Ringbelles Roundup (8/3/17) – AAW Crowning a Women’s Champions, tournaments galore, Angelus Layne’s Dream match, strange story about Tsukushi, What’s going on with Io & more

Angelus Layne tosses a fireball in the face of NOVA Pro Wrestling’s Mike E. King – Taped Fist Photography ©

Angelus Layne has gotten her way some would say and has forced NOVA Pro’s promoter, Mike to book the “dream” match she’s been wanting. Angelus’ been begging and reaching out to promoters through social media to book her against one man for several months, but all her pitches fell on deaf ears and again she’s resorted to the same tactics to make this dream come to fruition. However, on August 18th, this could very well become Angelus’ new nightmare.

About a few weeks ago, Angelus Layne grabbed the microphone and gave NOVA’s co-founder and booker Mike E. King, known simply as “The Boy” a tongue lashing in front of the live audience. King, to his effort, tried to go for the professional approach and move the conversation to the backstage area, instead, Angelus wasn’t having any of that and took things a little too far. No one knows if Angelus’ been re-watching Hulk Hogan’s infamous match against The Ultimate Warrior on repeat, taken a page out of Nicole Matthew’s book or if she’s gained a new dangerous past time and added it to her repertoire, nobody knows. But whoever made it possible for Angelus to have access to fire, is probably the most irresponsible human being alive and it’s most likely God’s fault because Jesus did not take the wheel here.

She aired out her grievances with Mike and criticized his business skills as “bad” and took it a step further by judging his parenting saying that she hopes he’s better at being a father than he is at conducting business. This brought out Mike and while he tried to avoid conflict in public and retreat to the back, Angelus followed and blinded him with a fireball to the face and had everyone in the crowd clamoring to clutch their imaginary pearls and every babyface in the locker room running to Mike’s aid by chasing off Angelus as she bailed through the back door of the building.

In the past, Angelus has threatened bodily harm to her opponents, like the time she promised to do everything within her power to break Delilah Doom not only physically, but mentally and send her eighties inspired garb back into its decade for good. Back in May of 2015, she made good on her promise when she dislocated Doom’s shoulder and forced her out of the XX Division Championship match at Inspire Pro Wrestling’s “In Their Blood 2” with Veda Scott going in her place, winning and becoming the inaugural champion. Despite costing Doom her first possible title victory, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Layne, as she continued to terrorize the fluorescent competitor for months on.

The final straw came at “Fade To Black” when Delilah Doom snapped after being taunted and cost Layne the Pure Prestige Title. Layne had issued a challenge to Keith Lee for his championship and instead of focusing solely on her opponent, she continued to tease and get in her shots on Doom, who was at ringside along with Chris Trew and Jiggle-O. Doom, decked out in a much darker appearance than her usual vibrant array, grabbed the Pure Prestige Title, leveled Angelus and handed her the win via disqualification. If things couldn’t get any worse for Doom especially, she made the most ballsy decision and challenged Layne to a San Dimas Street Fight. This was all right before Keith Lee nearly broke Angelus Layne in half and the ring too with a Spirit Bomb that was felt around the world.

The matchup was added to Inspire’s “Battle Wars 2: Battle Beyond The Stars” show that September and it ended with a busted open Angelus Layne crashing through a table onto the concrete floor of the Marchesa Theater. Delilah dragged her beaten down body up the apron and tossed Layne from atop the turnbuckle through the table she had set up earlier on in the match and covered the motionless Layne and won after battling on a canvas covered in skittles, gummy worms and thumbtacks. After this matchup, Angelus would take an indefinite break from wrestling in order to recuperate from various injuries. Ever since then, she’s been wanting a piece of Keith Lee and has been dying for this rematch to happen and two years later, she’s getting her ultimate wish, but it comes with a price.

Mike has given Angelus her way not because he’s thrilled that his face was set ablaze, but because he wants her hurt and he wants her hurt badly. Who’s capable of doing such and dishing out that unnecessary punishment? Keith Lee. The Boy has stated in a lengthy statement via Twitter that he could have Angelus banned from NOVA Pro Wrestling and also get her wrestling license revoked. You would think he would go for those practical and even more logical repercussions to solve this big problem. Instead, he’s chosen to stoop to Angelus’ level and fight violence with even more violence. What will exactly come of this one-on-one collision between Angelus Layne and Keith Lee? Will Angelus be setting Lee or anybody else on fire? We all will have to wait and find out when NOVA Pro invades Annandale, Virginia on August 18th.

I feel like there have been at least a thousand tournaments going this year alone.

The AAW Women’s Championship – AAW ©

The majority of these tournaments have crowned a new champion, whether it is inaugural or not. AAW out of the Midwest is the latest promotion to jump into this game by announcing their plans to cement the role of its women’s performers by giving them a championship to fight over. The first set of brackets have officially been released for the tournament’s lineup and it will see twelve women battling it out over the next couple of shows – it kicks off this Saturday in LaSalle, as Jessicka Havok takes on Leah Vaughan and Samantha Heights will be going up against Ivelisse in the first round qualifiers. AAW has maintained the involvement of women in its product for the last several years. Even featuring many of the performers on their shows the night before the SHIMMER weekends at the Berwyn Eagles Club. It was initially announced that the tournament would consist of eight women, but in a matter of hours it was changed to twelve – this indicates that either AAW had received even more interest from other women grapplers or that the promotion has secured even more bookings with top talent that have become available.

All twelve participants have been revealed including the four competing this weekend. Delilah Doom and Kylie Rae will be making their official debuts for AAW through this tournament and this will also be Rae’s first high-profile booking since starting wrestling. Britt Baker, Su Yung, and Rachael Ellering will also be making their debuts, while past performers and sometimes regulars like Candice LeRae, Allysin Kay, and Veda Scott are also entered into the tournament. This weekend’s matches will mark the first time Leah Vaughan has worked for AAW and Ivelisse’s first match with the company since 2008.

Women Superstars Uncensored is going to be bringing back their intergender wrestling tournament for their official return and third event of the year on September 9th. The promotion has been silent for four months with no mention of a follow up to “Battle Tested” which occurred back in May. The women’s event will be a part of the afternoon’s lineup at the Flyers Skate Zone and is, of course, another doubleheader with CZW’s evening show, “Down With the Sickness” closing out the night in Voorhees. The participating teams are yet to be announced, though it’s quite shocking that the promotion would be bringing back the Queen and the King of the Ring tournament for their return after three years, usually taking place in the first half of the year. It was last held back in May of 2014 when Mickie Knuckles and Matt Tremont defeated Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan in the finals.

The tournament involved a lot of performers that were then regulars and are now no longer associated with the promotion due to signings or bookings elsewhere, like Kimber Lee, Sassy Stephie, Jewells Malone and Shanna. Knuckles went on to unsuccessfully challenge LuFisto for the WSU World Title at “United;” the champion’s first defense of the belt since defeating Athena in a Best of Two Out of Three Falls match for the vacant strap two months earlier. Since then, the promotion has relied on pushing both the singles’ titles and has stepped away from the tournaments aside from crowning the Spirit Champion two Julys ago. It’s going to be interesting to see who’s going to be chosen as participants, as the current roster doesn’t have many ties to male performers like a Penelope Ford or Jordynne Grace.

Mercedes Martinez is the only winner of the tournament that’s currently on the roster. She and Julio DiNero won the whole shebang back in 2011 when they defeated Jennifer Cruz and Nicky Oceans in the finals. Back then the tournament was held in conjunction and featured performers from Hazlet, New Jersey’s National Wrestling Superstars promotion. Martinez will likely be defending her WSU Championship on the show and Kiera Hogan will possibly be doing the same with the Spirit Title if she’s not in the tournament.

Before we continue on with the American tournaments, let’s peep the ones going on over in Europe.

Nicole Matthews and Christina Von Eerie are going to be dragging their Canadian issues into a London based tournament, except their qualifying matchup will be taking place within the confines of British Columbia. Matthews and Von Eerie do not like each other what so ever and things between the two are heating up over in Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. I wouldn’t say that Matthews “crashed” Christina’s wedding nuptials to Scotty Mac, as the “Smeerie Blue” celebration had already been turned into utter chaos long before the ECCW Champion entered the building. Instead of standing by to take part in festivities like the tossing of the bouquet, Matthews decided to toss the bride from the balcony and thankfully she was caught by Mac’s groomsmen, all to be taken down with a diving crossbody from Matthews. It was a Granville Street Fight for Matthews’ championship and despite several attempted near falls, Christina Von Eerie couldn’t put the titleholder away and she retained successfully.

The premier women’s wrestling promotion in the U.K is on the hunt to declare their “ace.” – Pro Wrestling: EVE ©

At their latest shows in London, Pro Wrestling: EVE made the announcement that Matthews and Von Eerie would be facing off in a She-1 tournament qualifier on September 9th, as the winner will head over to the United Kingdom in November to continue on against the other already-determined competitors. The promotion recently ran two events at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green last month with the matinee and evening show featuring other qualifying matchups, as Laura Di Matteo defeated Erin Angel, Jetta bested Leah Owens and current champion, Sammii Jayne defeated Debbie Sharp to move forward onto the tournament along with Emi Sakura, making it five participants including the winner of Matthews-Von Eerie so far.

What exactly is the She-1 you ask – The She-1 is Pro Wrestling: EVE’s big tournament to determine the true “ace” of the promotion and it consists of twenty-four competitors that will soon be narrowed down to a solid twelve. The promotion will be holding four shows on the weekend of November 11-12th, with two shows happening per day in London. The finals of the She-1 will be a one-fall, three-way match, consisting of the winners of each respective block. The tournament’s victor will go head-to-head with Jayne for the EVE Championship at a future date; EVE is aiming for the title match to main event their York Hall show in 2018. The competitors will be divided up into groups of four and into three blocks each. If Sammii Jayne happens to win the She-1, the person she does not gain the pinfall on will be the one receiving a shot at her championship.

One down, five thousand to go.

Katey Harvey, Shanna, the Croatian bruiser, Wesna Busic, Audrey Bride, Melanie Gray, Alpha Female, and Kira are going to be competing in German Wrestling Federation’s upcoming title… you guessed it, tournament on September 2nd in Berlin. The promotion is going to inaugurate the official Women’s Wrestling Revolution Champion (not to be confused with Beyond’s sister promotion here in the States) at its fifth women’s event named after the belt. An eighth participant has not been named, while it’s quite odd to see an “odd” number of competitors in a tournament. One of these matches could likely be a triple threat or one of the competitors could be given a “buy” into the finals and wait while the other finalist is decided. Who knows. I’m overthinking this.

Westside Extreme Wrestling has a set of women’s matches booked for its “Fight Forever” tour, which will be kick-started this Saturday in Oberhausen, Germany when Alex Windsor takes on Melanie Gray. That matchup and the upcoming clash between Jinny and Thunder Rosa in Koln on September 9th are non-tournament contests. Jinny will, however, compete in the Women’s Championship qualifiers, beginning on August 25th in Münster when Gray and 23-year-old Pauline from Paris, France collide in the tournament’s opener. The four-month long journey to crown the first WXW Women’s Champion will be taking place throughout the duration of the tour and will only involve four competitors, being those three mentioned and Session Moth Martina. The tour and tournament officially conclude on December 23rd with the finals taking place at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen and who those finalists might be will be determined by a round-robin style points system. The official dates and its lineups will be posted below in the “upcoming” events section. It’s very incredible to see that in today’s modern society a women’s title can be vied for over a long period of time and not be a one-and-done show and situation.

Oh, we’re not done yet.

North American Wrestling Alliance is going to be hosting an open tournament in Dallas, Texas on August 11th. The promotion has announced such names as Christi Jaynes, Sexy Star, Thunder Rosa and even more names from the local independent scene in Texas like Baby D, Paige Turner, and Machiko. Kylie Rae and Miranda Salinas of Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion in Houston will also be apart of the “Queen of the Underground” show at Sue Ellen’s. Salinas is currently a competitor in the Mae Young Classic. Simply Luscious is one of the last names announced and is the most experienced competitor in this tournament, breaking into the business in 2000. Luscious was trained by Dory Funk Jr, Rudy Boy Gonzales, and Shawn Michaels and back in 2003, she worked two matches for TNA and is a former WEW Champion and WEW Tag Team Champion.

Pro Wrestling Chaos has announced that they will be crowning the first-ever “Maiden of Chaos” at one of their double bookings in Hanham on October 28th. I’m not sure if this is going to be a championship per say or that this is going to be a title one of these women will walk around boasting about for namesake. However, three entrants have been confirmed for the eight-woman tournament thus far, “Session Moth” Martina, Viper, who’s currently on a tour of Japan for STARDOM and Jinny. The women’s event will be held in the afternoon as part of the “Coalition of Chaos” double feature at the Hanham Community Centre.


What else is going on with… the Joshis these days…

Viper is the latest competitor to join Io Shirai’s stable, “Queen’s Quest.” – World Wonder Ring STARDOM ©

Everyone’s favorite villainous stable in wrestling, Oedo Tai is down one member, as Viper, the powerhouse of the group jumped sides and has chosen to follow the accord of Io Shirai and her Queen’s Quest. Here’s what happened – a three-way tag team match was booked for Sunday’s main event at Shinkiba 1st RING, as Mayu Iwatani and Jungle Kyona took on Io’s understudies, HZK and AZM and Kagetsu and the aforementioned Scotswoman. Kagetsu wound up picking up the win for her team despite miscommunication between the dastardly heels throughout the match. Shirai stormed the ring and attacked all of Oedo Tai, before extending an offer to Viper to join her quest for greatness. Viper accepted the deal and became the newest acquisition to Queen’s Quest. The stable has been losing steam ever since Shirai dropped the World of STARDOM Title to Iwatani back in June.

Shirai’s eighteen-month reign as champion and a record fourteen back-to-back successful title defenses was all ended after a deadly suplex sequence from Iwatani to become the first competitor to hold the two singles titles simultaneously, a milestone the promotion had once wanted Yuzuki Aikawa to achieve. Shirai has been the driving force behind STARDOM’s main stream success due to her acrobatic-like abilities and high-energy offense and is one of the more sought after performers wrestling in Japan today. Back in 2016, Shirai took some time off to undergo tailbone surgery and the announcement, made by Shirai herself, came after she dropped the SWA Championship to Toni Storm in that Sunday’s (July 24th) main event at the EDION Arena in Osaka. Shirai did go inactive for a full month though, however this time around, she’s gone on an indefinite hiatus and hasn’t stepped foot in the ring since that faithful day against her former tag team partner, making this the first time in her career she’d been forced to the sidelines since her legal troubles in 2012.

Shirai and then boyfriend, Kazushige Nosawa were arrested at the Narita International Airport and placed into police’s custody after being suspected of smuggling seventy-five grams of marijuana, that was hidden inside portraits of the two into the country. Shirai denied the accusations and along with Nosawa claimed that the paintings were gifts they received from fans while in Mexico. Io was released from the detention center two weeks later, but the damage had already been done to her reputation, which was squeaky-clean. She held a press conference a week later and apologized to everyone publicly. She further denied the charges and revealed that she had severed ties with Nosawa in an effort to regain the trust of her peers and her fans.

This was hard to watch – Io was practically begging everyone for forgiveness, even those that had already written her off. She apologized again, this time in the ring while the young roster of STARDOM, Kairi Hojo, Iwatani and more watched on as Io stood there pouring her heart out once again and begging for the entire roster’s forgiveness. The promotion had only turned a year old when Io was arrested. Though she had not been apart of the roster since it’s launch, Io was brought in seven months after STARDOM held its first event in 2011, making her debut alongside the inaugural World of STARDOM Champion, Nanae Takahashi and its stars, Yuzuki Aikawa and Yoko Bito. Io was eventually acquitted of all charges and returned to the promotion full-time as a performer and has remained there to this day, but there was a brief period where it was unknown whether she would be forced into retirement upon being blackballed from the industry or not.

She had worked as a freelancer most of her career, aside from her numerous appearances in Tajiri’s SMASH promotion, where she and her sister’s work is most recognized as members of Kana’s stable, Triple Tails. She bounced back from that quick and scary moment of defeat in a major way and became the most successful and gifted performers the promotion has ever had and was later anointed as their “ace.” Without delving into her collection of accolades she’s accumulated while being apart of STARDOM, Io has announced that she will be participating in this year’s 5*Star Grand Prix, a tournament she’s been apart of every consecutive year since its creation. She also announced her in-ring return for STARDOM’s August 13th show at Korakuen Hall and her intentions to challenge Team Jungle for the Artists of STARDOM Championship.

Io Shirai stands tall over Kagetsu, who’s just lost a member to Oedo Tai in Viper. – World Wonder Ring STARDOM ©

If Io is to regain the trios titles, this will make her a record-six time champion, breaking her previous record of five. She’s the only competitor in the history of the titles to have held the belts on five separate occasions. Though it wouldn’t be the first time Io has broken her own record. In February of this year, she broke her previous record of ten successful title defenses as World of STARDOM Champion, a record she had set during her first reign back in 2014 when she defeated Meiko Satomura. She retained the title against Shayna Baszler at Korakuen Hall to walk away with her eleventh successful title defense overall as champion, setting a new standard in the belt’s lineage.

Shirai made an announcement following the title loss to Mayu Iwatani, that she would be undergoing treatment for a neck injury she had suffered during her last title match against Toni Storm back on May 14th, which ended in a draw after running over into the thirty-minute mark. However, Io had continued to perform regardless of the nagging pain; she even cranked out two Artist of STARDOM Championship matches. One where she’s winning the belts alongside HZK and AZM and the other, she’s on the losing end to Hiroyo Matsumoto, Kaori Yoneyama, and Jungle Kyona. Io’s abrupt return not only brings about questions on the severity of her neck injury but also leaves a big pool of confusion in regards to the rampant reports by Dave Meltzer and others that she had been signed by WWE along with Kairi Hojo.

It was reported a while ago that Io and Kairi had both received interest from the company as early as last October and were in the process of accepting the deals and heading over to the United States. Io participated in one of WWE’s tryouts held in March and reportedly impressed everyone at the Performance Center. The news of her try out became public knowledge and it was soon confirmed by Io herself, that she’d been offered a contract. She had already informed her promotion of the oncoming contract and that she was going to take the opportunity presented. Seeing that Io had done everything there is to do within STARDOM and as a wrestler in Japan altogether, the transition to the biggest wrestling company in the world made perfect sense.

It was later reported by a slew of sources that though Io did accept the offer, as reported by Meltzer, WWE had begun medical testing on Shirai and discovered the neck injury. Shirai was undergoing examinations in Pittsburgh when the injury was found – after this, there were thousands of reports indicating that Io had already signed and was relocated to Florida and was awaiting an official start date with the company whilst recuperating from the injury. Ahead of the news, rumors had been circulating that Io’s debut like Kairi’s would be held off until the Mae Young Classic, with both performers making a big splash in the tournament along with the other talented women.

What exactly is going on right now, is the same question everyone is asking.

Shirai has returned to work for the Japanese promotion in the meantime as opposed to sitting out and actually benefitting from taking some time off. It’s a miracle that Io’s body has managed to sustain her physical style and those of her opponents all these years and not been seriously injured. I don’t think this is one of those instances where Io is wanting to compete one last time in the tournament before her official send off to America. If Shirai wins the 2017 5*Star Grand Prix she will go onto challenge Mayu Iwatani for the strap at a later date, either November or at STARDOM’s big show in December, the Year-End Climax. It’s possible that Io and the promotion are using this time to continue on her story against Iwatani and further wrap it up with a rematch down the line. Io’s inclusion could help gain momentum for Viper to be the one that avenges her title loss against Iwatani or it could be HZK, who’s a few short years from becoming the new Io, to be the one that takes the belt off Iwatani – the understudy is the one studying.

The severity of Io’s neck is not public knowledge, but WWE used the right precautions in wanting the 27-year-old to rehab the injury before starting on with the company. The problem is again, nobody knows if Io has been able to overcome this injury and successfully completed rehab or if she’s elected to continue wrestling while hurting and not necessarily taking the medical advice. It wouldn’t be the first time a wrestler has done this ever, it’s actually the unhealthy norm. Io might have discovered the injury recently, but it’s also possible that she’s been dealing with issues when it comes to her neck for a long time. Her sister, Mio Shirai retired from active competition two years ago due to ongoing issues with her neck, even stating that she suffered from numbness due to the injury. These days Mio works as a referee for OZ Academy and Pro Wrestling WAVE and is even involved in training and is part of Ice Ribbon’s staff. Meltzer has stated that Io is still expected to go forward with WWE and eventually join the swollen roster down in Orlando, however, everything looks to be too hard to believe with the countless incorrect reports, misinformation out there and Io popping back up in STARDOM. Only time will tell what’s next for Io Shirai.

Io Shirai might not be heading to the states anytime soon, but Akane Fujita is…

Akane Fujita is heading stateside this coming month – @leohb3 ©

Akane Fujita has secured her first-ever booking outside the confines of Ice Ribbon’s dojo, Japan and in the United States, as this September she works for Pro Wrestling Revolution’s show in King City, California. The announcement was made that the 30-year-old would be making her debut at the city’s fairgrounds on September 9th and she’s going to be taking on the current Women’s Champion, Nicole Savoy. However, this matchup appears to be a non-title situation, as this would be Savoy’s first defense since beating Christina Von Eerie for the belt almost a whole year ago. Trained under the watchful eye of Hikaru Shida in 2013, Akane’s spent most of her four-year career wrestling under the Ice Ribbon umbrella, despite getting bookings elsewhere with REINA Joshi Pro and Pro Wrestling WAVE. Aside from unsuccessfully challenging Risa Sera for the Ice Cross Infinity Championship in a Hardcore match back in May, Fujita has yet to win a title. The matchup would be taking place a day ahead of Savoy’s reign becoming a year-old and will be available through FITE TV.

More Joshi news coming out of Ice Ribbon...

Risa Sera’s upcoming title defense against Maya Yukihi will headline the promotion’s August 27th show at Korakuen Hall. Sera, who’s currently in her second reign as champion, will be taking on her current tag team partner for her fourth title defense since beating Tsukasa Fujimoto for the then-vacant championship in the tournament finals last December. The matchup will mark Yukihi’s third attempt at challenging for the Ice Cross Infinity Title. She was unsuccessful in her most recent challenge for the title at last year’s Yokohama Ribbon and handed Tsukasa Fujimoto her first title defense after regaining the belt back from Sera at Korakuen Hall earlier that month and before that, she had lost to Hiragi Kurumi in the second round of the tournament.

Yukihi’s career follows a similar path as Akane Fujita’s, in that she has never held a single championship ever and has instead, unsuccessfully challenged for them – she and Risa Sera were recently unsuccessful in winning the International Ribbon tag straps from former titleholders, Misaki Ohata and Ryo Mizunami, as the champions retained. Together, they have been somewhat successful in non-title scenarios, but “Azure Revolution” has yet to capture gold as a team. It won’t be the first time tag partners have battled it out for the belt in Ice Ribbon though, as Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto held multiple championships gold together, including the International Ribbon Tag Team Titles and fought over many singles championships throughout their career.


Ever since the day Yoshiko pummeled Act Yasukawa’s face into a bloody pulp and footage of that assault went viral, people have been waiting for that strange, unexplainable, ultra-physical moment to happen in Japanese wrestling again and we might have got it… The thing is nobody knows what really happened or if there’s actual truth to this. Something just doesn’t seem right about this rumored altercation between Kagetsu and Tsukushi that apparently took place almost two weeks ago and ended with the latter getting arrested. Ice Ribbon issued a statement through their official website and apologized for the incident and indicated that one of the parties were injured, that being Tsukushi and not Kagetsu as reported by Dave Meltzer, who doesn’t even keep up on the Joshi product period. So there’s that. It was claimed that Tsukushi, multiple time Ribbon Tag Team Champion in the promotion mothered by Emi Sakura had pulled a knife out on Kagetsu and a scuffle happened with Kagetsu getting hurt in the midst. The police were called and Tsukushi was placed in handcuffs and spent a night in the jail cell or did not.

Again, nobody knows what the heck happened. The only thing that is true and concrete is that according to Ice Ribbon somebody was indeed arrested and it was a minor, that being Tsukushi, who is a month away from turning 20 years-old. The victim was reportedly a longtime mentor and friend of the accused, is 25 years-old and reportedly doesn’t belong or work for the promotion, according to Ice Ribbon. Both competitors were scheduled to work for Dream Joshi Pro that day, July 23rd at the Itabashi Green Hall in Tokyo. Tsukushi was pulled from this event due to being in “poor physical” health and was replaced by Tequila Saya in her matchup against Yako Fujigasaki.

Tsukushi is caught up in an altercation that is rumored to be her doing – @leohb3 ©

She was also pulled from Ice Ribbon’s show that same day and the same reasoning was given by the promotion, as reported by faulty websites, Reddit is one of them. The problem is, Ice Ribbon did not have a show scheduled for that day and instead held an event the day prior in Saitama and Tsukushi was apart of one of the bigger matches on the show. She teamed up with Tsukasa Fujimoto and Nori DATE in losing effort against Maya Yukihi, Hana DATE, and Hamuko Hoshi and again, it was reported that the incident had occurred after this show into the wee hours of the morning. Tsukushi is one-half of the current International Ribbon Tag Team Champions along with Kurumi and it’s hard to imagine her pint-sized self-wielding a knife at Kagetsu, let alone stabbing her. Kagetsu appears to be okay and wrestled STARDOM’s show on Sunday, though she was sporting a bandage on her abdomen and it was noticeable.

Details surrounding this story will probably never come to the surface, as this will be another one of those hearsay cases when it comes to altercations within the wrestling business. I used Act Yasukawa and Yoshiko’s incident as an example, as this disturbing story too gained alot of online attention from fans wanting the nasty details and not necessarily knowing either competitor, to begin with. The difference is, this awful display of violence happened in the ring, during a promoted title match and this rumored altercation took place somewhere, but nobody knows where. I wanted to avoid covering this story like a majority of Joshi sites, like Kevin’s Joshi City and more, but seeing the ongoing battle of people trying to embellish the story, I figured why not touch on it a bit. I can’t dispute that Tsukushi did not do this, or that Kagetsu was not involved in this, I really can’t and that’s not my job. There’s proof there with Ice Ribbon’s issued apology that something did indeed happen and one of their performers might be on the outs with the promotion following this incident. Ice Ribbon wouldn’t release the name of the individuals involved, especially the minor’s, but thanks to the internet and Tsukushi being the youngest on the roster, everyone had it figured out.

Cassandra Miyagi might have lost her mind or does she have a bigger plan…

It hadn’t been a full week and Cassandra Miyagi was relinquishing her position as Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion. Miyagi explained that she had “lost interest” in holding one-half of the titles and the tag team championships altogether and forfeited her belt moments after she and DASH Chisako defeated Heidi Katrina and KAORU at the Miyagina Cultural Ward Center on July 21st. Though the matchup was under non-title contention, the decision is rather confusing, then again this is Cassandra Miyagi and she doesn’t ever appear to be floating on a steady… anything. Without a partner to help defend the championships, DASH has become a former three-time Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion after the belts were declared vacant by the promotion thanks to Miyagi. However, she has an opportunity to win the titles for a fourth time on September 24th, when she and KAORU face Alex Lee and Mika Shirahime, who issued their challenge for the vacant belts.

Speaking of challenges that were issued, Meiko Satomura wants her rematch against Chihiro Hashimoto for the Sendai Girls World Championship. The matchup will co-headline the Sendai Sun Plaza, as Satomura will either regain the title for the second time or Hashimoto will defeat the legendary Joshi for the second time. Satomura had yet to receive her championship rematch against the rookie after dropping the title to her last October. Satomura is the inaugural titleholder of the belt. She won the championship in Octobers of 2015 in a decision match against Ayako Hamada. After successfully turning back title defenses against Aja Kong, Io Shirai, and Chisako, Satomura lost the championship to Hashimoto in the main event of SENDAI’s tenth-anniversary show. Chihiro Hashimoto is now in her third-reign as champion after unseating Hiroyo Matsumoto in her first title defense on July 15th in Niigata.


What else is going these days elsewhere…

Alternative Wrestling Show hosted another gig in South Gate, California on Saturday and it wouldn’t be an AWS event without some of the best women’s wrestlers in the region not performing on the show. Nicole Savoy’s first title defense as the Women’s Champion and also, her first matchup back working for the west coast promotion since coming back from injury, happened as she retained the belt against Sage Sin. Buggy Nova, Crystal White, and Hudson Envy defeated Amale Winchester, Delilah Doom and Shotzi Blackheart in a six-person tag team match and the No Disqualification matchup between Raze and Taya Valkyrie closed the show, as Raze came out on top after the two competitors nearly pummeled each other into oblivion, blood and all.

Taya Valkyrie decided to give Raze a crimson mask for her makeover on Saturday in South Gate, California – @heavywrestletv ©

For those not too familiar with the name, Amale Winchester, she’s been wrestling since 2012 and she’s from Béziers, France. Her debut in Southern California at the CWF Hollywood’s tapings in Port Hueneme marked her official first match in the United States. She’s also the current reigning ECTA Women’s Champion after defeating former two-time titleholder, Lady Lory and then champion, Chanel for the belt last June in Boeschepe. She’s managed to hang onto the strap and has amassed to over 400-days and counting as the titleholder, and that was last July when she retained against Jazz Lanka.

The promotion has announced matches for their upcoming shows, in addition to a double shot with RISE in December. Announced for their August 19-20th shows in Anaheim, is a singles match between Raze and Datura for their show on Saturday at the third-annual Hot Sauce Expo. It was also announced via Facebook that Priscilla Kelly would be making her west coast debut at the American Legion Post on August 26th as a replacement for Shayna Baszler in a tag team match that sees Baszler’s Trifecta stablemate and current SHIMMER Champion, Mercedes Martinez taking on Britt Baker and Shotzi Blackheart.

It’s been announced that Raze will be cashing in her championship opportunity at “Lethal Lottery” and taking on Nicole Savoy for her second title defense as champion on September 30th. Raze earned the title shot after beating LuFisto in the finals of this year’s women’s tournament back in May. The matchup marks the first one-on-one collision between Savoy and Raze since their last on a Wildkat Pro Wrestling show in Metairie, Louisiana (May 28, 2016) ended in a disqualification win for the challenger. Before that, two months actually, Raze had picked up her first and only title defense as PREMIER Women’s Championship against Savoy in Gilroy, California.

Speaking of Priscilla Kelly, she’s got alot of things going on these days and her bookings have skyrocketed over the last year.

She’s been announced for Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s return after months of silence and she’s going to be making her second title defense as SHINE Nova Champion on the show, making her the second competitor to defend a SHINE championship belt outside the WWN Live umbrella. It’s a smart idea and also a bad idea in the same token – Priscilla Kelly was just recently crowned the inaugural SHINE Nova Champion after besting Candy Cartwright in the finals of a sixteen-woman tournament held over a two-night period. One would think that the Floridian promotion would want for the championship’s first defense to be apart of their lineup on September 15th and not on the latest event put on by the Providence, Rhode Island based women’s promotion.

Instead, Kelly’s first-ever defense of the championship has been announced for Full Impact Pro’s August 5th event in Ybor City and it will be against Stormie Lee – I’m guessing that SHINE took to this method in order to gain some traction for the newly created belt and having its champion defend it within World Wrestling Network family. In the past, the championships were only defended on its platform and the only outside defenses were again, under the network’s banner. That’s until Santana Garrett’s reign as SHINE Champion back in 2015 when she defended the title twice for I Believe In Wrestling while also putting her NWA World Women’s Title on the line against “Crazy” Mary Dobson and Saraya Knight. It’s a great way to promote the NOVA Championship and is also a good idea to regain or attract some visibility back to their product.

The Priscilla Kelly’s profile has soared higher over the last year and she defends the Nova Championship on August 20th for Women’s Wrestling Revolution – Alan Rolette of Wrestling Photography ©

SHINE Wrestling has lost some steam in the last couple of years and as it continues to operate, going from monthly internet pay-per-views to now once every two months (especially this year), the promotion has lost most of its core performers like Su Yung, hasn’t really put much emphasis on creating new stars and still can’t escape the nonsensical, screwy finishes that everyone has complained about. The promotion needs a new direction aside from bringing in a bunch of new names and maybe this budding working relationship with Beyond Wrestling and company will facilitate this newfound focus.

Also announced for “The Show Must Go On,” is the debut of Terra Calaway and the one-on-one, first time meeting between Deonna Purrazzo and Awesome Kong. I know what you’re thinking and I’ve already done the research and couldn’t find any evidence that these two have sort of crossed paths before aside from working together in a number one contender’s battle royal for the TNA Knockouts Championship last August as part of a One Night Only live show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And because they left a lasting impression in their debut, the “Twisted Sisters,”Holidead and Thunder Rosa will also be returning to the Aurora on August 20th.


British Empire Wrestling is going to be presenting a doubleheader on September 3rd in Morden, London and one of those shows is going to be a women’s event. The promotion will be filming the show and it will be exclusively available through STARDOM’s paid streaming service, Stardom World and a few of its competitors, Thunder Rosa, Kaitlin Diemond, Shanna and Laurel Van Ness will be on the show. Announced for the STARDOM World Alliance show is an “I Quit” match between Jewells Malone and Kat Von Kaige, a tag team match pitting Nina Samuels and a mystery partner up against Rosa and Diemond and a BEW Women’s Title defense from Kasey Owens against Van Ness. This will be Kasey’s second championship match since taking the belt off Katarina Leigh in the semi finals of the International Grand Prix in June; she went onto retain the strap in the tournament’s final, defeating Desi Derata and Shotzi Blackheart.

Revolution Championship Wrestling will be presenting a follow up to their World Cup on September 2nd in Barcelona. The international event will not be a tournament, as stressed by the promotion but will feature competitors from various countries. Debbie Sharp, Sammi Jayne (Scotland), Hana Kimura (Japan), Thunder Rosa (Mexico), Camille (France), Chelsea Green (Canada), Kagetsu (Japan), Dragonita (Spain), Leah and Kasey Owens (Ireland), Su Yung, Killer Kelly (Portugal), Santana Garrett (U.S) and Charlie Morgan (England) are the competitors for this year’s show and the first set of matches have also been announced. Hana Kimura will be taking on Sammii Jayne, Killer Kelly will go up against Camille, the Owens sisters will be teaming up to take on Oedo Tai’s Kagetsu and Thunder Rosa for the newly created RCW Women’s Tag Team Championships. Rosa will be wrestling twice on this show; she will be under the guise of “Kobra Moon” a character she portrays in Lucha Underground when she battles Su Yung.

Let’s get some cheap plugs out of the way. First and foremost, I collaborated with Sean Radican of the Pro Wrestling Torch for an episode of his newly launched series he’s doing over at the website where goes in-depth and covers the stars of the indies and discusses their career and more. We discussed three big names on the indies in Leah Vaughan, Mia Yim, who is now competing in the Mae Young Classic and NXT’s Ruby Riot, the former Heidi Lovelace. You can actually check out the episode here and it is VIP exclusive to the site.

The Ringbelles Roundup is back until further notice and in the meantime, if you would like to contribute results, news items, especially if you are promotion or a wrestler or if you attended a show over the weekend and have pictures that are available to posted – Get in touch with me through my social media outlets, like Twitter and all credit will be given and appreciated.


Kairi Sane is now currently on the injured list according to Pro Wrestling Sheet after sustaining a concussion during the Mae Young Classic tapings earlier last month. It’s unclear which match the injury had occurred in, but there’s been footage floating around online that sees Toni Storm delivering a diving Leg Drop to Kairi, landing right on Kairi’s neck and head as she tried to roll backward. Pro Wrestling Sheet has also stated that their sources have claimed that Sane is also dealing with some neck pain, but is expected to be cleared for a return early this month… Asuka has created a milestone and has become the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion in the history of the title, with 480-plus days as the current titleholder… Lana has challenged Charlotte for next week’s Smackdown Live

Global Force Wrestling

Sienna and Rosemary battled it out in a Last Woman Standing match on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. KM tried to distract Rosemary from the apron, but instead was sprayed with her green mist. Sienna capitalized off the distraction and pushed Rosemary off the top rope and sent her crashing through a table on the outside. Rosemary was unable to answer the referee’s ten-count and Sienna retained the Unified Knockouts Championship

North America

Cat Power and Desi Derata will collide for Defy Wrestling’s show in Tacoma, Washington tomorrow night… Mia Yim and Leva Bates have a No Disqualification match set for August 12th, as they take on Amber Nova and Roxy Rouge for Atomic Wrestling Entertainment… NOVA Pro has signed a mixed tag team match for their upcoming show in Annandale, Virginia. Faye Jackson will be teaming up with Innocent Isaiah to take on Veda Scott and Chuck Taylor… Amazing Maria defends her Revolution Strong Women’s belt against Mickie Knuckles on August 11th…Warriors of Wrestling will present their third all women’s show on October 7th. Nikki Addams‘ belt will be on the line against Jordynne Grace, while Nyla Rose takes on Holidead, Davienne takes on Skylar and Willow Nightingale teams up with C-Bunny to take on Aria Cadenza and Terra Calaway. Aja Perera and Taeler Hendrix will be making their debuts for the New York based promotion; Perera will be going up against Vanity and Hendrix will be taking on Allie Recks… Sonya Strong and Violette will be facing off in a Street Fight for House of Glory on August 18th… Jordynne Grace is the final entrant into the Darkest Timeline Championship tournament, put on by Black Label Pro. The promotion had also announced Nicole Savoy as an entrant into the tournament, which takes place on October 21st in Crown Point, Indiana… Brooke Danielle defeated Daisy Murder to become the SWF Women’s Champion on Saturday in Bayville, New Jersey… This Saturday, Sabotage Wrestling hosts an all-intergender card in Imperial Beach, California. The matchups include the current champion, Delilah Doom taking on Eli Everfly in a non-title matchup, Sage Sin taking on Joe Heiken, Hudson Envy going up against west coast veteran, B-Boy, Thunder Rosa squaring off with Ray Rosas, Holidead taking on Mariachi Loco and way more… Willow Nightingale picked up her fifth successful title defense as Starlet Champion on Thursday when she defeated Karen Q in Deer Park, New York… EDMWE Pro Wrestling has announced that on Sunday, August 13th in Tampa, Florida they will be crowning their inaugural Women’s Champion. The title will be contested for through a fatal five-way match, as Sahara Seven, Luscious Latasha, Raze, Mila Naniki and Savannah Evans will all be fighting to become the first titleholder… Taya Valkyrie takes on Bea Priestley for Canuck Pro’s December 16th show in Calgary… The IZW Women’s Title changed hands on Saturday in Lawton, Oklahoma, as Erica defeated Robyn Reid in a Blindfold match. The next challenger to the championship was also decided on that show, as Phoebe defeated Paige Turner and Skylar Slice in a number one contender’s matchup… Sierra defeated Lina De Oro in a number one contender’s match to the RWA Diamond Championship on Saturday… Davienne defends her LPW Women’s Championship against Deonna Purrazzo this Sunday in Clinton, Massachusetts. Also tapped for that show is a tag team match, as Hellen Vale and JAWSolyn takes on Isana and Adria… Queens of Combat will be featured in a showcase as part of this year’s WrestleCade weekend on November 26th. Su Yung will be there in attendance, as she has a Queen of Combat title defense announced for the show. Brittany Blake, Savannah Evans, Madi Maxx, Maria Manic and Penelope Ford are the other names announced so far for the three-day event at the Benton Convention Center. The weekend convention will also see many performers from WOW (Women of Wrestling) making appearances like Lana Star, Stephy Slays, Amber O’Neal, Selina Majors, The Dagger, The Beast and Jungle Grrrl… Girls Gone Wrestling makes its return to British Columbia on August 11th. No other information has been released concerning the show, aside from a matchup being announced, that sees Liiza Hall going up against Kate Carney… Elite Wrestling Entertainment canceled their show on Sunday in Phoenix due to ongoing circumstances. The promotion has stated that a new date will be scheduled soon; the show was to feature matches like Heather Monroe taking on Jack Jameson for the PHW Champion of the Multiverse Championship… RISE has announced three dates for upcoming seminars and shows. RISE 4: Warrior’s Rise will be the promotion’s first international seminar and live event in Norwich, England. Mercedes Martinez and WWE Hall of Famer, Madusa have been announced as part of the seminar on September 15th at the WAW House, with the live show taking place at Epic Studios. RISE 5 will take place back in Berwyn, Illinois and an unannounced “Joshi legend” will be in attendance for the seminar. RISE 6 will be part of a doubleheader with Alternative Wrestling Show on December 1st in South Gate, California. Madusa will also be apart of this seminar… Shayna Baszler has pulled out of Bar Wrestling’s August 17th event in Baldwin Park due to her commitments to WWE. Shotzi Blackheart has been announced for the show since; Candice LeRae, Taya Valkyrie and the “Killer Baes” Laura James and Heather Monroe have also been announced… NOVA Pro Wrestling has announced the return of Mia Yim for their September 22nd show in Fairfax, Virginia… Also announced for AWS’s “Lethal Lottery” – Leva Bates and Renee Michelle will be teaming up to take on Sage Sin and Buggy Nova and Deonna Purrazzo will take on Samara… National Pro Wrestling League has announced two matchups for its Petaluma, California show on September 22nd. Gisele Shaw will be taking on Nicole Savoy and Shotzi Blackheart will be taking on Samara and Alexia Nicole. Taeler Hendrix has also been announced for the show, including Holidead… LuFisto is going to be putting the SHINE Championship on the line for Atomic Championship Wrestling’s “Blood Brothers” on August 26th in Stevens, Pennsylvania, as she defends the belt against Holidead… Dementia D’Rose’s first defense of the BTW Women’s Championship has been announced for the promotion’s October 6th show in Freemont, California as she takes on Shotzi Blackheart


Reika Saiki won the 2017 Tokyo Princess Cup on Sunday after defeating champion, Yuka Sakazaki in the finals of the tournament

Yako Fujigasaki’s reign as the Princess of Pro Wrestling Champion came to an end on Sunday in Nagoya, as Saori Anou defeated her for the title via German Suplex… On August 12th, Kaori Yoneyama and Cherry will defend their WAVE Tag Team Championships against Hiroe Nagahama and Kaho Kobayashi at the Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo. That same show will include a second title defense, as Rina Yamashita’s Regina di WAVE strap is on the line against Yoshiko… Manami Toyota will face Aja Kong in a singles match on the October 29th… Nanae Takahashi will be taking on The Great Sasuke in a TLC match and it’s booked for SEAdLINNNG’s upcoming show on August 24th… Mariko Yoshida has once again elected to take an absence from professional wrestling, except this time she’s retiring. Yoshida’s short-lived comeback to the sport happened at last year’s tenth-anniversary celebration for a former trainee, Hiroyo Matsumoto. Yoshida made the announcement a while back at a DIANA show in Tokyo and she stated that her final match is scheduled for November 20th at Shinjuku FACE. Yoshida is currently advertised for Pure-J’s official debut show on August 11th. The Korakuen Hall event will see Hanako Nakamori taking on Meiko Satomura, Rydeen Hagane taking on Hiroyo Matsumoto, founder, Command Bolshoi will be taking on Konami, Manami Katsu battles Yumiko Hotta, KAZUKI faces MIKAMI and Yoshida goes toe-to-toe with a longtime veteran in her own right, Leon… Reika Saiki won the 2017 Tokyo Princess Cup on Sunday, defeating Yuka Sakazaki in the finals of the tournament. She had bested Shoko Nakajima in the show’s opener to go onto to face Sakazaki, who had defeated Mizuki in their semi finals matchup. Reika will face Sakazaki for the Tokyo Princess of Princess Title on August 26th. There were two title switches involving the DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship also on the show, as Cherry is the new titleholder. Miyu Yamashita had defeated Nonoko for the title at the promotion’s show on Wednesday and in her first title defense, she dropped the belt to Marika Kobashi on Sunday and she too lost the title in her first matchup as champion to Cherry. Cherry’s already made her first title defense; she retained against HARUKAZE at DDT’s show on Sunday… WAVE has announced that Manami Toyota will be taking on Kyusei Sakura Hirota for its October 27th show at Shinkiba 1st RING


Lady Shani is set to challenge Sexy Star for the AAA Reina de Reinas Title at TripleMania after defeating Big Mami, Goya Kong, and La Hiedra in a four-way match on Thursday in Aguascalientes to become the number one contender to the championship


Kasey Owens is now a double champion over in Europe after beating Kay Lee Ray for the ICW Women’s Title on Saturday in Glasgow – David J. Wilson ©

Kasey Owens became the brand-new ICW Women’s Champion after defeating Kay Lee Ray for the title at Saturday’s show in Glasgow. The former titleholder has already gotten her rematch and was unsuccessful in regaining the championship from Owens on Sunday. Owens’ next title defense has been announced for the August 13th show, as she defends against Sammii Jayne… Natalie Wild defeated Lizzy Styles in the first round of the GPW Women’s Title tournament on Friday in Wigan… Bobbi Tyler retained her PWP Women’s Title against Angelina Love on Saturday in Launceston… Toni Storm needed three Strong Zero’s to successfully retain her PROGRESS Women’s Title against Candice LeRae on Sunday in London and she did just that and picked up her third defense of the championship. Also at Chapter 53, Dahlia Black made her long awaited return alongside TK Cooper after having to leave the promotion and country due to visa issues. The couple returned after British Strong Style had attacked Travis Banks after the main event and came to Banks’ rescue

Australia & New Zealand

Vixsin has set up a GoFundMe to help afford her surgery for her dislocated surgery among other medical conditions. If you would like to donate, here’s the link… Madison Eagle’s gauntlet continues against Kellyanne as her next opponent and matchup have been announced for Melbourne City Wrestling August 5th event in Northcote… This Friday, Shazza McKenzie’s PWWA Championship will be on the line against Bea Priestley. Best known for her appearances in What Culture Pro Wrestling where she’s a former WCPW Women’s Champion and PROGRESS, Priestley’s Australian debut will be part of PWA’s tenth-anniversary show. It will also be Shazza’s first defense of the belt since winning it for a second time back in June after previously holding the title back in 2014. She defeated then champion Charli Evans and Harley Wonderland in a triple threat match to end Evans’ 691-day reign after being co-champions with Jessica Troy (The Floozies) earlier in her title run. Shazza’s also the first competitor to hold both the PWWA and PWA Tag Team Titles concurrently


Results (July 26th – August 2nd)

July 26: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Rika Tatsumi d Maki Ito; Marika Kobashi & Miyu Yamashita d Maho Kurone & Nonoko(c); Yuna Manase d Azusa Takigawa; Yuka Sakazaki & Yuu d Nodoka-Oneesan & Shoko Nakajima

July 27: AAA (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – Lady Shani d Big Mami, Goya Kong & La Hiedra

July 27: NXT Live (Milwaukee, WI) – Ember Moon d Mandy Rose; Liv Morgan & Ruby Riot d Bianca Belair & Sonya Deville

July 27: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Willow Nightingale(c) d Karen Q

July 28: Grand Pro Wrestling (Wigan, Greater Manchester) – Natalie Wild d Lizzy Styles

July 28: MARVELOUS (Tokyo, Japan) – Mochi Miyagi d Miki Tanaka; Yako Fujigasaki d Aki Shizuku; Yuu Yamagata & Chikayo Nagashima d Mio Momono & Kyuri; Takumi Iroha & Rin Kadokura d KAORU & Tomoko Watanabe

July 28: Vendetta Pro Wrestling (Santa Maria, CA) – Peter Avalon & Ray Lyn d Ashley Grace & Tommy Wilson

July 28: Fight Club: PRO (Wolverhampton, West Midlands) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan d Martina & Shay Purser

July 28: Venue Wrestling Entertainment (Imperial, CA) – Jesse James vs Ruby Raze – Double Count Out

July 28: NXT Live (Crystal River, FL) – Billie Kay & Peyton Royce d Reina Gonzalez & Sage Beckett; Asuka (c) d Nikki Cross

July 28: WWE Live (Buffalo, NY) – Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Nicole Savoy successfully retains the AWS Women’s Championship against Sage Sin on Saturday – Alternative Wrestling Show via Gregg Sugimura ©

July 29: The Wrestling League (Harwich, Essex) – Candyfloss d Harley RaeJuly 29: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Nicole Savoy(c) d Sage Sin; Hudson Envy, Buggy Nova & Crystal White d Amale Winchester, Violet Payne & Delilah Doom; Raze d Taya Valkyrie

July 29: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Fairy Nipponbashi vs Kyusei Sakura Hiroto – Draw; Moeka Haruhi d Sumire Natsu; Yuki Miyazaki d Mika Iida; Cherry & Kaori Yoneyama d Hiroe Nagahama; Misaki Ohata d Ryo Mizunami; Ayako Hamada vs Yumi Ohka- Draw; Rina Yamashita d ASUKA

July 29: Impact Zone Wrestling (Lawton, OK) – Erica d Robyn Reid(c); Phoebe d Paige Turner & Skylar Slice

July 29: NXT Live (St. Paul, MN) – Ember Moon d Mandy Rose; Liv Morgan & Ruby Riot d Bianca Belair & Sonya Deville

July 29: WWE Live (Detroit, MI) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Natalya & Tamina

July 29: Tortas Super Astro (Tlalnepantla, Mexico) – Candy White & Eterno d Psicosis Jr. & Rossy Moreno; Diva Salvage, Estrellita, Keira & Pegazus d Demonio Infernal, El Hijo del Alebrije, Lady Maravilla & Yuriko

July 29: CWF Mid-Atlantic (Gibsonville, NC) – Priscilla Kelly d Sis

July 29: Ring of Honor (Concord, NC) – Karen Q d Stella Grey; Mandy Leon & Jenny Rose d Brandi Rhodes & Sumie Sakai; Kelly Klein d Deonna Purrazzo

July 29: House of Bricks Pro Wrestling (New Bedford, MA) – Isana d Stellina Cardinale

July 29: The Dynasty (Rome, NY) – Tequila Rosee d Allisinn Jade

July 29: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Nori DATE & Nao DATE d Kyuri & Maika Ozaki; Akane Fujita d Satsuki Totoro; Miyako Matsumoto & Hana DATE d Ibuki Hoshi & Maya Yukihi; Kurumi Hiragi, Maruko Nagasaki & Risa Sera d Tsukasa Fujimoto, Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi

July 29: Superstars of Wrestling Federation (Bayville, NJ) – Brooke Danielle d Daisy Murder

July 29: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Kasey Owens d Kay Lee Ray(c)

July 29: Empire Wrestling Federation (San Bernadino, CA) – Maritza Janett d Ashley Grace

July 29: Revolution Wrestling Alliance (Fort Dodge, IO) – Sierra d Lina De Oro

July 29: Producciones Sanchez (Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico) – Goya Kong & La Hiedra d Faby Apache & Lady Shani

July 29: NXT Live (Fort Pierce, FL) – Reina Gonzalez & Taynara Conti d Aliyah & Vanessa Borne; Lacey Evans d Sarah Logan; Asuka, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford d Riddick Moss, Sage Beckett & Tino Sabbatelli

July 29: Pro Wrestling Pride (Launceston, Cornwall) – Bobbi Tyler (c) d Angelina Love

July 29: Brii Combination Wrestling (New York City, NY) – Faye Jackson d Allie Recks; Willow Nightingale d Tasha Steelz

July 30: BATTLEWAR 46 (Montreal, Quebec) – Stacy Thibault d Twiggy

July 30: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Kasey Owens(c) d Kay Lee Ray

July 30: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Starlight Kid d Hanan & Ruaka; Hiromi Mimura d Shiki Shibusawa; Hana Kimura & Kris Wolf d Kaori Yoneyama & Natsuko Tora; Konami, Mary Apache & Yoko Bito d Gabby Ortiz, Shanna & Xia Brookside; Kagetsu & Viper d Jungle Kyona & Mayu Iwatani & AZM & HZK

July 30: WWE Live (Youngstown, OH) – Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

July 30: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Reika Saiki d Shoko Nakajima; Yuka Sakazaki d Mizuki; Marika Kobashi, Nodoka-Oneesan & Yuu d Miyu Yamashita, Nonoko & Yuna Manase; Marika Kobashi d Miyu Yamashita (c); Cherry d Marika Kobashi (c); Azusa Takigawa vs. Maki Ito – Double Count Out; Martha & Yukio Saint Laurent d Maho Kurone & Rika Tatsumi; Reika Saiki d Yuka Sakazaki

July 30: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Cherry (c) d HARUKAZE

July 30: PROGRESS (Camden, Greater London) – Toni Storm(c) d Candice LeRae

July 30: Beyond Wrestling (Worchester, MA) – LuFisto & Jordynne Grace d Chris Dickinson & Jaka

Saori Anou wins the Princess of Pro Wrestling Title on Sunday in Nagoya, Japan, defeating Yako Fujigasaki – @travelerJ_photo ©

July 30: Pure-Dream (Nagoya, Aichi) – Yuki Miyazaki d KAZUKI; Otokozakari d Rydeen Hagane; Manami Katsu & Tam Nakano d Akane Fujita & Alex Lee; Saori Anou d Yako Fujigasaki (c); Command Bolshoi & Leon d Hanako Nakamori & Ryo Mizunami

July 30: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Amapola, La Comandante & Metalica d Marcela, Silueta & Skadi

July 30: WWE Live (Saginaw, MI) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Natalya & Tamina

July 30: Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (Marieta, GA) – Isla Dawn d Kiera Hogan; Kamilla Kane d Ashton Starr

July 30: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Marines Mask & Yuma d Bambi & ERINA

July 31: CMLL (Puebla, Mexico) – Dalys la Caribena, La Amapola & Tiffany d La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit & Sanely

July 31: Monday Night RAW (Pittsburgh, PA) – Bayley d Nia Jax by Count Out

July 31: WWE Live (Fort Wayne, IN) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Natalya & Tamina

July 31: Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (Stonewall, Manitoba) – Kelly Klein d Travis Cole

August 1: Smackdown Live (Cleveland, OH) – Becky Lynch & Naomi d Carmella & Natalya

August 1: Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (Roseau River First Nation, Manitoba) – Kaito Kiyomiya & Kelly Klein d Bobby Collins & Jacob Creed

Upcoming Events

August 3: Defy Wrestling (Tacoma, WA) – Cat Power vs Desi Derata

August 4: HOPE Wrestling (Mansfield, England) – Angelina Love vs Jayde

August 4: Wrestling Revolver (Dayton, OH) – Jessicka Havok vs Jake Crist

August 4: Pro Wrestling Australia (Paddington, NSW) – Shazza McKenzie(c) vs Bea Priestley

August 5: Southside Wrestling (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) – Kay Lee Ray vs Su Yung

August 5: Full Impact Pro (Ybor City, FL) – Priscilla Kelly(c) vs Stormie Lee

August 5: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Jessicka Havok vs Leah Vaughan; Ivelisse vs Samantha Heights

August 5: Sabotage Wrestling (Imperial Beach, CA) – Delilah Doom vs Eli Everfly; B-Boy vs Hudson Envy; Thunder Rosa vs Ray Rosas; Holidead vs Mariachi Loco; Shotzi Blackheart vs Stevie T; Ray Lyn vs Peter Avalon; Sage Sin vs Joe Heiken; Desi Derata & Mazzerati vs Rocket Boy & Human Tornado

– Melbourne City Wrestling ©

August 5: Melbourne City Wrestling (Northcote, Victoria) – Kellyanne vs Bea Priestley

August 5: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Clinton, MA) – Davienne(c) vs Deonna Purrazzo; Hellen Vale & JAWSolyn vs Isana & Adria

August 6: OZ Academy (Saitama, Japan) – Manami Toyota vs Nanae Takahashi

August 6: RevoLucha The Crash (Monterrey, Mexico) – Chik Tormenta & Lady Maravilla vs Dulce Kanela & Larry Miranda

August 6: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (St. Neots, Cambridgeshire) – Kay Lee Ray vs Lana Austin vs Su Yung vs Saraya Knight(c)

August 7: CMLL (Puebla, Mexico) – La Vaquerita & Princesa Sugehit vs La Comandante & Zeuxis

August 11: Strong Style Wrestling (Indianapolis, IN) – Amazing James(c) vs Mickie Knuckles

August 11: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – KAZUKI vs MIKAMI; Meiko Satomura vs Hanako Nakamori; Leon vs Mariko Yoshida; Rydeen Hagane vs Hiroyo Matsumoto; Manami Katsu vs Yumiko Hotta; Konami vs Command Bolshoi

August 11: Girls Gone Wrestling (Surrey, British Columbia) – Liiza Hall vs Kate Carney

August 12: C*4 Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – Veda Scott vs Alexia Nicole

August 12: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, Lancashire) – Saraya Knight vs Su Yung

August 12: Atomic Wrestling Entertainment (Cocoa, FL) – Mia Yim & Leva Bates vs Roxy Rouge & Amber Nova

August 12: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Ota, Japan) – Rina Yamashita(c) vs Yoshiko; Sakura Hirota vs TBA; Nagisa Nozaki & Aoi Kizuki vs Mika Iida & Yuki Miyazaki; Kaori Yoneyama(c) & Cherry(c) vs Hiroe Nagahama & Kaho Kobayashi

August 12: H20 Wrestling (Blackwood, NJ) – Willow Nightingale vs Madi Maxx

August 12: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan)

August 12: Warriors of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Nikki Addams(c) vs Madison Rayne

August 13: Alpha-1 Wrestling (Oshawa, Ontario) – Veda Scott vs Beautiful Beaa

August 13: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Sammii Jayne

August 13: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 13: EDMWE Pro Wrestling (Tampa, FL) – Raze vs a Sahara Seven vs Savannah Evans; Luscious Latasha vs Mila Naniki

August 17: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Shotzi Blackheart; Candice LeRae; Heather Monroe; Laura James; Taya Valkyrie

August 18: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA) – Faye Jackson & Innocent Isaiah vs Veda Scott & Chuck Taylor; Angelus Layne vs Keith Lee

– House of Glory ©

August 18: House of Glory (Jamaica, NY) – Sonya Strong vs Violette

August 19: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 19: Gatoh Move (Tokyo, Japan)

August 19: CTLL Martinez (Kennedale, TX) – Chik Tormenta vs Keira vs Christi Jaynes vs Mystique vs Lady Maravilla vs Kylie Rae

August 19: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

August 19: Alternative Wrestling Show (Anaheim, CA) – Raze vs Datura

August 20: Women’s Wrestling Revolution (Providence, RI) – DeonnaPurrazzo vs Awesome Kong; Priscilla Kelly

August 20: Alternative Wrestling Show (Anaheim, CA)August 20: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

August 20: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan)August 20: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 24: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Nanae Takahashi vs The Great Sasuke

August 26: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Mercedes Martinez & Priscilla Kelly vs Shotzi Blackheart & Britt Baker; Hudson Envy vs Peter Avalon

August 26: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan)

August 26: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

August 26: TripleMania (Mexico City, Mexico) – Lady Shani vs Sexy Star(c); Big Mami, Dinastía, Estrella Divina & Máscara de Bronce vs Hernandez, La Hiedra, Mamba & Mini Psycho Clown

August 26: Gatoh Move (Tokyo, Japan)

August 26: Marvelous (Tokyo, Japan)

August 26: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – LuFisto(c) vs Holidead

August 27: Sendai Girls (Miyagi, Japan)

August 27: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan)

August 27: STARDOM (Shizuoka, Japan)

August 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

August 29: Lucha Forever (Manchester, England) – Su Yung vs Alex Windsor vs Lana Austin vs Bea Priestley

August 30: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

September 2: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Camille; Santana Garrett(c) vs Chelsea Green; Su Yung; Hana Kimura vs Sammii Jayne; Thunder Rosa& Kagetsu vs Kasey Owens & Leah Owens; Dragonita; Killer Kelly; Charlie Morgan; Debbie Sharpe

September 3: British Empire Wrestling (Morden, London) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Laurel Van Ness; Jewells Malone vs Kat Von Kaige; Thunder Rosa & Kaitlin Diemond vs Nina Samuels & TBA; Shanna

September 3: Inspire Pro Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Delilah Doom, Davey Vega & Steve O Reno vs The Hearty Hearts & J. C Res

September 9: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ)

September 15: RISE 4: Warriors Rise / BellaTrix (Norwich, England)

September 22: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Gisele Shaw vs Nicole Savoy; Taeler Hendrix; Shotzi Blackheart vs Alexia Nicole vs Samara; Holidead

September 22: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Fairfax, VA) – Mia Yim vs TBA

September 24: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – DASH Chisako & KAORU vs Alex Lee & Mika Shirahime; Chihiro Hashimoto(c) vs Meiko Satomura

September 30: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Samara vs Deonna Purrazzo; Raze vs Nicole Savoy(c); Leva Bates & Renee Michelle vs Sage Sin & Buggy Nova

September 30: Pro Wrestling Syndicate (Metuchen, NJ) – Kelly Klein, Annie Social & Maria Manic vs Missy Sampson, Brittany Savage & Tai

October 6: Big Time Wrestling (Fremont, CA) – Dementia D’Rose(c) vs Shotzi Blackheart

October 7: Warriors of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Davienne vs Skylar; Taeler Hendrix vs Allie Recks; Aja Perera vs Vanity; Terra Calaway & Aria Cadenza vs C-Bunny & Willow Nightingale; Nyla Rosa vs Holidead; Nikki Addams(c) vs Jordynne Grace

October 13: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Allie Kat; Taeler Hendrix; Leva Bates; Hyaneyoung; Kylie Rae; Ivory Robyn; Nikki Cecil

October 15: Absolute Wrestling Entertainment (Hamilton, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa vs Chelsea Green

October 21: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Nicole Savoy; Jordynne Grace

October 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Toyota vs Sakura Hirota

October 28: Canuck Pro (Toronto, Ontario) – Session Moth Martina vs Joey Ryan

November 10: RISE 5: Rising Sun (Berwyn, IL)

November 17: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Chelsea Green vs Joey Ryan; Penelope Ford vs TBA; Mia Yim vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Mia Yim vs Veda Scott vs Penelope Ford vs Taya Valkyrie vs Chelsea Green vs Sumie Sakai

November 24-26: WrestleCade (Winston Salem, NC)

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

December 1: RISE 6: Brutality / Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA)

December 16: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Bea Priestley vs Taya Valkyrie


Data collected from but not limited to: Cagematch, Puroresu Spirit, Hashtag Wrestling, WrestleRopes UK, Battle-News, EnzuigiriPuro

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