the crowd is split between the two and Cobb pulls Ryan up for an Irish Whip, only for Joey to slide under and hook Cobb in his own Pump Handle and using all the power he can muster to throw Cobb with The Hollywood Suplex!

The crowd is eating it up, as both men pull themselves up on the ropes, Ryan is up first and charges at Cobb in corner, but he counters with a Back Elbow and charges out, only for Ryan to plant him with a big Spinebuster and covers, but Cobb kicks out at 2. Ryan looks bewildered and retreats into the corner, fidgeting with his tights, before pulling out a SECOND LOLLIPOP! He readies to jam it into Cobb’s mouth, but when the big man gets up and Ryan charges, Cobb side-steps and uses a Rag Doll Waist Lock Throw, to hold on and transition into a Gut Wrench, but Ryan slips out and connects with a Superkick, before pulling out a THIRD LOLLIPOP and SLAMMING IT INTO COBB’S MOUTH, following with another Superkick and the cover, but Cobb barely kicks out at 2! Joey stalks Cobb, as he gets up and pulls his hand into genitalia, powering up for The YouPorn Plex, but Cobb tries to fight out with a Military Press, but the cock is too strong and Ryan escapes. Ryan continues to power up, but Cobb pulls him in and snaps off The Tour of The Islands to put Ryan down for the 3!

I like the way Cobb pre-lifts before snapping over a Belly to Belly Suplex, reminds me of what I loved most about Taz. Raw power and caveman, throw-you-around, attitude. This was a lot of fun, Ryan was allowed to do his shtick and the crowd ate it up. Cobb is impressive in every way and his facial expressions were spot on to play up the odd style of Ryan. Nice and tight and good showing for both guys.

5) Drago vs “The World Warrior” Low Ki

Great ovation and “Lucha! Lucha!” chants for Drago. Kid is very calm and collected, getting a solid ovation. He wears a “Hitman”-esque suit and walks with determination.

Winner: Low Ki via Warrior’s Wrath

Referee Rick Knox calls for the bell, as the fans chant “this is awesome” and they begin to circle each other. They feel each other out and are tentative to lock up, Low Ki throws a kick that misses and finally they lock up, with Ki backing Drago against the ropes, spreading him out and then respectfully backing off. Dueling chants for both me as they lock back up, but this time, Drago backs Ki against the ropes and then rolls back onto his feet, showing mutual respect. They lock up, Ki immediately goes into a wrenching side headlock, but Drago counters out with wrist control and quickly uses an Arm Wringer to get down to his knees. Drago holds control, until Ki rolls through, postures up and the back of his neck and lands a kick, right to the chest of Drago, breaking the hold and sending his opponent back. They go for a lock up, but Drago uses his speed to go around Ki and into a waist lock, which Ki transitions out of and into a Hammerlock, taking Drago down to a knee, until he powers up and into a Side Headlock. Ki pushes him against the ropes and sends him off, Drago evades Ki and continues his run, until he is knocked down by an awkward looking Clothesline and Ki covers for 2. Ki pulls him up and snaps off a Headbutt, rocking Drago into the ropes, following up by ramming Drago’s head into the top turnbuckle and connecting with 2 more Headbutts. Ki sends Drago into the ropes and bends down, but Drago rolls over the top and charges back, ducking a Lariat and then looking for a BodyRana, but Ki drops down into a DEEP Folding Pin for a 2.

Ki gets up, looking a little agitated and uses a Snapmare to take Drago over, quickly locking in a Leg Triangle Choke and punishing Drago. Ki bridges up to put extra pressure on the hold and gets good use out of the hold, until Drago rolls towards the ropes and breaks it up. Ki is on a warpath, pulling Drago up and going for an Irish Whip into the corner, but Drago SORT OF counters, Ki ducks down and Drago just kicks him in the chest, he yells out to the crowd and hits the ropes to take over Ki with a Hurricanrana, somewhat spiking Ki on his head and sending the suited gentleman out of the ring. Drago quickly hit the ropes, but Ki walked away, so Drago continued his run, hit a shoulder roll and positioned to tell Ki to bring it. Ki is taking his time on the floor, as Drago stared him down, rolling in at the 6 to break the count and then continued the wait. Ki gets in the ring and they lock up, breaking apart so Drago could land a kick to Ki’s left leg and then WEAKLY hitting Toe Kicks to Ki’s chest to rock him back, before punching his head and firing up. Ki retreated to the corner, where Drago followed with a Rising Punch and then sent to the opposite side, where Ki used the top turnbuckle to vault up, avoiding Drago as he crashed into the buckles and then unleashing a hellish Double Foot Thrust Kick to Drago’s chest, sending him flying back! Ki admires his work and then covers for a 2 count, he pulls a struggling Drago up and locks in an Abdominal Stretch. Drago starts to fire up in the hold, but Ki slams him down and then kicks at Drago’s head, taking his time, before pulling Drago up and going for an Irish Whip into the corner, which Drago reverses and then charges in, Ki gets both boots up with another hard kick to the chest and repositions into the other corner. Drago charges and misses a back elbow, he then and this is strange, worked his way into another corner and Ki followed with a Jumping Forearm Smash. Ki uses a corner mount to rain down hard elbows to the head, until Drago took advantage of Referee Rick Knox admonishing Ki and slipped under Ki’s legs, pushing the back of his knees so he fell hard to the mat.

Both men were recovering on the mat, Knox started his count and a great shot of a packed Wilmington, California crowd led us to Drago locking Ki in a Head Triangle of his own, barring his arm for extra pressure. Ki is able to roll to the ropes for the break, he rolls out of the ring, favoring his arm and takes some time to heal, before rolling back in and right into a Basement Dropkick. Drago continues his attack, but Ki fights back with a gut strike and goes for an Irish Whip, but Drago counters and hits a Mexican shoulder block, going back to the ropes and using a Casadora Victory Roll for a close 2-count. They trade shots from their feet and from their knees, Drago gets the advantage and uses an Elbow Drop, he pulls Ki up and lands a punch, Ki responds with 2 strikes to the gut of his own and then a HARD Palm Strike the chest. Ki charges hard, Drago takes him down with a Drop Toe Hold and uses La Magistral to get another close 2. Crowd is chanting for Ki as he pulls himself up on the ropes, Drago nails him with a kick and Ki falls out of the ring. Drago is on the chase, blasting Ki with a kick to the head on the floor and rolling him back in, before locking in a tight, deep Single Leg Crab. Drago inexplicably releases the hold, chastising the crowd and then pulling up Ki, who scores with a punch to the gut and then a strike to the mask. Ki rocks Drago against the ropes and goes for a kick, but Drago catches it and kind of hits a Knee Strike before MISSING a Spinning Leg Sweep and quickly covering up with a successful Spinning Leg Sweep. Drago waits for Ki to get up and charges into a Tilt o Whirl Headscissor into a SPIKE DDT for a 2 count. Drago pulls Ki up in a waist lock and struggles to get control, until Ki uses a Casadora and rolls through into a Jumping Double Stomp to the chest. Ki charges and punishes Drago with a Jumping Elbow, clubbing him with a Running Elbow and then using a pausing head kick to keep it going. Ki plays to the crowd and scores with a reverse Springboard Back Tiger Kick! Ki hooks for The Ki Krusher, but Drago struggles, Ki releases and nails a Kawada Kick, he goes for a second kick, but Drago counters with a SPIKE Head Scissors for a close 2!

Drago gets up and makes his way to the top, but Ki stops him and follows up, hooking for a Superplex, but Drago fights him off and dives into The Jorge Complete for a 2 count. Drago goes to the top, Ki gets up and ducks under a dive, before charging into The John Woo Kick and covering for a 2. Ki takes off his jacket and makes his way to the top, Drago is up and stops Ki’s momentum, joining him on the top and positioning, only for Ki to take out his legs and drop him into The Tree of Woe, following with The Warrior’s Wrath for the 3.

This was a little awkward in the beginning, seeming to not want to give control up immediately, but you can tell they just want to go for it. They were pretty awkward with each other the entire match. The ending sequence offered some high impact work, but for the most part these guys looked like they’ve never worked together before. Cool matchup on paper, but it just didn’t play out like it could have. Hopefully they’ve met again and it was much crisper.

6) PCW Tag Team Championship No Disqualification match: Dom Vitali & MVP© vs WarBeast (The Almighty Sheik & Junior Fatu) w/Kevin Sullivan, MK, Cesar Black, Brody King & She-Devil

WarBeast is a bad-ass, big man cult like faction. Sullivan is draped in a black, hooded cloak and is overseeing the entire, wild bunch. Vitali comes out by himself, cuts a promo cutting down WarBeast, saying that he is without a partner, but made some calls. Vitali says his partner is very familiar with Sheik and wants to fight, he then brings out MVP! MVP gets a HUGE OVATION.

Winners and NEW PCW Tag Team Champions: WarBeast when Sheik forced Vitali to Submit to a Camel Clutch with a spike used to fish-hook.

They start hot with an all-out 4-man brawl in the ring, which Vitali & MVP get the best of, sending WarBeast into reorganization mode. Back in the ring, order is restored and Vitali and Fatu start for their respective teams. Vitali charges across, jumps on to Fatu and starts punching away, until Fatu throws him into a corner and charges, but Vitali side-steps and goes back on the offense. Fatu pushes Dom away and runs back at him with a Lariat, but Dom ducks, stomps his foot and pokes The Samoan Savage’s eye! Vitali admires his work and hits the ropes, but is leveled by a Back Elbow from Fatu. Fatu hits the ropes and throws a big Back Senton, but Vitali moves and tags in MVP! MVP stalks in and grabs Fatu by the dreads, but the big man swats his hands away and they go face to face. MVP lands the first chop and Fatu answers, they trade Forearms and chops, until MVP takes advantage with a flurry of forearms and then a Snap Mare to land a swift kick to the back, before hitting the ropes and connecting with a Diving Boot to the face, covering for a 1 count. MVP gets Fatu up and rocks him into the corner with punches, he goes for an Irish Whip, but it’s reversed and MVP ends up in the corner with Fatu charging in, but MVP dodged the Splash and he hit the turnbuckles, allowing MVP to follow with a big Running Corner Yakuza. MVP connects with Clotheslines in the corner and then snaps Fatu out with an Exploder, covering for a 2.

MVP pulls Fatu up and backs into the corner, tagging in Vitali, who climbs to the top and as MVP stretches out Fatu’s ribs, Dom flies off with a Punch to the ribs. Dom follows Fatu into the corner and is relentless with punches and bites his head! He goes back in and looks to send Fatu across, but he reverses and Dom crashes into the corner, Fatu charges with a Shoulder, but Dom moves and Fatu crashes into the post. Dom hits a boot to the gut, hits the ropes and scores with a Knee to the head, stalling a little before going to the top turnbuckle and diving off, right into Fatu’s arms and he snaps off a vicious Swinging Slam and gets the tag to Sheik. Sheik comes right in with boots to Dom and pulls out his SPIKE! Sheik looks to drive the Spike into Dom’s face, but he blocks and gets to his feet, Sheik breaks and swings the Spike, but Vitali dodges and scores with punches. He gets Sheik in the corner and looks for an Irish Whip, Sheik reverses and charges in, but Dom gets a boot up and then uses a Sunset Flip, but Sheik blocks and STABS DOM IN THE FACE! Sheik and MVP yell at each other, until Sheik pulls the tape off his wrist and strangles Vitali, who has blood trickling down from a laceration on his forehead. Sheik is just punishing Dom, pulling the tape around his face and then stomping away. Sheik pulls Vitali up and rams him into the corner, tagging in Fatu, who goes right to work with boots in the corner, stomping a mudhole in him. Sheik adds insult to injury by choking Dom from the floor. Fatu pulls Dom out, slowly, until Vitali surprises him with a Chinbreaker and hits the ropes, but Fatu ends the momentum with a Pop Up Samoan Drop. Fatu continues the assault on the mat, punching away at the laceration and staring down MVP, as Vitali crawls towards the corner.

Fatu pulls Viatli back to his corner, tags in Sheik and holds Dom’s legs, as Sheik enters the ring and uses a Leg Drop, before covering for a 2. Sheik starts towards MVP, but comes back and stabs Dom in the forehead with the spike, over and over and over, before jamming it in and grinding away. Sheik spits at the Ref and continues to Spike his victim, before putting the spike in his mouth and fish-hooking the man. Fatu tags in and stomps Dom in position, before hitting the ropes, using a Handspring to rebound off the ropes and into a Moonsault. That looked awesome. Fatu pulls Dom into the corner and tags in Sheik, but Vitali fires up with punches to Sheik, until he is cut off with a boot to the gut and a punch that drops Vitali. Sheik kicks Dom to the floor, where Sullivan & Brody take turns inflicting punishment. Fatu rolls a beaten Dom Vitali back into the ring, where Sheik stops any momentum of him getting a tag to MVP, clubbing him down. Sheik pulls him up to chop him down, pulls him back up to land another chop, but this time Vitali comes back with punches and finally pushes Sheik into the corner to tag MVP and he comes in like a house of fire, but is stopped by the Referee, who tells MVP that he did not see the tag! Sheik stomps Dom and tags in Fatu, as MVP continues to argue with the Ref. Fatu scores with a Falling Headbutt and then throws Vitali back into the corner, tagging Sheik back in. Sheik stomps and pulls Vitali out for a Piledriver, but Vitali won’t go up, so Sheik clubs him down and hits MVP and HERE COMES MVP! MVP had clearly said “Fuck It” and hit the ring, taking out Fatu and Sheik with punches and Clotheslines. MVP throws Sheik with a Belly to Belly Suplex and drops Fatu with a Face Crusher on a knee. MVP hits Ballin’ with great crowd participation, but Sheik attacks from behind, only for MVP to fire back and overwhelm Sheik, but Fatu attacks from behind and again MVP fires up and fights him off, taking both he and Fatu to the floor with a Clothesline over the top. Brody attacks MVP on the floor, as Dom slaps away and Sheik and goes for an Irish Whip, but Sheik takes him down with a Drop Toe Hold and applies The Camel Clutch. He tortures Vitali, before pulling his Spike back out and fish-hooking Dom! Sullivan is shown instructing Sheik to pull back, as Sheik wrenches back, but MVP grabs a chair from the crowd and levels Fatu and Brody, to no avail though, as Vitali submits and WE HAVE NEW PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

MVP and Sheik stare each other down, with weapons in hand, until WarBeast joins Sheik’s side and Cesar Black runs across to hold MVP back. MK approaches and hands an envelope to Black, who hands it to MVP, with the crowd chanting “no!” Vitali is getting to his knees, when MVP drops him with a Shining Wizard and takes the money and leaves. Sheik Powerbombs Vitali, Fatu hits a Headbutt, King hits a Back Senton and Fatu follows with a Running Headbutt. Fatu then kills Vitali with a double jump Moonsault and WarBeast stands tall.

This was ok. Vitali took one hell of a beating. I like the WarBeast crew and the crowd was super into everything. Seeing Kevin Sullivan apart of this will always intrigue me and the Dungeon of Doom 2.0 with Fatu being Meng is fantastic.

7) PCW Heavyweight Championship match: “Mr. PCW” Rob Vab Dam© vs Willie Mack

The crowd is hot, chanting “PCW! PCW!” as Hardy starts his introductions. They stay hot and sing along with the hook to Mack’s entrance theme, “Game Over” by Lil’ Flip. It’s always great to see RVD come out to “Walk” by Pantera and it brings me back to being 12 years old when I see the fans gesturing along. RVD walks all around ringside, getting and giving love to an adoring crowd.

Winner and STILL PCW Heavyweight Champion: RVD with The Five Star Frog Splash

Mutual respect and a long feeling out, dueling chants process. RVD asks for a moment and hits the “RVD” gesture. They lock up and Mack immediately looks for a pin with a DEEP School Boy. They roll up and Mack shows him just how close he was to beating him, as RVD looks for an excuse. RVD grabs a Side Headlock and Mack sends him off the ropes, before dropping him with a solid Shoulder. RVD gets up, looks impressed and confirms that Mack is a strong man. RVD back into a Side Headlock, he gets sent off and Mack lays a shoulder on him, but RVD stays up and goes for a Leg Sweep, which Mack avoids and crushes RVD with a Leg Drop! Mack crawls into the cover, but RVD kicks out and rolls to the floor. RVD takes his time on the floor, with Referee Rick Knox making the count and holding Mack back. RVD finally feels ready to pulls himself into the ring, as Mack charges into the corner, but RVD uses a Backdrop to launch Mack to the apron and connect with a Springboard Flying Kick, knocking Mack off the apron and into the guardrail. RVD follows him out and throws Mack into the guardrail and punches away, before slamming his head into the apron and then jumping to the apron and scoring with a Flying Back Kick, sending Mack crashing into the crowd! RVD goes for a jump to the guardrail, but slips and still manages to Dive at Mack, but they both crash onto the cement and chairs. RVD pulls Mack up, but Willie drops him with a Roundhouse Kick to the arm and takes control with a solid Headbutt. They brawl amongst the fans, with Mack piling up chairs and then using a Chair Body Slam to plant RVD and get the crowd on their feet.

Mack stomps away, RVD fires back with an up kick and then jams a chair into Mack’s gut, following with kicks and forearms and then dropping Mack with a Superkick. RVD is slapping hands with the fans, before pulling Mack in for a Piledriver, but the big man counters with a Backdrop onto chairs and concrete. Mack punches at RVD and acts as if his right hand is hurt. He spits water into RVD’s eyes and they brawl by the guardrail, before Willie knocked him over and to ringside, with a Lariat. Mack jumps over, stalks RVD and nails him with a Spinning Kick, RVD is rocked against the guardrail and Mack gets back into the ring. RVD is not getting back in the ring, so Mack goes back to the floor in pursuit, only to eat the guardrail via a Drop Toe Hold from RVD. RVD gains his bearings and pulls Mack up, dropping him, gut-first, over the guardrail and goes to the apron, playing up to an interactive crowd and hitting a Twisting Leg Drop to Mack’s back! “PCW” chants for a fine skirmish and RVD is first up, rolling in and out of the ring, grabbing a chair from the crowd and laying it on Mack, following with Rolling Thunder on the concrete! RVD gets in the ring and plays to the crowd, as Mack writhes in pain, RVD gets back out, limps around and rolls Mack into the ring. RVD limps some more and starts to get into the ring, but Mack cuts him off with a boot and then a hard kick to the chest, allowing him to use a Rope Hanging Lung Blower for a close 2-count. Both men are feeling the effects of the physical battle, Mack throws a wild punch, RVD counters into a Waist Lock, but Mack smashes him with a Back Elbow, followed with a Jaw Breaker and then a Stunner, dropping into the cover, but RVD kicked out at 2!
Mack backed RVD into the corner, charged to one side of the ring and then back with a hard elbow strike, before running to the other side of the ring and charging back with a huge boot to the face. Mack then went to the opposite side of the ring and hit a Back Senton Tumbleweed, covering for another 2. Mack pulls RVD up and gets him into the corner, sending him across and charging in, but RVD moved and Mack crashed, chest-first, into the corner, RVD immediately hit a Lifting Kick and covered for a 2. RVD sort-of hit a back Leg Drop off the top, but then shook his head and scored with a Split Legged Moonsault for a 2 count. RVD looks for an Irish Whip, but Mack reverses and lowers for a Back Body Drop, only for RVD to get a boot up and then throw a kick, but Mack ducks and uses an Atomic Drop. Mack follows with a Manhattan Drop and then hits a huge Shotgun Dropkick. Mack is on fire, he pulls RVD into the corner and puts him in the TREE OF WOE. Mack stomps away and then goes to the side corner, following with The Van Terminator, bringing the crowd and commentators to a shrieking climax. Mack crawls into the corner and covers, but RVD kicks out. RVD nails Mack with a Knee Lift, Mack fires back with a punch and goes for an Irish Whip, but RVD holds onto the ropes and nails Mack with a kick to the face, before catching a boot and hitting a rolling kick to the face. RVD leaves the ring to grab a chair and slides back in, Mack starts to get up and ducks a thrown chair, following with an Exploder Suplex! Mack waits for RVD to get up and plants him with a Samoan Drop, kipping up and into a Standing Moonsault for a dramatic 2-count. Mack grabs the chair and stalks, but RVD snaps off a Body Scissor Rollup for a 2 count, quickly throwing the chair to Mack and hitting The Van Daminator! RVD pulls himself to the top and hits The Five Star Frog Splash to put away Mack!

Quite the variety of work in this show and all of it was enjoyable at least. That Janela vs Rush vs James – 3 Way – is worth picking up this show alone. Great pacing throughout and the Main Event, felt like a Main Event. The crowd is always dynamite at PCW and again, they were loud and into the show. I would recommend this show, great mix of up and comers, stars of today and yesterday and the presentation is cool.

You can watch this on PCW’s streaming service

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