ROH 07/15/17 TV Review

ROH 07/15/17 TV Review
Lowell, MA

The show this week opened with Cody coming to the ring as Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana briefly spoke about Christopher Daniels message to the fans being deemed too offensive to air on television.

Cody was showered in chants of “You Deserve it” from the crowd and he said he couldn’t help but agree. As he mentioned Daniels, the crowd booed just the mention of the same man they cheered along a few months ago. Cody then postulated that Daniels may have lost his smile. Cody spoke about the fact that his smile comes from being able to wrestle whenever he wants as a free agent. He then proposed defending the title against Daniels in a rematch in a two out of three falls match.

First Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Punishment Martinez
Gresham was rocking a new look, with longer tights as opposed to the usual short trunks. Gresham went after Martinez right away, using his speed to avoid the larger man’s clutches, throwing up Search and Destroy’s symbol repeatedly as he outsmarted and out moved Martinez. Despite his effective offense, Gresham took a boot to the face that looked like a child being kicked by a parent, so much so that Cabana could not help but guffaw. Martinez hit a falcon arrow, but Gresham was somehow able to kick out, and wiggle his way to be able to hit a hurricanrana, focusing on the knee and applying a modified figure four.

Martinez escaped by grabbing the ropes and went for his spin kick, but sold the leg injury and collapsed mid ring. Gresham hit a shooting star press, but only got a two count. Martinez rolled to the outside and stymied a Gresham suicide dive, dropping him with a powerbomb on the apron. That signaled the end of the match, as hit a Psycho Driver to end the match. As Martinez went to attacked Gresham after the pinfall, Jay White ran out and the two fought Martinez off. This was really well executed. At times, these David and Goliath matches can be very unbelievable, but Gresham’s attack on the leg was logical and Martinez sold well throughout the match.  The right man won, but Gresham looked strong in this one and that is a credit to both men.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

As Mandy Leon was cutting a promo backstage about a Women of Honor special, Silas Young interrupted her, stating that no one cares about women’s wrestling. He had her hold his workplace safety sign, reminding everyone that Lethal has not been around for 22 days at this point. Leon continued after Young left, clearly rankled by Young’s statement, but nevertheless reminding us about the special.

Second Match: The Tempura Boyz vs. Cheeseburger & Joey Daddiego
Sho and Yo took control early one, after a shouting battle between the teams as Daddiego yelled beef, prompting Colt and Ian to question “Where’s the Beef”. Every week they seem to pull some obscure reference out that really adds to the broadcast. Daddiego was able to fend the Tempura Boyz off, but the two were able to isolate Cheeseburger with crisp double team moves. Burger was able to make the hot tag to Daddiego who floored both opponents, but he quickly tagged Burger back in, a move Cabana questioned. Nevertheless, Burger hit Yo with a Shotei to pick up the pinfall victory. Two girls who seemed obsessed with Burger hopped the railing and swarmed Cheeseburger, until the ring crew lead them to the back. One member of security stayed behind and attacked Cheeseburger, ultimately revealing himself to be Will Ferrara. Daddiego slowly recognized what was going on, but it was too late, as Ferrara ran off through the crowd. It did not seem that the audience knew it was Ferrara and the fans flowing over the barricade, only to be lead out through the ramp area was odd and confusing and did not generate the heat one would think it would have.

Winners: Cheeseburger & Joey Daddiego

Main Event: The Bullet Club (Hangman Page & The Young Bucks) vs.
The Briscoes & Bully Ray
Good tag team action to start with the Briscoes in control early until the Young Bucks chased them from the ring. As things settled down Matt and Ray squared off, with Matt jaw jacking and daring Bully to chop him, only to Too Sweet him in the eye twice. Ray was able to battle back, but quickly ate double superkicks, allowing the Bullet Club to set up for Rise of the Terminators, only to put stopped and be on the receiving end of a suicide dive from Jay and a dive from the top from Mark. Back inside the ring, the Bucks took control over Bully with a pair of superkicks and cut the ring off, working like a well-oiled machine. Ray was able to fend off a Wassup headbutt from the top by hitting a cutter on Nick before making the hot tag to Mark. Bully Ray went to splash all of the Bullet Club in the corner, but Todd Sinclair was pulled into the corner and thusly was incapacitated and unable to make the count on Page, who was on the receiving end of a 3D. In the confusion, Marty Scurll ran down to the ring and cracked Jay Briscoe across the back with his umbrella, allowing Page to pick up the win via pinfall. Fun contest here, even if the crowd seemed a little gassed at this point. After the match both Briscoes went full on rage mode, tossing officials into the barricade as Bully Ray looked on, fuming himself.

Winners: The Bullet Club

Final Reaction: B
Another solid episode from ROH this week. The first match worked best as a standalone match, but it is always great to see the Young Bucks and the Briscoes in a match as they constantly strive to reinvent each encounter they have. Gresham has come in and established himself as someone who has a great match every time he comes to the ring and Martinez is really in top form after his messy starts as The Purple Haze number two. The tag match was not particularly long or remarkable, but it furthered the issues with Ferrara and Cheeseburger. A strength of the shows lately has been a good mix of young talent and consistent storytelling and you can’t ask for a whole lot more from a weekly show.

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