CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #116: There’s a Hurricane Coming Through!

Without any hesitation, right off the bat, we open with another Johnny Weaver Cup tournament match. This time, between Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Mitch Conner. In pursuit of a comeback story, Conner wrestles a more aggressive style than normal. Even more surprisingly, Sharpe wrestles a more serious and aggressive style opposed to his usual comedy technique. The two have an all out brawl, which is good because it emphasizes just how important this tournament really is. Then, outta nowhere, Sharpe hit an uppercut (looked more like a lariat, but commentary called it an uppercut) for the win in 4:22. These two were really fighting it out and it managed to be entertaining, but before things could get going, the finish came out of nowhere. Good while it lasted. Just too short.

In another Johnny Weaver Cup match, Cam Carter takes on Smith Garrett. Can’t comment too much on this one because it wasn’t much of a match. Just an easy win for Garrett. At the start, Carter kicked Garrett in the shin, went to the top rope, and got caught with a Rolling Elbow from Garrett for the win in 17 seconds.

Our next Johnny Weaver contest sees RGL Champion Cain Justice taking on Chip Day. Unlike the previous matches, this is when the night transitions into a more slower pace. Despite the 10 minute time limit, the two wrestle a much more technical style and it worked for what it was. The two took their sweet time and frankly, I could watch them go on even longer. Unfortunately, due to the time limit, they only had so much time. After trading submission attempts, they start trading fists and elbows until the time limit nears. As a result, both men are eliminated from the tournament due to a draw.

For what it was, I really loved seeing these two duke it out. I can only hope that a rematch is in store for the future. Perhaps for the RGL Championship. We might actually see a rematch considering that after the match, Justice attacks Day from behind, but Day gets the last laugh with a General Day finisher. Something tells me that this one is far from over.

In our final Johnny Weaver Cup match of the night, Chet Sterling takes on Roy Wilkins. After an initial feeling out process, things quickly make for a quicker pace that made for an extremely fun match. We close out with a clever finish where Wilkins locks in his Seventh Inning Stretch, only for Sterling to reverse it into a Small Package to win in 8:49.

Immediately after the match, Arik Royal hits the ring and The All Stars attack Chet Sterling. Then, out of all people, The Hurricane makes the save. Just when Sterling needed a hero, a random superhero makes a run-in, but I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t pop hard to hear The Hurricane’s music. This leads to an impromptu match between Hurricane and Sterling vs Wilkins and Royal. This was more or less all Hurricane and Sterling the whole time. The All Stars had some offense, but the babyfaces had this one in the bag. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing when its a match set up solely for nostalgia purposes. And that’s exactly what we got. Hurricane got the win for his team after hitting a chokeslam on Wilkins in 13:48.

Tonight was another solid night in CWF action, especially thanks to a surprise cameo from the greatest superhero in professional wrestling history. Check it out below.


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