Filsinger Games Convention Returns to Jamestown on July 8!


In 1990 Jamestown hosted the first-ever Champions of the Galaxy annual game convention. On July 8, after an absence of three years, the body-slamming game action is set to return!

Champions of the Galaxy is a tabletop cards and dice game created and released in 1986 by Filsinger Games. Champions of the Galaxy features futuristic wrestlers battling it out across the galaxy with game cards drawn by Marvel and DC comic book artist Darryl Banks.

The first Champions of the Galaxy game convention, GalactiCon, took place in Jamestown, New York in July, 1990. The success of the first convention led to annual events in Jamestown until 2014 and then the convention hit the road. In 2015 the convention was held in Cleveland and last year in Philadelphia.

GalactiCon 2017 will take place on July 8 from noon to 6:00 pm at the cyber café in the student union at Jamestown Community College. The event features game tournaments, prizes, Q & A, as well as an auction to benefit Infinity Visual and Performing Arts. “We have always had an auction to promote creativity and the arts,” said game company owner and game creator, Tom Filsinger. “We are proud to play a role in stimulating and encouraging creativity in the Jamestown area.”

In recent years Filsinger Games has expanded to include licensing agreements with professional wrestling organizations such as Ring of Honor and Evolve. There is also a Hollywood screenplay for a Champions of the Galaxy movie written by Power Rangers television writer, Mark Litton.

Game fans from states such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington will arrive in Jamestown for the convention on July 8. “Jamestown has many fond memories for all of us,” says game fan Todd Joerchel, who lives in New Jersey. “It is a charming and accessible city, very comfortable for our fans.”

Filsinger Games will exclusively release the new expansion pack for Champions of the Galaxy called “Regime Change 2133” at the convention. Owner and creator Tom Filsinger will be in attendance. “I can’t wait to be there. Jamestown is an amazing area with many great people.”

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