NOVA Pro Wrestling American Slang ’17 07/14/2017 Results

Fairfax, VA – 7.14.2017

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Brad Stutts, Innnocent Isaiah, Angelus Layne

Pre-Show Match: Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Isaiah Frazier defeated AC Hawkes & Sage Philips when Sharpe schoolboyed Philips after Frazier kicked out his bad leg.

1. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) def. The Gymnasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike) with the Ducksday Device on Mike in 9:13.

2. John Kermon submitted Rory Gulak in 8:38.

3. Faye Jackson defeated Sahara Seven with “A Cherry on Top” (corner cannonball senton) in 4:04.

4. wXw Shotgun Championship & AIW Absolute Championship
David Starr vs. Tim Donst went to a Double Count Out in 4:18. Not satisfied, they restarted the match with a No Count Out Stipulation.
No Count Out: David Starr vs. Tim Donst went to a Double Disqualification in 7:52. Not satisfied, they restarted the match with a No Count Out and No DQ stipulation,.
No Count Out, No Disqualification: David Starr vs. Tim Donst resulted in a double pin with both competitors shoulders pinned down at 10:54. Both men left with their respective titles.

5. The Sandwich Squad (Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs) defeated Reed Bentley & Mance Warner in 10:13 with the Hero Sandwich on Warner.

6. Sonjay Dutt pinned Matt Cross in 13:46 when Dutt cut back on Cross’ Magistral cradle attempt.

7. Arik Royal ran the 1% Gauntlet, defeating Tripp Cassidy, Bobby Shields, and Alexander James in 10:06.
– Tripp Cassidy forfeit when he became fed up with Bobby and James.
– Arik Royal pinned Bobby Shields with a schoolboy.
– Arik Royal tapped out Alexander James with a Kondo Clutch.

Because of this win, Arik Royal will face Logan Easton Laroux at “Nova Project 3” on September 22nd.

8. Angelus Layne pinned Brittany Blake with the Gravedigger in 6:19.
– Angelus Layne badmouthed NOVA Pro co-founder and booker Mike E. King until he came to the ring and asked to be professional and talk backstage. Layne responded by throwing a fireball in Mike’s face! The locker room chased after Angelus who bailed through the back door of the venue.

9. Innocent Isaiah pinned Beau Crockett with a low blow and schoolboy in 11:35.

10. Logan Easton Laroux defeated Chet Sterling in a Ladder Match for the PWI Ultra J Champiosnhip in 18:43, becoming the NEW PWI Ultra J Champion.

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