ROH “Gateway to Gold” Review

ROH Gateway to Gold Review
Gateway Center

Flip Gordon vs. Frankie Kazarian
Slow mat based match to start with Kazarian showing off his athleticism by flipping first. The story of the match was that Kazarian is very experienced and that Gordon might be overwhelmed by that/ Gordon used his flips wisely-it never felt over the top and complimented his offense in a way that was believable. In the end the athleticism wasn’t enough to overcome Kazarian’s experience and Flip fell victim to a slingshot cutter, allowing Kazarian to pick up the win via pinfall. A good short opener that was high energy and told an effective story for experience just edging out youth.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

The Rebellion ( Rhett Titus & Caprice Coleman w/ Shane Taylor) vs.
Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali)
Riccaboni and Cabana continued their discussion of Taylor having a manager’s license again from the Road to the Best in the World show and it’s little bits on continuity, albeit it slightly silly, that really add something to commentary. Ali and LSG were in control to start this one until the Rebellion worked over LSG. After absorbing some punishment, LSG made the hot tag to Ali after connecting with a flipping clothesline. C2C looked particularly strong during this sequence and seemed poised to win, but Titus/Coleman’s experience proved to be too much. Coleman hit a supercanarana to Ali and Titus followed with a Big Dawg splash for the pinfall victory. Good match, both teams felt even. C2C is becoming an important part of the division and that’s a good thing for them and the company. Losing here doesn’t hurt them, as they looked strong and the Rebellion looks formidable winning cleanly as they head into their match at Best in the World.

Winners: The Rebellion

Jay Briscoe defeated Shane Taylor vs. Jay Briscoe
Taylor stayed in the ring and called Briscoe out, who obliged him and came right to the ring. The two started off brawling immediately.  After a brief flurry from Briscoe, Taylor took control and worked the match at his pace, mainly brawling with Briscoe. At one point Taylor perched up on the second rope and appeared to be going for his splash but was a jawing a bit and the hesitation allowed Briscoe to recover. With Taylor positioned on the top rope, Briscoe hoisted him up and dropped him with an impressive Death Valley driver. Taylor was in control again, but again grew cocky and went to hit Briscoe with his own finisher, the Jay Driller. Much like the Goto match Taylor looked strong and this felt more like he lost the match, as opposed to Jay winning, which speaks to how Taylor is viewed within the company.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Gauntlet For the Gold

  1. Jonathan Gresham defeated Yo-Quick, fast paced match that saw both men split the offense down the middle. Gresham won after he rolled through a majistral cradle into a bridging reverse jacknife pin.
  2. Jonathan Gresham defeated Jake Crist-Due to a Dave Crist injury, Jake wrestled singles instead of a tag against the Young Bucks. Another quick match that gave both men the chance to shine. Crist looked strong here and has an interesting style. Gresham won via submission after locking on the Octopus stretch.
  3. Kenny King defeated Gresham- An exhausted Gresham was a lay up for a fresh King.

4.Kenny King defeated Sho-King won in a short bout via submission.

  1. Kenny King defeated Dalton Castle-Castle’s elaborated entrance gave King a chance to recoup and Cabana expertly pointed that out on commentary-another example of his spot on this tandem is. King won via pinfall to continue on.
  2. Cheeseburger defeated Kenny King via roll-up
  3. Cheeseburger defeated Will Ferrara-Ferrara ambushed Cheeseburger with a chair, willfully disqualifying himself and beating his former partner down before he left ringside.
  4. Punishment Martinez defeated Cheeseburger– Martinez delivered the South of Heaven chokeslam before winning via pinfall.
  5. Punishment Martinez and Jay White wrestled to a double count out.-Daniels came out challenged both men to a three way match to guarantee a main event for the title.

Bobby Fish vs Jay Lethal
Silas and BCB came down to the ring and seemed to distract the two a bit. Lethal went for a Lethal injection, but Fish reversed it into the Fish Hook ankle lock. Lethal was able to escape and then two traded two count small packages for a spell. As Fsh went for a super Falcon arrow, Lethal knocked him off the ropes into Todd Sinclair. Lethal pulled Lethal down onto the top turnbuckle as SInclair was hurt, allowing Fish to hit a super Falcon arrow and scored the pinfall. Young and BCB hit the ring and attacked both men, grabbing a mic and calling for security to take Fish and Lethal from the ring.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs. Bully Ray & Mark Briscoe
Young then continued on the mic, calling Mark Briscoe and Bully Ray out for their match.
Nothing particularly special to write about here, aside from fluid tag work from both sides. Eventually a Double Wassup spot was followed by the get the tables spot, which allowed Young and BCB to recover. Ray ended up knocking Young off the top rope, leaving BCB open to be on the receiving end of a Froggy-bow off of Ray’s shoulders. Without Fish and Lethal getting their revenge during this match, the loss

Winners: Bully Ray & Mark Briscoe

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks(c) vs The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia)
Taven and Marseglia worked as perfect heels to start, keeping Matt on their side of the ring, knocking Nick of the apron and even pull the mats away on the outside, ultimately having a piledriver reversed. Matt then ever so slowly crawled across the ring, only to have Nick pulled off the apron again. Nick finally tagged in and cleaned house. Things broke down all four men collapsed mid-ring after a stiff showdown. The Kingdom recovered first and Taven tried to go for Rockstar Superstar on the outside, but Nick stopped Marseglia and the Bucks hit an Indytaker on the exposed concrete on the outside. They rolled Taven inside and hit a 5-star Meltzer Driver for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Bullet Club (Cody & Hangman Page) defeated Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)
Back and forth contest here, with MCMG seemingly getting in more offense. After hitting the Skull and Crossbones neckbreaker/splash combo Sabin only got a two count. Cabana pointed out that Shelley could have stopped Cody from breaking up the pin. Another MCMG double team  attempt went awry, as Page knocked Shelley off the top ripper, preventing a Super Sliced bread/powerbomb combo. Sabin actually drop kicked Shelley who was hung up in a tree of woe. Page was able to reverse a victory roll from Sabin with help from Cody and picked up the win via pinfall. Sabin gave an impassioned in-ring promo after the loss, clearly frustrated.

Winners:Cody *Hangman Page

ROH World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez
Martinez hit a senton over the corner turnbuckle, but oddly rolled both men into the ring. He went for a double south of heaven choke slam, only to have both men break free and combine to hit Angels Wings on him. That left White and Daniels alone and although White escaped Angels Wings, he had his own finisher, the Kiwi Crusher reversed. Daniels hit the judo slam and followed with a Best Moonsault Ever for the clean pinfall victory.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Final Reaction: C+
Overall, the show was simply average. The tie ending of the Gauntlet for the Gold worked well for the issues between White and Martinez, but essentially took away the opportunity for one of these two young stars to earn their first one on one world title match. This was not the most exciting event, but the foundation is being set here with the use of younger talent that ROH is grooming for the future.

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