Lucha Underground 7/26/2017 Review: Booyaka! Booyaka!

We don’t waste any time at the top of the hour as we kick things off with another 2nd Round match for the Cueto Cup. This time, between The Mack and Texano. I couldn’t get into this one to be honest. I really wanted to and I had some expectations for a fast paced hoss fight. Instead, they work kind of a slow pace early on and the pacing isn’t nearly as quick as I expected. Both are great competitors, but for some reason, their styles didn’t mesh as well as I hoped. Still, not a bad match. Just an alright one that could have been much better.

At the end, The Mack is preparing to go for the kill. Instead, Famous B hits the ring and shoots The Mack with a water pistol. For some reason, assault with a deadly weapon does not result in a DQ. However, Famous B does receive a Stunner for his troubles. Then, The Mack turns around right into a Sit-Out Powerbomb, giving Texano the win.

We follow that up with Son of Havoc at the bar, who gets confronted by Son of Madness. The two tussle for a bit, Havoc saying that he’ll never join their gang again after what happened “last time.” Madness promises that he will, then just leaves.

After that, we take a detour into some comedy. The Rabbit Tribe play checkers on Saltador’s chest. Mascarita Sagrada enters and The Tribe apologize for costing him his match in the tournament. Mascarita hands them a present and leaves. They open it to find a lucky rabbit’s foot. They scream in horror. Mascarita’s a monster.

In another Cueto Cup bout, Drago takes on Pentagon Dark. This is just classic luchador action here. High flying action driven at 1000 miles per hour and some crazy looking sequences. This one really made up for Mack vs Texano being disappointing because I had a blast watching this. There was a constant back and forth and thanks to a heel vs heel dynamic, you got to see two aggressive luchadors duke it out to wonderful results. The match concludes when Drago hits the top rope, but Pentagon sweeps his legs off to nail one gnarly Package Piledriver for the win.

After the match, Pentagon knocks out Drago’s handler, Cobra Moon, before going to break Drago’s arm. Drago’s former brother, Aerostar, makes the save to a chorus of boos from rabid fans who wanted to see Pentagon kill someone. Drago shows his gratitude by murdering Aerostar with his finisher and leaving him for Pentagon, who breaks Aerostar’s arm.

Immediately after, Catrina catches Pentagon backstage and reminds him of his past beef with Mil Muertes. She tells him that if Pentagon is lucky enough to advance in the tournament, Mil will be waiting for him. Catrina also says that if Mil gets his hands on Pentagon, he will end Pentagon.

Finally, we get our main event of the evening. It’s not a tournament match, but it is a match of major magnitudes nonetheless. Johnny Mundo’s buddy, PJ Black, takes on the #1 contender to Mundo’s LU Championship, Rey Mysterio. Lightning fast exchanges lend themselves to quick paced action at the start. That gets slowed down when Black starts working a more methodical heel role with rest holds galore. Things pick back up at the end as the two trade offense until the finish where Black catches Mysterio in mid-air, but Mysterio reverses with a DDT. In the process, he takes the ref out, leading Mundo and Jack Evans to come out and attack Mysterio. Worldwide Underground layout Mysterio until Dragon Azteca makes the save until Taya saves her own team. Mundo lays Black’s body onto Mysterio for the…1…2…

KICK OUT! The crowd can’t believe it as Azteca chases away Worldwide Underground with a chair. The final moments sees Mysterio reverse a Razor’s Edge into a 619 for the 1…2…3 victory! Mysterio then gets on the mic to address Mundo and says that Mundo won’t be able to run in 4 weeks when they face off for the LU Championship. The crowd showers Mysterio with cheers as we go off the air.

The main event kind of felt like a WWE match in an indie setting. That isn’t a bad thing and I’m not saying that to criticize the match. After all, it makes sense since both guys are ex-WWE guys who used to use that WWE style religiously in the company. Plus, I love a good WWE match and I really enjoyed this WWE-lite match-up. I’ve seen the WWE style done well and I’ve seen it done badly. This was a really well done WWE match; sports entertainment done right. Great way to end a solid episode, save for a slow start.

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