DJ Hyde Interview: Discusses CZW on TV, Lio Rush, WWE, and More

DJ Hyde spoke with the team over at . Here are some of the more interesting highlights. They are a Spanish language website so this was done with Google translate, hopefully it did a decent job. Here is the article translated.

It has been reported that Dave Marquez, with whom he works at the United Wrestling Network (UWN), has become co-owner of CZW, why he decided to cede a part of the promotion to him?
“Well, Dave is not a co-owner, he’s part of a team that owns a small percentage of CZW, but they’re investing in the company. The reason we did this is because we want to be on TV , Have a weekly TV show and Dave is the best there is to help us with it.We have it for the equipment, for the investment, just fit and get to television will grow CZW in the next few years. ”

The addition of Sami Callihan to the creative team of CZW was also reported, which is noticed with the last decisions, How do you think he can help them to become bigger?
“I made Sami part of the team, we are always talking and so on. He and I work well as a team and I think he is the best there is today, he is someone who understands wrestling and having him as a creative boss is a good thing . He still has a team behind him, but he’s a good producer. ”

On that, lately we have seen CZW a little less ultraviolent, having elements of other styles, being that CZW is one of the last companies of this style in the world, Why this change in the direction of CZW?
“I think we will never stop doing ultraviolent things , many people fear because we will not do it again, but what we want to do is build for it, we want to give fans stories and a reason why we do ultraviolent things. A death match for no apparent reason, the idea is to invest in the boys and explain why they will do what they will.
Focusing on the stories opens other doors, as I said, if we go to television there will not allow us ultraviolent, but that does not mean that we will not . Being ultraviolent is that letter that we handle better than anyone in the world, we are the one who coined the phrase, so it is not something we will stop doing, only we will do it for a different purpose.
At this moment we are in a construction phase, there is a lot of transition and there is also the direction of Sami coming to take control and us trying new things in terms of production. In addition to that WWE is signing several of ours, the biggest example is Lio Rush. We will have (Atsushi) Onita against (Matt) Tremont on the way, I mean, the death match god will be in our next show. It’s not something we’re going to take away, we’re just going through another stage. ”

Now that he mentions Lio Rush, WWE has already made a reputation for signing several wrestlers who have just gone through CZW just like him, do you think WWE will continue with this soon?
“I’m sure WWE will continue to sign more of ours (laughs), it’s just a matter of when. Something that has been learned, which is good and bad in turn, is that CZW is a company with which if you work We will develop you, and you become a star, whether on the independent circuit or on TV with WWE, Impact (GFW, Impact Wrestling) or something of that nature, Underground Fight as well.
Now we feel it is our time to take a step forward and take that role. In addition to CZW we also work with WSU (Women Superstars Uncensored), and if you look at the Mae Young Classic tournament several of the girls that are participating have trained or worked there. I think that shows that they pay attention to our product. ”

And now with Lio Rush going to WWE, do you think he will succeed in the company?
“I think he has a few things to improve on, but he’s very young, he’s barely a few years in wrestling.” He trained with me and his original trainer was The Bruiser at MCW (Maryland Championship Wrestling) and He has a great work ethic, he is focused and has the ability to get to the next level.I hope he does very well, he is very creative and guys like him do not see each other all the time so they will see him becoming a great star.

In WWE we also have Drake Younger working on NXT as I mentioned, what do you think about it?

“Drake is one of my best friends.A personal level is something that makes me happy, has a wife and two daughters that can care for a living wrestling, is far happier than it has ever been and But he is now a busy man and I miss my friend with whom he was yellow and black in CZW.We have his calls during the big shows that are amazing and yes, I am very proud of him. ”

In a few days Atsushi Onita, a hardcore fight legend will make his CZW debut and will be part of his retirement tour, What can you tell us about it?
“When it comes to extreme and ultraviolent fights, Onita is probably god, he’s one of the biggest names out there, in Japan it’s easily at least one of the biggest 3 of all.For us it’s like leaving a mark on who we are, There is a reason why CZW is able to bring it and no one else can. We hope to give 100% with Onita and Matt Tremont in a unique event in life this August 5th , it’s going to be something very special that I’m waiting for and hopefully The fans are going to see him, especially the younger ones because they probably do not know Onita, and if he retires in October this will be an event once in a lifetime. ”

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