ROH 06/30/17 TV Review

ROH 06/30/17 TV Review
Chicago Ridge, IL

The show this week opened with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcoming us to the show. The episode was the second episode taped in Chicago Ridge, and featured fallout from the Best in the World PPV.

Cody came out to talk about his title win and right as he began, the light went out. Christopher Daniels came out, decked out in a suit and proceeded to attack Cody. The two brawled for quite a bit, fighting off referees and security until Daniels clotheslined Cody over the top rope and officials were able to finally separate them, but not before Daniels grabbed the title and indicating that he is seeking revenge for the loss he suffered at Best in the World.

First Match: Josh Woods vs. Jay Briscoe
Before the match we are treated to a recap of Josh Woods challenging Briscoe, followed by Briscoe’s promo responding to being called out. Briscoe’s promo was excellent, full of intensity. The match started off a bit slow, with Woods staying in control for the opening part of the contest, applying submissions that forced Briscoe to grab the ropes to relinquish the hold. The action spilled to the outside and from there on out Briscoe’s nasty streak dominated the match. Woods had some strong flurries of offense, but a strong clothesline from Briscoe came as a surprise finisher for this contest. The work in the ring was well done, but there wasn’t a huge crowd reaction for this one.  It seems to be a casualty of having to tape a challenge and the match on the same day. Perhaps seeing this play out a little bit more over time would have served this a bit better, but nevertheless, Woods looked strong while Jay Briscoe’s spiral to heelish viciousness continued.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

A video package aired next, chronicling Will Ferrara’s attack of Cheeseburger, severing the longtime friendship. Ferrara cut a backstage promo during which he expressed being sick of carrying Cheeseburger and his intentions to end his former partner’s career in ROH.

Second Match: ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Tornado Tag Rules
The Young Bucks vs. Tempura Boyz vs Coast 2 Coast.
Before the regularly scheduled tag match between the Boyz and C2C could get underway the Young Bucks came to the ring and issued a challenge to make it a triple threat tornado tag for the titles, to which the crowd vociferously supported. Making the match a tornado tag really did wonders- this was a full sprint, with all three teams really giving it their all during this one. Hopefully one of these teams can pick up a non title victory over the Bucks to prop the team up as legitimate threat to the titles. The end came when C2C had the Tempura Boyz ready for stereo tombstones, the Bucks took the opportunity to hit stereo Indytakers before connecting with superkicks and picking up the double pinfall victory. The work here is a testament to the growing confidence of the younger teams, while also the Bucks willingness to put them over.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Main Event:Number 1 Contender for ROH World TV title Match
Four Corners Survival
Mark Briscoe vs. Kenny King vs. The Beer City Bruiser vs. Chris Sabin
These four corners survival matches can be hit or miss, and this one falls under the former. BCB is underrated for a big man and he continually plays his role well in multi-man matches. The match is definitely worth a watch and the uncertainty of who would win going into the match made this that much more enjoyable, as many of the near falls near the end truly felt as if they could have produced a winner. There were some fun spots, like BCB’s senton spot to the outside and the simultaneous BCB frog splash/Briscoe froggy-bow. In the end, King hit his finisher the Royal Flush on BCB, winning via pinfall.

Winner: Kenny King

Final Reaction: B
This week continued the trend of using younger talent and developing them on the roster. Granted, the winners of the matches don’t speak to change, but the presentation was important. King winning the four way was a bit surprising, but with his exposure on the Bachelorette and the disbanding of the The Rebellion, showcasing him this way is a smart move. King seemed to have a fire lit under him and while he may not unseat KUSHIDA for the title, this could be an indication of a push for him in the singles division.  Either way, new possibilities after the PPV seems to be the theme on ROH TV of late and that’s a positive thing.

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