Lucha Underground 7/19/2017 Review: Fade to Black

We open with Prince Puma on a rooftop. Once again, he’s haunted by his lost to Mil Muertes in their Grave Consequences match Konnan being murdered by Mil. Vampiro tells him that these visions will haunt him until he wins the Cueto Cup, and then the LU Championship. Puma promises to win. Coincidentally, Worldwide Underground arrive to the building and Puma’s opponent for tonight, PJ Black, flips Puma off from below.

We kick off in-ring action with Cage vs Pindar in Round 2 of the tournament. At least that is what we should have got. At the start, the referee told Cage to take off his gauntlet. Not only did Cage refuse, he clotheslined the ref. Pindar wins by DQ, then Cage pummels the ref in a post-match beatdown. This was more of a segment than a match, but it emphasized the story involving Cage and his obsession with this gauntlet glove. The longer that Cage wears the gauntlet, the more he’s consumed by its power and it just cost him this tournament.  The longer this story of him and the gauntlet progresses, the more I’m intrigued.

Up next, we have Son of Havoc vs Dante Fox, but right before the bell, Son of Madness attacks him. The two have a brawl into the crowd that leaves Son of Havoc knackered for his match with Fox. Despite that, the two put on a lengthy match. A match which really showcases the best of Fox’s athletic ability. The guy hits some jaw dropping offense and some dives that are just out of this world. Not to take away from Son of Havoc though. He really made for a babyface you wanted to root for. He was battered, but he fought on as much as he could. The whole Temple was cheering for him to pull an upset, but it wasn’t to be. Havoc goes for his signature Shooting Star, but Fox evades it and hits his Foxcatcher for the win to end a good match.

After that, Worldwide Underground meet up in the locker room and we’re introduced to their new agent, Benjamin Cook, who promises they will own Lucha Underground if Black wins his match tonight. Also, Johnny Mundo is trying to get Ghost Dad 2 off the ground. No word on if he plans to re-cast Bill Cosby.

Now, it is time for the main event of the evening and our final Round 2 match of the night: Prince Puma vs PJ Black. We’re meant to think that Puma is wrestling a more ruthless style as he has been recently, but apart from dark jeans, he seems like the same old Puma. Not that that’s a bad thing or anything. His classic high fly style works and meshes well with Black’s similar style. The merging of styles lead themselves to an absolute clinic of high octane cruiserweight action. The two are flying, diving, and spinning all over the place until the end. In the end, Puma finishes Black off with his 630 Splash for the win to advance in the tournament.

To close out a solid episode, we end with Dario Cueto constantly getting calls from Benjamin Cook begging for Black to get another shot in the tournament. Cueto emphasizes that there’s nothing he can do as Black is already out. Cook wagers for Black to redeem himself by taking on #1 contender, Rey Mysterio , next week. Cueto likes that idea and it’s official. Next week should be interesting.

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