NJPW G1 Climax Night 12 Results And Reaction

Hello friends, I have returned from vacation from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. While I was gone it seems Omega suffered his first loss of the G1 to Elgin in what I’m told was a great match. Over in Block A it seems Zack Sabre Jr. has taken the lead via tiebreakers. Well let’s get back to it.

This show is from the Fukuoka Citizen Gymnasium in Fukuoka.

Ren Narita and Katsuya Kitamura vs. Syota Umino and Tomoyuki Oka

Winners: Oka and Umino at 5:33. Natita taps to Oka with a reverse Boston crab.

Tiger Mask and Kota Ibushi vs. Hirai Kawato vs. Yuji Nagata

Winners: Tiger Mask and Ibushi at 7:49. Tiger Mask pins Kawato with a double arm suplex.

Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi, and Bad Luck Fale vs. Yoshi-Hashi, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto

Winners: Hashi, Ishii, and Goto at 7:44. Owens taps to Hashi’s Butterfly Lock.

Hiromu Takahashi, Bushi, and Tetsuya Naito vs. El Desperado, Taichi, and Zack Sabre Jr.

Winners: Suzuki-gun at 6:10. Bushi submits to Taichi’s Gedo clutch.

David Finlay and Togi Makabe vs. Jushin Thunder Liger and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Winners: Liger and Tanahashi at 6:36. Tanahashi pins Finlay after the High Fly Flow.

Sanada 6 vs. Juice Robinson 2

Robinson has been working the G1 with the bad leg so naturally Sanada targeted it. Sanada gets the advantage early on. Juice had a big comeback but couldn’t put Sanada away. Finally after a third Skull End, Robinson taps out.

Winner: Sanada at 13:48.

Toru Yano 2 vs. Michael Elgin 4

When the ref isn’t looking Yano pretends he was low blowed and the referee believes him and disqualifies Elgin.

Winner: Toru Yano at 2:58. I mean, the irony of Yano winning that was is funny but it makes Elgin and the ref look bad. I’d rather have seen Yano just catch Elgin with one of his fluke roll ups that he’s used in previous G1 tournaments.

Minoru Suzuki 6 vs. Satoshi Kojima 0 with Taka Michinoku and El Desperado

Another weird referee decision. Tenzan came out to help Kojima since Taka and Desperado kept interfering but the ref tossed out Tenzan. Kojima, who used to lead the faction Kojima-gun (probably a future column there) made a come back but there was more interference. Tenzan came back out but Suzuki still managed to win with the Gotch-style piledriver.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki at 10:13.

Tama Tonga 4 vs. Kazuchika Okada 10

Tama Tonga tried to jump Okada before the bell. He didn’t follow up and put on Okada’s jacket and necklace instead. Tonga held his own for awhile, countered a Rain Maker but in the end Okada wins with a German suplex and Rain Maker.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada at 11:22.

Evil 8 vs. Kenny Omega 8

I said Evil was the most underrated of the G1 and this match cemented it. This match had a lot of brawling on the outside including two table spots. First Evil went through a table. Omega brought out another table and tried to piledrive Evil through it from the apron, but Evil countered it with a rock bottom through the table. The table explodes and Evil got a nasty gash by his eye. Omega just makes it back in before 20.

Omega almost passed out in the Banshee Muzzle but manages to fight to the ropes. Omega fights back with a V Trigger and a reverse rana. Omega hits a second V Trigger and you can tell it really got him, Evil didn’t seem right for the rest of the match, he was awake but was mostly dead weight, or maybe he’s the world’s greatest seller. Omega hits the One Winged Angel for the win. After the match, they show Evil’s face, he doesn’t look like he knows where he is.

Winner: Kenny Omega at 23:33.

Block B Standings

Kazuchika Okada – 12
Kenny Omega – 10
Evil – 8
Sanada – 8
Minoru Suzuki – 8
Tama Tonga – 4 Eliminated
Toru Yano – 4 Eliminated
Michael Elgin – 4 Eliminated
Juice Robinson – 2 Eliminated
Satoshi Kojima – 0 Eliminated

Next show is on August 4 and there’s just 3 more shows from each block. Here’s what’s going down on Friday: Ishii vs. Bad Luck Fale, Goto vs. Yoshi-Hashi, Kota Ibushi vs. Yuji Nagata, Tanahashi vs. Makabe, and Naito vs. Sabre Jr.

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