CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode #111 Review: PWI Ultra J Champion vs Champion of the 1%

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To open tonight’s episode, we get former Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Sandwich Squad taking on the clearly mismatched team of The Culture. This is the first time we have seen Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercenary since the two lost the titles to The Dawsons and so their match against James Ryan and Cam Carter is a straight up squash match. It’s not a bad way to re-introduce the ex-champs to CWF. Seeing them decimate these two scrawny guys tells the story of just how pissed off they are about losing their belts and how motivated they are to win them back. It’s a new, nasty side to the babyface duo we’ve never seen up to this point and it sends a clear message to The Dawsons that their newfound titles may be in trouble if the two teams meet again. After they fling The Culture around like hot cakes on a Sunday evening for a couple minutes, this one-sided beatdown ends with The Sandwich Squad hitting Hero’s Sandwich on both men for the easy win at 4:54.

During Sandwich Squad’s post-match interview with CJ Perry, The Dawsons make their way out to the ring and the two teams have a staredown and shouting match until Sandwich Squad are escorted to the back by referees.

The Dawsons stay in the ring for their match against Lucas Calhoun and Proletariat Boar of Moldova. Also, strangely enough, despite the contrast here, the titles are on the long. Even stranger, their opponents are presented as a serious threat to the titles, as hard as that may be to believe. To be fair, The Boar does pose a challenge to The Dawsons because he’s a big man, but no matter how tall the guy is, it’s kind of hard to take a guy seriously when he’s wrestling with a boar mask on. Therefore, this probably should’ve been more of an easy win for The Dawsons. No disrespect to their opponents, but no one thinks that such a ridiculous team has a chance at making these two monsters eat the pin. Especially for their first title defense. For their first match since winning the belts, The Dawsons should have looked more dominant. Especially when the match itself wasn’t all that great to begin with. Again, it might’ve been better if the challengers actually seemed like they had a shot at winning, but the result always seemed like a pre-determined conclusion from the get-go. In the end, Dave Dawson goes for a vicious lariat on Calhoun, but Calhoun dodges it, making Dave run right into a Gore from The Boar. After Zane Dawson disposes of The Boar to the outside, Dave decapitates Calhoun with a lariat to retain the titles in 8:48.

Out to the ring is Smith Garrett for a promo. He brings up the fact that Xsiris cost him a shot at the World Championship and now, the night they were supposed to face off, Xsiris no-shows. He also mentions that while Xsiris may be better than Garrett at no showing events and dating underage girls, but he isn’t better than him at wrestling given that Xsiris has never beaten Garrett one on one. So he challenges Xsiris to a match at Absolute Justice. Very good promo as it was interactive with the crowd, he got a babyface ovation, and he proved to be a good talker. Most importantly, he sold me on a match for the big event. Looking forward to seeing Xsiris vs Garrett some time in the near future.

For the main event, we get The Champion of the 1%, Logan Easton Laroux, taking on PWI Ultra J Champion Chet Sterling. Since Laroux’s “title” isn’t an actual championship that can be won, it is Sterling’s championship which is on the line here. If anyone has seen their work together in NOVA Pro Wrestling knows that these two have excellent chemistry whenever they step inside of a ring and tonight was no exception. These two know each other so well at this point. So much so that the transitions into each counters looks as beautiful as they do brutal. The action keeps a quick pace with a red hot crowd behind them. The ideal crowd, actually, given how much they were loving the babyface Sterling and venomously hating the heel Laroux. Each man played their roles well and, as always, showcased some tremendous athleticism. At the match’s conclusion, Laroux avoids a Blockbuster from Sterling by pushing the referee into the ropes, knocking Sterling into a seated position. Laroux tries to capitalize seemingly with a top rope suplex, but Sterling pushes him off, allowing him to leap off the top rope for a sunset flip. Laroux tries to avoid it for as long as he can by holding on to the referee, but as soon as the ref pushes him away, Laroux’s shoulders hit the mat and he’s pinned in 11:45. Sterling retains in a really good match to close out an episode of CWF Worldwide that isn’t great by any means (though, to be fair, it is much shorter than most episodes tend to be), but is worth watching solely for a stellar main event. Next week’s episode is bound to pick up as CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee is scheduled to take on international superstar, Michael Elgin.

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